Cold spark powder is a type of pyrotechnic material that is used to create a cold spark effect.

200g cold spark powder (G-titanium power)

The Igracelite cold spark machine premium metal granules are specifically designed with sparkular series machines to generate the iconic spark effect. Each batch of Igracelite granules is quality-control tested to evaluate moisture, spark density, shaft wearing rate, burn rate, and several other parameters to ensure a high-quality product.

The raw material of our cold spark fireworks machine is titanium powder, without adding zirconium tetrachloride (ZrCl4) and other combustion accelerants, so it will not burn your hands and will not drop fireballs. They produce bright, white-hot sparks but won't harm your skin, and won't even ignite paper.

Each 200g cold spark powder pack can be used for 12 to 15 minutes.


  • Large in stock, granulated alloy, non-hazmat storage, Monthly sales volume 20,000 packs.
  • MSDS certificate for cold spark machine powder. Brilliant spark effect.
  • Aluminum foil bag vacuum packaging, long shelf life. can print your logo on bag.
  • Igracelite cold spark powder is NOT harmful to the body and children: there will be some smoke when the cold spark machine is working, but it will not harm the human body. And our cold spark powder has MSDS certificate and related tests and quiz reports.
  • Cold spark powder is a type of pyrotechnic material that is used to create a cold spark effect. This effect is similar to traditional fireworks, but it produces sparks that are much cooler and safer to use. Cold spark powder is made from a mixture of metals and other materials that are designed to burn at a lower temperature than traditional pyrotechnics.
  • The use of cold spark powder has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its safety and versatility. It can be used in a variety of settings, including indoor events and close proximity to people. This makes it an ideal choice for event planners and performers who want to add a touch of excitement to their shows without putting anyone at risk
  • One of the key benefits of using cold spark powder is that it produces very little smoke or odor. This makes it an ideal choice for indoor events where air quality is a concern. Additionally, the sparks produced by cold spark powder are much less likely to cause burns or other injuries than traditional pyrotechnics.
  • In conclusion, cold spark powder is a safe and versatile pyrotechnic material that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its low temperature sparks, minimal smoke and odor production, and wide range of colors and effects make it an ideal choice for event planners and performers looking to add excitement to their shows.


  • Net weight:200g(0.44 lb)
  • Packing size:100*200mm(0.33 ft*0.66 ft)
  • Working time:12~15minutes
  • Fall height:1~5m(3.28 ft~16.4 ft),height contrllable
  • Product name:Cold sparkular powder,cold spark machine titanium powder
  • Style:Outdoor&Indoor


The monthly sales volume of Igracelite cold spark powder is 20,000 packs. Our customers also frequently ask us questions:

1. What would be the price for
10 lot of 10 pieces, $6.5/bag/200g
50 lot of 10 pieces, $6/bag/200g
150 lot of 10 pieces $5.5/bag/200g

2. In DDP by plane and DDP by boat?
Please provide your address with the zip code,
So that I can check all the shipping costs according to the above quantity

3. Do you have certification for US standards and is it included in the price?
We have MSDS for the ti-power(cold spark powder).

4. What is your delivery time?
We have stock within 1000 packs; according to the above quantity,we are able to deliver within 3-5 days.

5. What is your production time?
5-10working days usually , according to the quantity of the order and types of products

6. Can we pay by Alibaba Trade Assurance?
Yes, we are a verified supplier on Alibaba by world-leading inspection company of Intertek

7. Is it possible to get samples? Will the price of the models be refunded?
Yes, we accept sample orders,as long as the sample is no more than one piece ,the sample cost can be refunded in your next order

8. Do you accept to stick barcode labels on the boxes?
Yes, we accept sticking barcode labels on the boxes.

9. Do you have packaging?
Default packing is by carton box of the ti-powder

10. Can you provide me with professional photos and videos to put on my amazon product page?
Yes, we can provide it, we have our own operation team.

Our raw materials are mainly titanium powder. The consumables produced by our company have the following advantages:
  • The sparks sprayed out are uniform.
  • No ignition agent (zirconium tetrachloride) is required.
  • No jamming, Each batch of goods can be guaranteed to be the same, that is, strong stability and no impurities should be mixed in.
  • No scalding hands, no falling sparks.
  • For export customers, our company has a special freight forwarder cooperation to ensure normal exports, and we have relevant certificates, MSDS certificates, and safety transportation certificates.
So what happens if the customer buys unqualified consumables? Generally, the equipment will be stuck, burst, and sometimes cannot spray out; equipment life is short, fireballs fall, carpets are burned, hands are hot, and other safety problems. Hidden dangers can not touch the sprayed flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your cold spark powders packaged?

The Igracelite cold spark powder by Grace Stage Lighting comes in a 0.47 lb. and vacuum-sealed pouch.

How long will your cold spark powder last?

The estimated 0.47lb of Igracelite cold spark powder usage per pouch is 15 minutes.

Can your cold spark powder be used in all cold spark machines?

Yes, we use titanium powder with high purity without adding zirconium tetrachloride (ZrCl4), which will not harm the machine, and can effectively maximize the service life of the machine. Reminder: Igracelite cold spark powder contains fewer impurities, so the falling powder particles are not large, and the temperature is not high.

Will your cold spark powder set your wedding dress on fire?

Of course not; the core temperature of our cold spark machine is 60 degrees Celsius(140℉). Of course, the temperature around the core we touch will be lower. The cold spark powder is heated to 1200 degrees Celsius (2192℉) inside the machine before it can be sprayed out, and the temperature of the sprayed out is 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the difference between indoor cold spark powder and outdoor cold spark powder?

Height: For indoor powder, for indoor use usually, the spray height is about 3.5 meters(11.48ft), for outdoor powder, for outdoor use normally, the spray height is about 5 meters(16.4ft). The particles of outdoor powder will be bigger.

How to deal with the unused cold spark powder in the machine?

It needs to be poured out, and it should be packed in a clean bag, sealed, and kept away from moisture. Cold spark powder will still be inside the machine after heating, but it has not been sprayed out. Now, you need to use the cleaning function that comes with Igracelite cold spark machine, Just click on the remote.

How do you ship your cold spark powder?

Grace stage lighting has been engaged in the foreign trade industry since 2009; we have a very good logistics supply chain, and we can use sea shipping or air shipping to your country.

Cold spark powder will be shipped together with the machines?

We suggest shipping separately. because the cold spark powder is a special material. If shipped by air, need by DHL separately, we need to provide files to ship them; if shipped with the normal products, then normal products as special goods, shipping cost higher.

How much does the shipping powder weigh?

Generally, if 10 -11 bags the shipping weight is about 2.5kgs, 12 bags-14 bags is about 3kgs,15-19bags powder is about 4kgs, and 20 bags of powder is about 4.5 kgs. We have a professional team that can provide the best quality service, the most cost-effective shipping method and price.

Igracelite cold spark powder is the only powder approved to work with the Igracelite cold spark machine. The material selection of Igracelite cold spark powder is excellent, which can improve the customer experience and the service life of the cold spark machine. 
Ask about volume pricing of cold spark powder discounts. 
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