1700w waterproof cold sparks machine(IGL-SP1700W)

1700w waterproof cold sparks machine(IGL-SP1700W)

Igracelite IGL-SP1700W is not only a testament to our commitment to quality but also to safety and innovation. 

The beauty of the Cold Sparks Machine lies in its versatility. Whether you're orchestrating a grand wedding entrance, illuminating a corporate event, or setting the scene for an unforgettable concert, the IGL-SP1700W ensures a breathtaking display. Reaching heights between 4 to 10 meters


  • Imagine a cold sparks machine that not only mesmerizes your audience with a stellar performance of light but also gives you peace of mind. That's the IGL-SP1700W. Designed to generate stunning spark effects that are cool to the touch, this machine is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. And with IP55 waterproof certification, it's resilient against the elements, ready to bring a rainproof radiance to any event.
  • But what truly sets the IGL-SP1700W apart is its intelligent control. Using the industry-standard DMX512 control method, the machine provides you with complete command over the display, allowing for seamless integration into your existing setup. Grace Stage Lighting has harnessed electromagnetic heating to ensure the machine is not only efficient but also quick to respond, creating a spark effect that can keep pace with the rhythm of your event.
  • Enhanced safety, spectacular effects, and sophisticated control. The IGL-SP1700W Cold Sparks Machine represents the pinnacle of what Grace Stage Lighting stands for - innovation, reliability, and the extraordinary.


  • Total Power: 1700W
  • Spray Direction: Vertically Upward
  • Spray Height: 13.12-32.80 feet (Control Level 5)
  • Inner Diameter of Spray Nozzle: 1.5 inches
  • Heating Method: Electromagnetic Heating
  • Accessories: 9.84 feet Waterproof Power Cord, 9.84 feet Waterproof Signal Cable, Hex Socket Wrench
  • Carton Size: 18.89in x 17.71in x 19.68in, Weight: 51.80lb
  • Control Method: DMX512
  • Shell Material: Aluminum
  • Motor Configuration: 3 Independent Large AC Motors
  • Box Capacity: 1.1 pounds (Special Consumables Must Be Used)
  • Waterproof Level: IP55 (Rainproof)
  • Product Size: 18.11in x 14.56in x 11.81in
  • Product Net Weight: 50.7lb
  • Flight Case Size: 18.89in x 17.71in x 22.83in, Weight: 84.87lb