Moving head cold spark machine(SP-MH80) (1)
Moving head cold spark machine(SP-MH80)

Igracelite SP-MH80 moving head cold spark machine can be used indoors or outdoors, people can touch 100% safely, it is very suitable for many celebration venues, such as: Wedding, Dj show, Opening ceremony, Party, and so on, push the atmosphere to the top.Our cold spark machine is a metal-cased machine with three motors so it won't get stuck in powder; it uses a remote control and has a built-in cleaning function, which can be used for remote cleaning. we can print your logo for FREE. 

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  • This is a cold spark machine that can move the head light.
     Sparkular Triple is equipped with a high speed motor that will guarantee spark speed and bursts.
  • Igracelite sparkular triple is equipped with a high speed motor that will guarantee spark speed and bursts.


  • Working height:1-5M
  • Working temperature:-10℃ -50℃
  • Power:750w 6.8A (110V Version)
  • 750w 3.4A (220V Version)
  • Control method:DMX512, remote control
  • Fuse:110V/10A, 220V/6A
  • Product net weight:11.8kg
  • Dimensions:265*265*480mm
  • Max connections:6 Pieces
  • Package:Carton box、Flight case(2 in 1)、Flight case(4 in 1)
  • Application:All kinds of large and medium-sized show performances, wedding, disco, night club, party,home,etc.



Frequently Asked Questions about Moving Head Cold Spark Machines

Can cold sparks burn?

No, cold sparks generated by moving head cold spark machines like the one described in the article cannot burn. These machines are designed to produce a spark effect that is cool to the touch, making them safe for both indoor and outdoor events. Unlike traditional pyrotechnics, which generate hot and flammable sparks, cold spark machines utilize specialized granules to produce a safe, non-flammable spark effect.

What temperature are cold sparklers?

The temperature of cold sparklers is considerably lower than traditional pyrotechnic effects, making them safe to touch. The article indicates that the moving head cold spark machine comes with a built-in temperature control system to manage the heat levels effectively. Although the exact temperature is not specified in the article, the mechanism ensures that the emitted sparks are cool and safe for human contact. It's always advisable to consult the specific product manual for precise temperature details.