par light

Par light of Grace Stage Lighting is the soul player of various activities such as parties, events, and weddings. At the same time, par light is also the most widely used and the most significant number of stage lighting in the world.

Grace Stage Lighting was founded in 2009. LED par can have always been our primary product. From the cast aluminum case, aluminum case, and plastic case, to the battery par light with sheet metal case. Many waterproof and non-waterproof par lights provide maximum and considerable light output.

Igracelite led par light uses high-quality led beads like CREE and Osram. Using the best heat dissipation system to maximize the brightness and service life of the lamps. Let our event organizers and DJs drive all participants to enjoy the change of party moments. At the same time, Igracelite led par lighting is also the best choice for the rental because our LED par lighting is what you are looking for durable, high quality with minimal repair and maintenance costs.

Choose your favorite Igracelite par light

18*12W 6in1 zoom LED par lights
18*4in1 RGBW LED par can
24X10W LED par 64 
24x18w RGBWAUV 6in1 led par light
54*3w led par light
54*3w waterproof led par light
waterproof par light

24*10w waterproof par light

Waterproof par cans lighting(GL-102)_ (3)

Waterproof par cans lighting

Par Can light(GL-088)_ (1)
Par Can light
led car exhibition par light(GL-A350)_ (4)
31x10w led car exhibition par light
12x18W 6in1 led par cans lighting(GL-P12-6) (5)
12x18W 6in1 led par cans lighting
7x12w RGBW led light par(GL-W7-4) (2)
7x12w RGBW led light par
12x18w outdoor par lights(GL-2018) (1)
12x18w outdoor par lights
54x3W led par flood light(GL-P5403) (1)
54x3W led par flood light(GL-P5403)
Outdoor led zoom par light(GL-ZP740) (3)
Outdoor led zoom par light(GL-ZP740)
300W cob par light(GL-Z300W) (5)
300W cob par light(GL-Z300W)
24x18w par cans lights(GL-S24 RGBWA) (1)
24x18w par cans lights(GL-S24 RGBWA)

Grace Stage Lighting always tries to provide par light that competes with modern trends. All Igracelite par lights are a prominent addition to event tools.

So why is Igracelite par light so fascinating? Why do you choose Igracelite par light?


1. Rich experience: Since its establishment in 2009, it has been producing led par light
2. Quick response: 72 hours to complete the sample order of OEM, ODM, or OBM.
3. Whether it is the design team of Grace Stage Lighting or the design team of the supplier of Grace Stage Lighting, our communication and cooperation are very implicit.
4. The selection of high-quality accessories suppliers, all selected by Grace Stage Lighting after 15 years of experience.
5. We have more than 800 engineering projects every year, and customers specify Igracelite LED par light. In particular,

it should be pointed out that since 2019, customers have used our focusable par lights for more than 40 designated church decoration projects every year.
6. Grace Stage Lighting has a very professional stage lighting pre-sales service, with more than ten professionals answering various inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A professional after-sales service team handles outstanding problems or after-sales in the later period.

7. All Igracelite led par lights are made of ADC 12 national standard material. After die-casting, the shell is already shiny without polishing, and it will not be dirty if you touch it directly.

What Grace Stage Lighting's Clients Say

Brandon Mitchell

Brandon Mitchell

Wedding Designer / Seattle

supplier was very easy to communicate with and items arrived with no issues. ,Very good service, on time shipping, I am an old friend of Grace. I am very satisfied with this order of 150 units, and the Grace stage light team has been very helpful to me in this project.

Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith

Barkeeper / Denver

easy communication ,efficient service,fast delivery, these led moving heads and led uplights ,are really bright and good ,i would like to say i love these led profile spots ,they do pro pdoucts ,it's a happy experience with this seller

Ethan Williams

Ethan Williams

Special Events Coordinator / Atlanta

Un equipo de muy buena construcción y potencia exelente calidad su diseño compacto es lo que necesito y sus funciones dxm exelente

If you're looking for a durable, high-quality lighting fixture that will cost little or no repair and maintenance, look no further than Igracelite LED Par Lights.

The Par Light is a high-quality stage light for concerts, shows, parties, and events. It can be easily installed or placed anywhere on the stage or corner of the banquet venue. Igracelite par lights come in various colors and effects, allowing you to create stunning light displays. Whether you are a professional lighting designer or a beginner, Par Lights are easy to use and deliver outstanding performance. It's time to take your stage lighting to the next level with Igracelite par lights.

Features of Igracelite Par Light:
- Compact and lightweight design: Generally, one person can carry four par lights, which can significantly reduce labor costs.
- Multiple colors and effects: Igracelite par light adopts 6in1, up to 8in1 led lamp beads.
- Easy to use and control: You can use infrared remote control, DMX512, wireless, and WIFI to control a variety of control methods.
- DURABLE AND LONG LASTING: Grace Stage Lighting has received the most extended repaired fixtures for over eight years.
-Suitable for any stage or event: Igracelite par light is honored to be involved, from family reunions to big concerts.

Advantages of Igracelite Par Light:
- Enhance the visual impact of performances or events
- Create dynamic and captivating light shows
- Easy to set up and operate
- Reliable, high-quality performance
- Versatile and adaptable to any stage or event requirements

- Choose good accessories. High-quality pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services.