750w Cold Sparklers Machine(SP-750)
750w Cold sparklers machine(SP-750)

Igracelite 750w Cold Sparkler Machine is a special effect machine designed to create a stunning stream of sparks that are cold to the touch. The spark stream can be adjusted to create a variety of effects, including a continuous stream of sparks, a pulsing stream of sparks, and even a fountain of sparks. The Cold Sparkler Machine is perfect for events such as weddings, birthdays, and club events. Igracelite cold sparkler machine is a cold fireworks fountain machine to adopt the DMX control and a brand new control system with an aim of achieving multiple stage special effects, push the atmosphere to the top. it is very suitable for many celebration venues, such as: Wedding, Dj show, Opening ceremony, Party, and so on. Igracelite cold sparkler machine is a metal-cased machine with three motors so it won't get stuck in powder; it uses a remote control and has a built-in cleaning function, which can be used for remote cleaning.

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  • Pyrotechnic simulation with cold sparkler technology this pyrotechnic simulation effect is the most requested special effect in the live events industry! using cold sparkler technology (previously reserved for concert-level production) we can give you and your guests an experience they will never forget, safely!
  • A special blend of granules is mixed in a tumbler, funneled into a heating chamber, and blown into the air. The rapid heating and cooling of the mixture creates a spectacular indoor & outdoor displays, safely.
  • 750W cold sparkler machine can connect 6 pcs with 1 power cable chain connection , for remote control ,it dont have limited number


  • Product weight:7.8KG(17.20lb)
  • Body color:Black or white
  • Power/Voltage:750W/110V/220V
  • Casing:Galvanized metal
  • Frequency range (Hz):50-60Hz
  • Working temperature:-10℃~ 50℃
  • Product net weight:9.5kg(20.94lb)
  • Product size:230*195*300mm(0.75*0.62*0.98ft)
  • Interface type:Double DMX input interfaces, double AC power interfaces
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Frequently Asked Questions about the 750W Cold Sparkler Machine

What is safe indoor cold sparks?

Safe indoor cold sparks refer to the spark effects generated by machines like the 750W Cold Sparkler Machine. Unlike traditional pyrotechnics, these machines produce sparks that are cool to the touch, making them safe for indoor use. The machine utilizes specialized granules made from a non-toxic alloy to produce the effect. Safety features like built-in overheat protection and an automatic shut-off system further enhance the safety profile of the machine, making it suitable for a wide range of indoor events such as concerts, stage performances, and parties.

Are cold sparks worth it for weddings?

Yes, cold sparks are often considered worth it for weddings due to their visual allure and safety features. The 750W Cold Sparkler Machine can create a breathtaking visual spectacle, adding a unique and romantic touch to any wedding ceremony or reception. Because the sparks are cool to the touch and non-flammable, they pose minimal safety risks, allowing for peace of mind during your special day. The machine is also easy to operate and has low operational costs, making it a cost-effective yet impactful addition to your wedding celebrations.