cold sparkler fountains

Waterfall cold spark fireworks machine(SP-F20A)

Cold sparkler fountains are a dazzling display of special effects that you can create without any fire hazard. All you need is the firestorm SP-F20A, a machine that produces cold sparks that are safe to touch and won’t ignite anything. It works with one pack of titanium alloy grains that create the cold sparkler fountains effect. Just pour the powder in, let the machine warm up, and use the remote to control the height and duration of your cold sparkler fountains.

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  • The Igracelite sparkular waterfall is a 650w DMX cold spark machine that can be hung to generate a "waterfall" spark effect.
  • Cold spark machine "waterfall" effects can be used indoors.
  • New generation of cold spark technology, low noise and low power consumption.
  • Lightweight: 6.3Kg(13.9lbs)and easy to hang and carry.


  • Model number:SP-F20A
  • Interface:Double DMX input, Double AC power
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Working temperature:-10℃ -50℃
  • Product size:21*21*20cm(8.3*8.3*7.9in)
  • Max. connections:Max. 6PCS



Frequently Asked Questions

Are cold spark machines legal?

The legality of cold spark machines varies by jurisdiction and local regulations. The article on Cold Sparkler Fountains Machine does not specifically address the legality issue. However, these machines are generally designed to be safer alternatives to traditional pyrotechnics, emitting sparks that are cool to the touch and non-flammable. Due to their enhanced safety features, they are often permitted for use in various settings including indoor events. It's important to consult local laws and regulations, and obtain any necessary permits or approvals before using a cold spark machine for your event.