Top 5 Astonishing LED Dance Floor Suppliers in the USA

With the increasing application of LED products, they appear on stages more frequently. In the post-pandemic era, people who have been suppressed for too long need various activities to relax their bodies and minds and are more willing to participate in multiple party activities, so the demand for dance floors is increasing.

LED Dance Floors are people’s first choice. Its versatility, convenience, professionalism, and excellent quality are the keys to becoming the first choice. From bars and nightclubs to weddings and even interior decoration of shopping malls to various event parties, the figure of LED Dance Floors can be seen everywhere. But do you know how to choose a suitable LED Dance Floor? What products can you choose? Next, we will show you the top five LED Dance Floor suppliers in the United States; their products can quickly achieve the desired effects and purposes. Trust me, there must be what you want.

1.Event Decor Direc: LED Dance Floor for Everyone

Event Decor Direc

Event Decor Direc is the largest professional wedding and event decoration product supplier in the United States. They can provide all the products for party activities, including their proud LED Dance Floor. Their dance floor types are diverse, with 3D Infinity LED Dance Floor, LED DMX Dance Floor, and white and black Starlight Dance Floor. The size of each functional dance floor is also very diverse; from large to small, it can meet the needs of various activities. The size of the dance floor ranges from 3*3 feet to 13*13 feet.

Their dance floor has three control modes, which can flexibly control colors and patterns, making it easier for planners to create and create a more substantial event atmosphere. They also have a unique RGB LED color combination, which can make the dance floor more colorful. The three colors can switch smoothly, and the heat generated is minimal. For a long time, consumers have favored them because of their moderate prices, excellent quality, simple settings, and colorful colors.

In August 2023, a 60-year-old child used Event Decor Direc’s LED Dance Floor to hold a unique and personalized birthday party at home in Florida. The love of life is ageless; what a touching thing; this is also the unique charm of Event Decor Direc; it can meet everyone’s needs.

It is the most suitable if you want an economical and practical dance floor. If you have needs, please visit for more information.

2.LED Dance Floor USA: Luxurious and Noble LED Dance Floor

LED Dance Floor USA

LED Dance Floor USA is a famous lighting company in the United States and a leader in luxury portable dance floors. Their products include LED Dance Floors, runways, and light walls. Luxury is its characteristic, so you can often see its figure at some large-scale fashion banquets and high-end fashion weeks. High-quality, bright colors and a strong service team can meet the needs of large-scale activities.

LED dance floor (4)

In the globally watched Los Angeles Fashion Week in 2022, LED Dance Floor USA was seen on the passionate swimsuit show. The models walked proudly on its runway, the dynamic floor lights synchronized with the music and also with the models’ footsteps. The gorgeous lights made the models shine more dazzlingly, giving the stage a new vitality.

If you wish, please go to to learn more about powerful product information.

3.Igracelite - Grace Stage Light: The Revolutionary of LED Dance Floor


Igracelite: Grace is a one-stop solution provider for stage lighting. It can customize the stage lighting you want according to your requirements and give you a complete design plan. The product covers all products needed for stage lighting. Fifteen years of rich stage lighting experience escort your activities.

LED dance floor (3)
LED dance floor (2)

Among them is Igracelite - Grace’s LED Dance Floor is its star product. Their star dance floor is connected to the power supply, signal, and floor tiles in a sturdy magnetic lock sequence without cables, such as their Magnetic Frosted LED Dance Floor. The installation is straightforward, which greatly saves customers time and money. Their dance floor types are diverse, with Wireless LED Dance Floor, Cable LED Dance Floor, and Magnet Dance Floor. In addition, from the display effect, there are Mirror 3D LED Dance Floor, Rainbow LED Dance Floor, Starlight Dance Floor, Pixel Digital LED Dance Floor, and Video Digital LED Dance Floor. It can be said that Igracelite - Grace’s products have brought innovation to the LED Dance Floor industry.

LED dance floor (1)

In May 2022, a couple in Los Angeles, Joseph Smith, and Emma Smith, chose Igracelite - Grace’s LED Dance Floor as their excellent partner for their wedding. The newlyweds danced on the dance floor when night fell and the lights came on. The patterns and lights of the dance floor changed with the footsteps of the newlyweds, which surprised all the guests. Igracelite - Grace’s LED Dance Floor made their first dance as a couple and opened a new chapter in their lives.

Excellent product quality and perfect service guarantee have won many customers' hearts and become the best choice for many people’s LED Dance Floors. Please go to to buy the perfect dance floor in your heart.

4.IDJNOW: Multi-functional and Practical Dance Floor


IDJNOW’s portable dance floor has always been their star product. The classic dance floor of the disco era influenced them. MagnaFloor’s innovative technology has made the LED Dance Floor a perfect visual effect. It is also straightforward to use and is loved by consumers.

In 2022, a DJ used IDJNOW’s portable dance floor to hold the first birthday party in the life of a three-year-old girl. He sincerely thanked IDJNOW’s mobile dance floor, which opened a new chapter in the girl’s life and brought unprecedented enjoyment. He is the girl’s father.

You can learn more information through

5.USA Dance Floor LLC: Lighter and Safer Dance Floor

USA Dance Floor LLC

USA Dance Floor LLC is famous for its patented luma square LED floor system. Their dance floor is safe, light, and popular. Their products have three systems: the PRO system, the PRO STAR LITE system, and the ILLUMA SQUARE system, which can meet different functional needs.

USA Dance Floor LLC is most famous for appearing in the office Christmas party movie starring Jennifer Aniston, where they danced on the floor.

Please choose through

After introducing the five well-known LED Dance Floor manufacturers, you may have a further understanding of LED Dance Floors, but if you still don’t know how to choose specifically, we will answer your doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a quality LED dance floor?
High-quality LED Dance Floors must be sturdy and durable, easy to install and disassemble, which can reduce workforce and material resources, such as Igracelite’s Magnetic Frosted LED Dance Floor. Also, consider the flatness, brightness, viewing angle, color reproduction, and whether there are dead spots; these will affect the performance of the LED Dance Floor. If switching between multiple colors, the smooth transition during color switching is significant.

How do I choose the right size LED dance floor for my event?
This needs to specifically consider the number of people in the activity and the area of the venue. Generally, the 3*3 specification is sufficient for small family gatherings, and reliable manufacturers have different specifications.

Are LED dance floors safe to use?
They are all safe and reliable. These manufacturers have obtained relevant international quality certifications. The materials have all undergone load-bearing pressure tests. The tempered glass panels are sturdy and durable. The surface has also been set up for waterproof, anti-slip, and anti-glare. The protection level reaches IP65, and practice has proved to be safe.

Can LED dance floors be customized to fit a specific event theme?
Yes, they can be customized according to customer requirements, including size, color, function, logo, etc., as Igracelite-Grace can customize the logo, making it your unique dance floor. This can better match your activities.

What is the average lifespan of LED lights in dance floors?
The LED lights on the dance floor can usually be used for more than 50,000 hours, but the life span will vary depending on the frequency of use and requirements.

How does the installation and breakdown process work for LED dance floors?
The installation and disassembly of the LED Dance Floor are straightforward. When designing, consider this point, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly and saves time. If you install it yourself, you can choose stackable panels, plug and play, or wireless connections, which are more convenient to install. You can also choose products with the manufacturer’s installation services.


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