650w Cold Spark Machine(SP-650)

650w Cold spark machine(SP-650)

The DMX and IRC system controls Igracelite fire-less cold spark machine, which use cold spark powder, avoiding the pollution and fire created by traditional powder. They can bring you a fantastic scene. The cold sparks are height adjustable from 3.3-16.4 ft, creating a happy atmosphere. Perfect to use at the stage, weddings, clubs, Discos, events, etc., and we can print your logo for FREE.

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  • Pyrotechnic Simulation with Cold Spark Machine Technology This pyrotechnic simulation effect is the most requested special effect in the live events industry! Using Cold Spark Technology (previously reserved for concert-level production) we can give you and your guests an experience they will never forget, safely!
  • Indoor / Outdoor usage, very low smoke, dissipates fast, people can touch spark.
  • A special blend of granules is mixed in a tumbler, funneled into a heating chamber, and blown into the air. The rapid heating and cooling of the mixture creates a spectacular indoor & outdoor displays, safely.
  • 650W cold spark machine can connect 6 pcs with 1 power cable chain connection , for remote control ,it dont have limited number.


  • Product weight:7.8KG(17.20lb)
  • Body color:Black or white
  • Power/Voltage:650W/110V/220V
  • Casing:Galvanized metal
  • Frequency range (Hz):50-60Hz
  • Working temperature:-10℃~ 50℃
  • Product net weight:9.5kg(20.94lb)
  • Product size:230*195*300mm(0.75*0.62*0.98ft)
  • Interface type:Double DMX input interfaces, double AC power interfaces
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The praise of customers has always been our most solid backing. Whether it is sales or our R & D and production, they are most happy that every user is comfortable using our cold spark machine. James Brennan, the DJ and head of the Australian company ROCK VAULT AUSTRALIA, shot the following video.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a cold spark machine do?

A cold spark machine is designed to produce a visually stunning spark effect for various events like weddings, concerts, and stage performances. Unlike traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics that generate hot and flammable sparks, a cold spark machine emits sparks that are cool to the touch. This is made possible by using a specialized powder comprised of zirconium and titanium that gets heated within the machine before being expelled. The machine mentioned in the article has a power rating of 650W and can produce sparks that rise up to 5 meters in height.

Is cold spark machine safe?

Yes, cold spark machines are generally considered safe. The emitted sparks are cool and not flammable, minimizing fire risks commonly associated with traditional pyrotechnics. Additionally, the 650W cold spark machine detailed in the article comes with built-in safety features such as temperature control and an automatic shutoff system. These safety measures, along with the non-toxic, environmentally-friendly powder used for the sparks, contribute to a high level of safety during operation. However, it's always crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety precautions to ensure a secure experience.