Cold Spark Gun(SP-H1)

Igracelite Cold Spark Gun(Cold spark handheld or Handheld sparkular ) is part of an advanced series of electronic Gatling spray products. This cold spark gun can indoor use, hand touchable, Very low noise and smoke.

The working principle of cold spark gun and cold spark machine is the same, both can be touched by hand, The only difference is that the particle size of the consumables they use is different; The consumables required for the cold spark gun will have finer particle size, so the price of this consumable will be higher. The biggest advantage of a handheld cold spark gun is that it increases interactivity and fun.


Key Features and Advantages:

  • Safety Redefined: As a safe cold spark gun, it eliminates the hazards of traditional fireworks with no gunpowder. Safe for transportation, this cold spark gun can easily pass through plane security checks.
  • Environmental Guardian: This cold spark gun ensures zero pollution - no smoke, odors, waste, or noise, ideal for indoor usage.
  • Intelligent and Digital: Adjustable injection heights (1-5m) and effects make this cold spark gun user-friendly and versatile.
  • Economical and Sustainable: The cold spark gun boasts low operational and installation costs, with reusable equipment.
  • Flexibility in Use: Ideal for creative staging, this cold spark gun can be used for various effects, including synchronized music fireworks.
  • Universal Application: Unrestricted in production and use, the cold spark gun is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Ease of Operation: Designed for simplicity, this cold spark gun ensures a seamless user experience.
  • Reliable Technology: Complete certifications and insurance back this innovative cold spark gun.
  • Innovative Design: Holding national and international patents, this cold spark gun is a unique high-tech product.
  • Convenient Packaging: The cold spark gun comes with easy installation and professional packaging.
  • Product Charm:The Electronic Gatling Spray Flowers, as a cold spark gun, offers vibrant, uniform colors and exceptional brightness, surpassing traditional fireworks. Unconstrained by fireworks regulations, this cold spark gun is perfect for areas where traditional fireworks are banned.
  • Ideal for Various Scenarios:This cold spark gun is perfect for indoor and outdoor celebrations, performances, entertainment venues, and more, overcoming the limitations of traditional fireworks.

Usage Instructions:

  • Charging: Charge the cold spark gun using the provided charger until the indicator turns green.
  • Loading Consumables: Fill the cold spark gun with consumables and secure the lid.Adjustable Angles: The cold spark gun allows up to 45-degree angles for prolonged use, and 90-degree angles for short-term use
  • Blockage Solutions: Quick and easy solutions for any blockage in the cold spark gun.

After-Use Care:

  • Let the cold spark gun cool down for 2 hours before storage. Avoid immediate packing after use.

Safety Precautions:

  • Use the cold spark gun responsibly, avoiding direct spraying at people, pets, or flammable materials.
  • Be aware of the potential for marks on fabrics.
  • In case of fire, use a dry ice extinguisher or water on the cold spark gun.
  • Do not operate if the cold spark gun is overly hot or damaged.


  • Spray Distance: 1-5 meters, ideal for a cold spark gun.
  • Battery Life: 60 minutes (standby), 25 minutes (active spraying)
  • Two Variants: High-speed and low-speed spray, fitting different needs.
  • Adjustable Angle: Up to 180°, perfect for diverse effects.
  • Charging Time: 30-40 minutes



Frequently Asked Questions

How is the hand held cold sparklers a safer alternative to traditional fireworks?

The hand held cold sparkler, a type of cold spark gun, offers unparalleled safety compared to traditional fireworks. By not using gunpowder as a consumable, these handheld devices significantly reduce the risks associated with traditional fireworks. The absence of open flames and intense heat in these hand held cold sparklers makes them ideal for close-range use in various settings, they use a titanium powder mixture consumable.

What environmental benefits do hand held cold sparklers offer?

Hand held cold sparklers, a variant of the cold spark gun, are designed with environmental conservation in mind. These devices avoid the pollution typically associated with traditional fireworks, such as smoke and chemical residues. They produce fewest smoke, odors, or noise pollution, making them an eco-friendly option for indoor and outdoor events. By choosing hand held cold sparklers, users contribute to environmental protection, enjoying vibrant celebrations without harming the environment.

What are the technological features of hand held cold sparklers?

Hand held cold sparklers, a form of cold spark gun, boast several technological advancements. They offer digital controls for adjusting spray heights and effects, providing a level of customization and precision that traditional fireworks can't match. These hand held devices are designed for easy operation without the need for professionals, and even children can operate it.

How user-friendly are hand held cold sparklers?

Hand held cold sparklers are designed for maximum user-friendliness. Simple to operate, these devices can be used effectively with minimal training. The straightforward process of charging, loading, and adjusting makes hand held cold sparklers accessible to all users, regardless of their technical background. This ease of use, combined with their safety and environmental benefits, makes hand held cold sparklers a popular and practical choice for adding excitement to any event.

What flexibility do hand held cold sparklers provide in event planning?

The flexibility of hand held cold sparklers(cold spark gun), is a significant advantage in event planning. Their portable and safe design allows for dynamic and creative use in various event settings, both indoors and outdoors. The ability to customize effects with adjustable spray angles and heights enables planners to tailor the sparklers to specific event themes and spaces. The portability of hand held cold sparklers offers a versatile and exciting option for enhancing events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale celebrations.


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