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Stage effects can add a new level of excitement and engagement to your performance. From lighting and sound effects to pyrotechnics and special effects, there are many ways to create an unforgettable show that will wow your audience. You can find the most famous stage effects at Grace Stage Lighting and how to use them effectively.

Everything you need to throw a great party is here: Igracelite Confetti Cannon, Igracelite Fog Machine, Igracelite Dry Ice Fog Machine, Igracelite Flame Machine, and more. How do you make your party etched in the memory of your guests? How about making everyone who can't come to your party jealous? The answer is yes; there are great special effects machines. Grace Stage Lighting has been working hard to produce the best stage special effects equipment for each customer since 2009. Of course, it also includes the cold spark machine we started making and selling in 2017. Everything you can create for your party can be found in the Igracelite range with special stage effects equipment.

Choose your favorite Igracelite stage effects 

Flame FX - Flame Machine by Igracelite
Igracelite's Flame Machine offers an unforgettable experience for your audience, prioritizing safety with features like Electronic Pulse Ignition, a Tipping Sensor, and Safe Channel Lock to prevent accidents.

led flame effect stage

stage effect fire machine

stage effect fire machine

modern electric fireplace_ (3)

modern electric fireplace

Fog FX - Stage Fog Machine by Igracelite
The Igracelite Fog Machine, producing a smoky, low-lying fog effect without a CO2 gas tank, comes with a decade of expertise in special FX manufacturing, CE, FCC, and ROSH certifications, and a one-year warranty.

How to Use a Fog Machine to Create an Epic Atmosphere

3kw low fog machine

3000w fog machine

6000w dry ice machine

3000W Fog Machine Continuous Output(GY-F11)_ (5)

3000W Fog Machine Continuous Output

3500W Fog machine

3500W Dry Ice Fog Machine

600W hazer machine(GY-F14)_ (4)

600W hazer machine

CO2 FX - CO2 Jet Machine by Igracelite
The Igracelite CO2 JET MACHINE, known for creating powerful stage effects, is a highlight product from Igracelite, a professional stage effects manufacturer since 2014. It features various certifications and is recognized in international markets.

A CO2 Jet Machine releasing a stream of carbon dioxide into the air, with a bright blue light illuminating the stream

CO2 Jet Machine

CO2 Cannon Blaster(GY-C14)_ (4)

CO2 Cannon Blaster

Led CO2 Cannon(GY-C12)_ (5)

Led CO2 Cannon

CO2 Cannon(GY-C15) (5)

CO2 Cannon

Disco co2 jet gun fog machine(GY-C05)_ (1)

Disco co2 jet gun fog machine

co2 confetti cannon(GY-C09)_ (5)

co2 confetti cannon

DJ confetti co2 cannon(GY-F21)_ (3)

DJ confetti co2 cannon

Confetti FX - Confetti Machine by Igracelite
Ideal for large events, the Igracelite Confetti Machine ensures a spectacular display of confetti. It's easily transportable, supports a large quantity of confetti paper, and meets high manufacturing and safety standards.

4 Head Paper Blaster Machine(GY-CN04B)_ (3)

4 Head Paper Blaster Machine

Bubble FX - Stage Bubble Machine by Igracelite
Create a romantic and impactful atmosphere with the Igracelite Bubble Machine. It's designed for easy transport and disassembly, ensuring a high-quality effect for various events.

Big Stage Bubble Machine(GY-B09)

big party bubble machine

2000w Fog And Bubble Machine(GY-BF2000) _ (2)

2000w Fog And Bubble Machine

Igracelite 3000w fog bubble machine(GY-BF3000) (1)

3000w fog bubble machin

Foam FX - Stage Foam Machine by Igracelite
The Igracelite Stage Foam Machine enhances outdoor activities with a cool and fun atmosphere. It's crafted with high-quality components, backed by certifications, and supported by a dedicated R&D team.

Igracelite 3000W Foam Machine GY-022

3000w Foam Machine

Moving Head Jet Foam Machine(GY-MF3000)_ (2)

Moving Head Jet Foam Machine

Snow FX - Stage Snow Machine by Igracelite
Experience a real snow effect with the Igracelite Stage Snow Machine, perfect for outdoor activities. This machine is built with quality materials, rigorously tested, and supported by a professional team for continuous innovation.

1500w snow machine

1500w snow machine

Stage Strobe Lights by Igracelite
Igracelite's Stage Strobe Lights offer dynamic, customizable lighting effects with advanced technology. They are energy-efficient, durable, and easy to install, ideal for various events. Safety-compliant and user-friendly, these lights are perfect for enhancing the visual experience in concerts, theaters, and clubs.

Strobe Stage Lighting(GP-S864-8)_ (9)

Strobe Stage Lighting

stage strobe lights(GL-PS-8010) (1)

Stage Strobe Lights

3000w stage strobe lights

400w dj Strobe Light(GL-IMS3000) (3)

400w dj Strobe Light

400w gobo led projector light_8

400w gobo led projector light

Do you know what popular stage effects include? 

Lighting effects: This includes spotlights, colored lights, and strobe lights to create different moods and effects on stage. Spotlights can be used to highlight a particular performer or object on the scene, while colored lights can be used to create a specific ambiance or mood. Strobe lights can be used to create a pulsing effect or to give the illusion of movement. For example, led strobe stage lights.

Pyrotechnics: This includes fireworks, flame effects, and smoke effects to add drama and excitement to your show. These effects can be used to create a grand finale or to add a sense of danger or urgency to a particular moment in the performance. For example, fire stage light/flame light, cold spark machine.

Special effects: This includes props, costumes, and makeup to create illusions and enhance the visual impact of your performance. Support can make a particular setting or emphasize specific actions, while costumes and makeup can create unique and memorable characters. For example: CO2 Cannon Machine, CO2 Jet Machine.

Nowadays, more and more stage effect machine use CO2cylinders, but how much do you know about CO2 cylinders?
Generally speaking, the best pressure is 30-50psi, and the maximum pressure should not exceed 90psi. Grace Satge Lighting provides a picture for your reference:
about CO2 cylinders

Safety Notes Of Stage Effects:

1, Only handle Igracelite fog machine by professionals.
2, Use the equipment in the correct orientation, standing vertically/hanging vertically (varies by machine).
3, Smoking is prohibited near the machine.
4, Do not place the unused machine in a rainy and humid environment.
5, Please clean the machines after use.
Remember always to prioritize safety when using stage effects:
Ensure you get the necessary permits and permissions before incorporating pyrotechnics or other potentially dangerous effects into your show. With the right combination of stage effects and careful planning, you can create a memorable and impactful performance that will leave your audience in awe.


How to create a smoke effect on stage?

There are several methods to create a smoke effect on stage, including the use of carbon dioxide, dry ice, low fog machines, fog machines, and dry ice machines. Here's a breakdown of each method:

Carbon Dioxide and Dry Ice:

Carbon dioxide (CO2) can be used to create a smoke effect on stage. It is commonly produced by using a CO2 cylinder and a nozzle or hose to release the gas into the desired area. The sudden release of CO2 creates a dense, low-lying fog effect.

Dry ice, which is frozen carbon dioxide, can also be used to create a smoke effect. When dry ice is placed in hot water, it undergoes sublimation, transitioning directly from a solid to a gas, creating a thick white fog. This method is often used to achieve a heavy, ground-hugging fog effect.

Low Fog Machine:

A low fog machine is specifically designed to produce a low-lying fog effect on stage. It works by cooling the fog produced by a regular fog machine, causing it to stay close to the ground. This effect is achieved by passing the fog through a cooling chamber or using a combination of ice and a cooling system.

Fog Machine:

A fog machine, also known as a smoke machine, is a common tool used to create a smoke effect on stage. It works by heating a fog fluid, typically a water-based solution, to produce a dense fog that is released into the air. The fog is often used to enhance lighting effects and create an atmospheric ambiance.

Dry Ice Machine:

A dry ice machine is specifically designed to produce a thick white fog effect using dry ice. These machines utilize a heating element to warm the dry ice, causing it to sublimate and release a dense fog. Dry ice machines are commonly used in stage productions, concerts, and special events to create an impressive and long-lasting smoke effect.

When using any of these methods, it's important to consider safety precautions, such as proper ventilation, fire safety measures, and handling of dry ice or CO2 cylinders. Additionally, always follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for the specific equipment you are using to ensure a successful and safe smoke effect on stage.

How to create a snow effect on stage?

To create a snow effect on stage, you can use the following methods:

Snow machine: A snow machine is a device that produces artificial snowfall. It uses a mixture of water and special snow fluid, which is then dispersed into the air, creating a realistic snowfall effect.

Foam machine: Another option is to use a foam machine that produces foam flakes resembling snow. The foam is typically made from a special foam concentrate mixed with water and then generated using a foam machine.

How to create a water effect on stage?

To create a water effect on stage, you can consider the following techniques:

Paint water on stage: One simple method is to paint the desired water patterns or scenes directly onto the stage floor or set using special paints that resemble water.

Project water image on stage: By using projection technology, you can project images or videos of water onto a screen or stage backdrop to create the illusion of water.

Use fabric: You can use blue or translucent fabric to represent water waves or create a flowing water effect by manipulating the fabric's movement.

Use light to create water effects - shadows: By strategically placing lights and using shadows, you can create the appearance of flowing water or ripples on the stage.

Aquasplash - motorized wheel: Aquasplash is a motorized wheel with various color and texture options that, when in motion, creates water-like effects, adding movement and visual interest to the stage.

Create smoke with color: Using colored smoke machines or stage lighting, you can create a fog-like effect to mimic water, especially when combined with appropriate lighting techniques.

Use grass to make wave flow: Artificial grass can be used to create the illusion of water ripples or waves when actors or props move through it, giving a sense of water movement.

Textured acrylic with blue light: Using textured acrylic sheets with blue light filtered through them can simulate the appearance of water, especially when illuminated from below.

Cellophane: Wrinkled cellophane sheets can be used to create a shimmering water effect when light reflects off the surface.

Vibrating plastic wrap: Attaching plastic wrap to a frame that vibrates can create a rippling effect similar to water.

How to make a smoke effect on stage?

To create a smoke effect on stage, you can use the following methods:

Low fog machine: A low fog machine produces a dense, ground-hugging fog that creates the illusion of low-lying smoke. It uses a special fog fluid that is cooled to create a fog that stays close to the ground.

Dry ice machine: A dry ice machine produces dense clouds of fog by using hot water and dry ice. The hot water melts the dry ice, creating a thick fog effect.

Can you put dry ice in a fog machine?

Yes, you can put dry ice in a fog machine. However, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for using dry ice with a specific fog machine. The ideal water-to-dry-ice ratio for long-lasting fog effects is typically around 1/2 gallon of hot water per pound of dry ice. Using the right amount of hot water will help maximize the fog production and create the desired effect.