battery led stage light

Why choose Igracelite battery led stage light?

Igracelite Freedom battery led stage lights are powerful, bright, & truly 100% wireless with a rechargeable battery & a built-in 2.4G transceiver, APP WIFI. Igracelite Freedom battery led stage light fits perfectly inside TRUSST & all other 12" box trusses, & travels safely & stylishly in the DJ carry bag(4in1) or using the charge road case(4in1,6in1,8in1). Grace Stage Light has been producing battery-powered LED stage lights since 2012, which can be equipped with charging management. All battery-powered par lights have MSDS certification and are certified for safe shipping.

Review about lgracelite battery led stage light from USA.

Grace Stage Lighting started to produce battery operated uplights in 2012. So, we have a complete and mature supply chain for materials and transportation.

Choose your most suitable lgracelite battery led stage light

Wireless Battery yellow tube light
Wireless Battery yellow tube light
Wireless LED flat par light GL-6BF12_ (5)
Wireless LED flat par light
9*18w wireless battery led flat par light
Waterproof Battery Operated led Par can GL-B12-6_ (1)
Waterproof Battery Operated led Par can
18*18W IP65 wireless battery led wall washer
9*18w battery powered led wall washer
Wireless led wall washer lights_ (1)GL-BS18-6
Wireless led wall washer lights
Wireless battery led city color(GL-T24-6)_ (4)
Wireless battery led city color
3W wireless battery led pin spot
6PCsx18W wireless Wedding Led Par Light_ (2)
6PCsx18W wireless Wedding Led Par Light
Battery Powered disco led par light_ (4)
Battery Powered disco led par light
Triangle Disco Led par can uplights (GL-T6)_ (4)
Triangle Disco Led par can uplights
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More Customer Reviews

Since the production of Battery Led Stage Light in 2012, we have continuously received customer reviews from all over the world

Great manufacturer. They always help with little problems, even years after ordering I got spare parts for a small price. Thanks Jessica.

Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson
Nashville, Tennessee

When first talking with doris ,i only know i need stage lights for clubs,but after further communication ,we know clearer for what we need ,thanks so much for doris's professional service and precious time ,good sales and good company ,love your products

Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson
New York City, New York

Very easy for communication, and professional ,very helpful will to do more business,recommend to my friends ,the battery wireless uplights really smart ,easy use ,i love use mobile control ,ir remote control,most of time also the auto run .small but big power wash

James Martin

James Martin
Los Angeles, California

What Event projects use Igracelite wireless battery LED par lights?

Benefits of Igracelite battery led stage light accessories:

1. Power cord: primary environmentally friendly material sheath, all-copper wire. Resist high temperatures: used in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Resistant to low temperatures: Products are sold to Europe, Iceland, and other countries.

2. LED light source: three-watt chip with full power.

3. Power supply and charger: protected by plastic shell, safer and more durable.

4. Motherboard: The wireless board is separate from the motherboard; Advanced procedures and support for customization, programs can be designed and developed according to customer requirements.

5. Chassis: Cast aluminum waterproof chassis, the chassis is taller; and the aluminum material meets international standards, It is more environmentally friendly, with higher thermal conductivity and faster heat dissipation.

How about the lighting height of the Igracelite battery led stage light?

beam angle

Battery led stage light capacity, charging and discharging time and control distance

Produt Image

Lamp Name(Model)

Use time (Full Brightness/Single Color/Fade-In and Fade-Out/Auto Jumping)

Charging Time

remote control distance(Remote Range/Wireless Range/WIFI Range)

Battery capacity/voltage

9 non-waterproof led wall wash lights(GL-B9-6)

2.8hours / 20hours / 7hours 30minutes / 5hours


12m / 170m / 25m


Wireless battery led city color(GL-T24-6)_ (4)

Wireless Battery City Color(GL-T24-6)

3hours / 29hours / 11hours 30minutes / 9hours 30minutes


NO / 150m / 10m


9 non-waterproof battery flat par can(GL-6BF9)

3.2hours/ 12hours / 10hours / 8hours


10m / 150m / 25m


4/6 battery par can(GL-SAMRT4S/6S)

3hours/ 19hoursPurple Light / 17hours30minutes / 13hours

4hours 20minutes

12m / 170m / 25m


battery uplights

12 waterproof battery par light(GL-TB12-6 SB12-6)

3.5hours / 50hours / 16hours / 32hours


15m / 300m / 15m


18*6in1 outdoor led wall washerGL-BW18-6)

3hours / 48hours / 16hours 30minutes / 11hours 30minutes


OEM / 150m / 15m


Waterproof Battery Operated led Par can GL-B12-6_ (1)

12 waterproof battery led par(GL-B12-6)

4hours 30minutes/ 11hours / 11hours 30minutes/ 5hours


15m / 150m / 10m


What is the quality of the accessories of Igracelite battery led stage light?

Advantages of lithium batteries:

1. The lithium battery has high energy density, and its cycle performance index is better than regular lithium cobalt oxide. With the continuous improvement of the formula and structure, the battery's nominal voltage has reached 3.7V, and the storage capacity has reached or exceeded the level of lithium cobalt oxide batteries.

2. The ternary lithium battery has a long service life, high energy density, and large capacity, which can be used longer than conventional lithium manganate batteries.

3. The manufacturer can customize it, and the model storage capacity can be manufactured on demand.

4. The unit electric energy is relatively large, which is the result compared with lithium manganese oxide batteries.

5. The Igracelite battery protection board uses a Seiko Chip to ensure the battery can still be used, typically when it is overcharged or over-discharged.

6. Of course, another essential feature is the addition of charging management: the battery stage light can be set while used.

Do you know the secret of Igracelite battery led stage light and Igracelite lithium batteries?

Illuminate your stage with battery powered uplights. Enjoy wireless brilliance and create a captivating visual experience.

Igracelite battery led stage light all use lithium batteries and have a transportation safety certificate, MSDS. Safe, efficient, and high-quality service has always been the pursuit of Grace Stage Lighting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is battery led stage light and why do we use it at parties or events?

Uplights transform any room or event space with lights being placed on the floor and shot to the ceiling. Uplighting creates a vibe/mood and adds a wow factor. At Grace Stage Lighting, our Igracelite uplights are battery powered and can be placed anywhere. Wireless remote control, or wireless DMX512 control can be realized. The battery life of the wireless battery par light is fully sufficient for the time required for an event, precisely because the battery led stage light can be placed anywhere, and guests attending the meeting will not trip over the power cord or signal line. It can also significantly reduce installation time for event planners, saving money.

Where can battery led stage light be used? where to place uplights?

With the continuous updating of technology, the use of uplights has become wider and wider, and it is widely used in various small and medium-sized performances, weddings.birthday parties, parties, DJs and other occasions.

What kind of batteries do you use for your battery led stage light?

We use lithium batteries, Life is 500 times full charge and discharge.

Can you get outdoor stage lights with batteries?

Yes, we have outdoor stage lights with batteries, suitable for any event scene outdoors.