A cold sparkler fountain emits a shower of bright, white sparks that shoot upwards, creating a dazzling display. It’s a safe and exciting way to add some sparkle to any event
Dual head cold spark machine(hd-1300)

The Igracelite dual head cold sparkler fountain is a rotatable cold spark machine featuring bi-directional rotation, as well as adjustable rotation speed. it features a spark effect height of up to 5 meters. two sets of sparks spray out, when they meet and rotate, they are like two intertwined elves, adding infinite charm to your first wedding dance, and Push the atmosphere to the top, it is very suitable for many celebration venues. such as: Wedding, Dj show, Opening ceremony, Party and so on. 

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  • Bidrectional rotation, adjustable rotation speed.
  • Pyrotechnic Simulation with dual head Cold Sparkler Fountain Technology This pyrotechnic simulation effect is the most requested special effect in the live events industry! Using Cold Spark Technology (previously reserved for concert-level production) we can give you and your guests an experience they will never forget, safely!
  • You can use the remote control to control a single jet or two jets together, as well as their jet height, individual control of each nozzle.
  • A special blend of granules is mixed in a tumbler, funneled into a heating chamber, and blown into the air. The rapid heating and cooling of the mixture creates a spectacular indoor & outdoor displays, safely.
  • 1300w dual head Cold Sparkler Fountain can connect about 2-3 with 1 power cable chain connection, for remote control ,it dont have limited number


  • Spray height: 1-5 Meters (5 height control)
  • Spray direction: X-axis 360°infinite rotation
  • 2 nozzel spray cold sparkler fountain: Dual head can control seperately
  • Voltage: AC 110V 60Hz / AC 220V 50Hz
  • Spray height: 1-5 m/3.28 ft~16.4 ft
  • Spray diameter: 22mm/0.07 ft (double hole)
  • Spray direction: double hole, infinite rotation effect
  • Power: 1300W
  • Shell material: aluminum
  • Product size: 365*365*400mm/1.2 ft*1.2 ft*1.31 ft
  • Product net weight: 20kg/44.09 lb
  • Packing size: 500*470*520mm/1.64 ft*1.54 ft*1.71 ft
  • Gross weight: 24kg/52.91 lb



Frequently Asked Questions about Cold Sparkler Fountains

How long do cold sparklers last?

The duration of cold sparklers depends on the machine's settings and the amount of specialized granules or powder used. According to the article, most cold sparkler fountains have adjustable time settings that allow for a range of durations. Some machines can generate sparks for extended periods, making them versatile for various types of events. It is advisable to check the specific product manual for precise information on duration capabilities.

Are cold sparklers reusable?

Yes, cold sparkler machines are reusable. The machines operate by heating specialized granules to produce the cold spark effect. Once the granules are used up, you can easily refill the machine with new granules for the next event. This makes cold sparkler fountains a cost-effective and sustainable option for producing spark effects for multiple occasions.