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Elevate your event game with our Cold Spark Machines! Choose yours now and shine bright. Please refer to Grace Stage Lighting’s customer feedback.                         

David introduce Igracelite Cold Spark Machines.

Let's select the best selling Igracelite Cold Spark Machines of all E-Commerce platforms

Moving head cold spark machine(SP-MH80) (1)
Moving head cold spark machine
Wireless Control Cold Sparklers Machine Charging Base_ (2)
Wireless control cold sparklers machine charging base
Cold spark powder 200g
1700w cold sparks machine(IGL-SP1700W)
1700w waterproof
cold sparks machine
handheld cold spark machine cold spark handheld cold spark gun_ (2)
cold spark gun
handheld cold spark machine

We have gained a good reputation and feedback from our customers, you can rely on Grace Stage Lighting to handle your Cold Spark Machines orders.

  • Most problems can be fixed by non-professionals in no more than 5 minutes.
  • 9-hour solution service for any Igracelite cold spark machines issue or new phase project.
  • Complete safety measures for use of Igracelite cold spark machines on all stages.
  • Short delivery times and fast shipping times: about 7days.


How about the safety of Igracelite cold spark machines?

The security of the cold spark machines has always been the most concerning issue for Grace people. The hottest place where the cold spark machines of Grace Stage Lighting Factory are sprayed is only about 60 degrees Celsius. And, when the Igracelite cold spark machines are knocked down and the tilt angle is greater than 45 degrees, they will automatically enter the protection mode and stop working.                     

safe cold spark machine

Igracelite Cold Spark Machines can enhance any wedding or event. They can be used for grand exits, first dances, grand entrances, and special occasions. Add the wow factor to any event!

Why Choose Igracelite COLD SPARK MACHINES?

lgracelite Cold Spark Machines are the style of Grace's stage lighting special effects products, and it is also one of the most popular products from customers since 2016. All the suppliers cooperated very smoothly and very well.

lgracelite Cold Spark Machines by Grace Stage Lighting has been the best-selling product on many e-commerce platforms since 2020. It is also the product that has received the most favorable comments from Alibaba's customers. And we sorted them out and published them on our Youtube platform.

Grace Stage Lighting sells 1500pcs lgracelite cold spark machines per month. We accept urgent orders and OEMs. Usually, we keep the inventory of each model at about 40 units. Don't worry about the delivery time.

Accessories and structure of Igracelite cold spark machine!
The Igracelite cold spark machine has a sturdy metal housing and is driven by three motors (seven motors in the double-head version). What's special about it is that it uses electromagnetic heating, making it faster, safer, and more durable.
After the event, if there is any powder left in the machine, you can use the remote control to initiate the purge function. This helps prevent clogging inside the machine, which can occur if the heated powder is not removed promptly.

cold spark machine
Igracelite Cold Spark Machines Functional Description

Most popular of Igracelite cold spark machines

The Igracelite 650w Cold Spark Machines are perfect for a variety of events, from weddings to concerts and everything in between. The cold spark effect creates a beautiful burst of sparks that is both safe and mesmerizing. This effect is created using state-of-the-art technology, making the Igracelite 650w Cold Spark Machines a must-have for any event planner or party enthusiast.

Cold spark machine function

Custom-designed remote control.

No need for an external antenna.
Built-in multiple special effects, including the running horse effect.
Uses standard size 7 batteries, Eliminate the hassle of purchasing batteries.                 

Can be programmed using remote control.

Cold spark machine remote control function

About Igracelite Cold Spark Powder

The Igracelite cold spark machine premium metal granules are designed explicitly with sparkular series machines to generate the iconic spark effect. Each batch of Igracelite granules is quality-control tested to evaluate moisture, spark density, shaft wearing rate, burn rate, and several other parameters to ensure a high-quality product.

How about Igracelite cold spark powder (2)
How about Igracelite cold spark powder (4)

The raw material of Igracelite cold spark machines is titanium powder, without adding zirconium tetrachloride (ZrCl4) and other combustion accelerants, and it will not burn your hands and will not drop fireballs. They produce bright, white-hot sparks but won't harm your skin and won't even ignite paper.

Project case of Igracelite cold spark machines

Whimsical Wedding Celebration, Toronto

Embark on a whimsical journey as you celebrate your wedding day in the enchanting city of Toronto. Let the stage engineering transport you and your guests to a fairytale setting, creating a captivating and unforgettable experience.

Serenity Haven, Whistler, BC

Discover a serene haven in the picturesque mountains of Whistler, British Columbia. Immerse yourself in nature's beauty while enjoying the comforts of a holiday villa designed with impeccable stage engineering for a truly relaxing getaway.

Theatrical immersion in NYC

Step into an immersive theatrical experience in the iconic city of New York. Let the stage engineering transport you to otherworldly realms, as you become a part of a captivating narrative brought to life on stage.

Dazzling Stage Show, Las Vegas

Step into a world of glitz and glamour with a dazzling stage show in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. Experience the excitement and wonder of world-class performers in a show that combines cutting-edge technology with stunning choreography.

Charming Wedding Soiree, Vancouver

Indulge in a charming wedding soiree surrounded by the picturesque beauty of Vancouver. Immerse yourself in a romantic atmosphere enhanced by exquisite stage engineering, making your day truly magical.

Championship Fight, New York City

Be part of boxing history as New York City hosts a high-stakes championship fight. Feel the intensity rise in the renowned venue as fighters compete for glory in this thrilling stage engineering spectacle.

Can the Cold spark machine be repaired by myself?

Igracelite Cold spark machine maintenance and repair after-sales process

1、Provide problem info of machine.

2、The factory checked the reasons for the problem

3、The customer tries to identify faulty parts

4、Send parts to do the repair

Dear customers, I am very sorry for the trouble brought to you in the use of the machine. To better check the cause of problems and repair the machine as
soon as possible, please provide the following:


Step 1 -

Please take a video of the machine problem (take a close look at the back of the machine so that we can see the display screen and check the problem, as the below image shows)

Igracelite Cold spark machine maintenance process (1)

Igracelite Cold Spark Machines can tell us what the Error Code is if an error occurs on the machine.

If the machine fails, it can display a numerical code on the display panel. Different numbers represent different faults, and we can perform maintenance tests for different fault codes.


Step 2 -

Take a clear picture of the
backside (to determine the machine model). The labels should be marked as Red circles and need to be clear and visible.

Igracelite Cold spark machine maintenance process (2)


Step 3

If the video cannot fully explain the situation, please send us a text, or you can follow our video guidelines below to troubleshoot, operate, maintain, and maintain the Cold spark machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cold spark machines? what are cold sparklers?

Cold spark machines and cold sparklers are the same product, it's just that people call them differently. We also call Cold sparklers, Sparkular, Cold fireworks, and Cold sparkler fountains. This is a very safe fireworks machine: titanium powder is heated to 450~500 degrees Celsius and then blown out by a fan. But the fireworks that blow out are only 64 degrees Celsius, which can be touched by hand.

Cold spark machines are type of special effects equipment that produces a dazzling display of sparks without the use of traditional pyrotechnics. These sparklers are perfect for adding a touch of magic to any event, from weddings and birthdays to concerts and festivals. The cold sparklers machine is a compact and easy-to-use device that creates these stunning effects with minimal setup time and no fire hazards.

Are cold spark machines different from fireworks?

There is a difference between cold spark machines and traditional fireworks. While these machines emit sparks like fireworks, they are touchable. One of the biggest differences between fireworks and cold spark machines is their principle. The cold spark machines are easy to use and safer than traditional fireworks. You can control them as you like with DMX console or remote control; moreover, these machines are automatic, no manual ignition is required. Of course, cold spark machines can be used indoors, and it is our first choice for weddings.

Can i use Igracelite cold spark machines indoor or outdoor?

Igracelite cold spark machines can use indoor and outdoor. Both ok. Indoor cold pyrotechnic fountain. Imagine the 15-foot fireworks going off as you walk into the room to be greeted by your grand entrance or your first dance captured forever as the picture-perfect movie romance

How much cold spark powder do the cold spark machines use?

The main component of cold spark powder used in cold spark machines is titanium powder. We generally sell cold spark powder in a pack of 200g. The machine can add at most one pack of powder at a time, and each pack of powder can be used for 10 to 12 minutes. But something worth mentioning is: please clean up the unused powder every time: you can pour it back into the bag, and keep it airtight and sealed. Then use the cleaning function that comes with our machine. The purpose of this is to prevent the heated powder from clogging the nozzle.

A Ti Cold Spark Powder Bag, designed for creating a cold spark effect, utilizes a special blend of Titanium and Zirconium. This blend is non-combustible and produces sparks at a cool temperature of about 62 degrees Fahrenheit (16.7 degrees Celsius), ensuring safety and minimizing fire hazards.

For operational use, a 200-gram packet of this powder provides approximately 10 to 15 minutes of active spark generation. The sparks generated are safe to touch and carry no risk of igniting a fire, as the process involves neither flames nor gunpowder. Additionally, this cold spark effect is almost smoke-free and does not leave any unpleasant odors, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. The Igracelite Cold Spark Powder Bag, compatible with cold spark machines, supports spark heights ranging from 3 to 10 feet.

Are Igracelite cold spark machines safe? Can cold spark machines start a fire?

Of course safe, The maximum temperature of the ejected fireworks is only 62 degrees Celsius(143.6ºF), which will not harm the skin and will not ignite the paper. And our cold spark machines have an anti-dumping function: that is if the cold fireworks machine is tilted, then our machine will stop spraying fireworks.

Will cold spark machines stain my floors? Will they stain my carpet?

Compared with the sand and stone brought in by the shoes, this is very slight. Of course, if you use it on a hotel carpet, remember to clean it. It is worth noting: it will not damage the carpet!

For more questions, do not hesitate to contact us: via Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086-13710086169 or Email: [email protected]