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Igracelite 600w waterproof moving head light used in 2022 Qatar World Cup

Grace Stage Lighting can meet your various stage effects, including beam moving head light, gobo moving head light, moving head wash light, and 3in1 BSW moving head light. We can join RDM and CMY systems as you'd like. 

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600w beam IP65 moving head
600W Waterproof moving head light
380w waterproof moving head_ (2)
380w Waterproof moving head
380w dmx moving head lights outdoor(GP-380W) (2)

380W DMX moving head lights outdoor

380W DJ lights moving heads
17R 350W Moving head light 
350w 17R moving head lights dj(GM-B350) (3)
350W 17R Moving head lights Dj

295W Moving head light

14R 295W moving heads light(GM-295W)_1 (2)
14R 295W moving heads light

280W 3in1 moving heads dj lights

mini 230w beam moving head light with halo ring(GM-MN230W)_ (1)
230W beam moving head light
7R 230W moving head light
How to Choose the Right Moving Heads Light For Your Stage-The 10 Best Moving Head Lights for Professional DJs-Buyer's Guide - Choosing The Perfect Moving Heads Lights

Mini 230 moving heads light

What makes you firmly choose Grace Stage Lighting


Our experience in the stage lighting industry from 2009 has made us more professional stage lights, and we have continuously launched more excellent products to meet the needs of different industries.

Factory price

All Igracelite stage lights are produced by ourselves, and there is no intermediary's price difference. Our quality will be better for the same price products in the market. Most products are cheaper but of better quality.

High-quality materials

Our goal is to use high-quality raw materials to prolong product service life, reduce customer maintenance costs, and let all customers have a comfortable shopping experience.

Multi-brand OEM

Grace Stage Lighting has a professional stage design team; it can design the most suitable solution for customers according to their requirements.

High-quality service

Whether pre-sales or after-sales, material procurement or assembly workers, we have been a tacit cooperation and professional team for over ten years.

Private customization

Grace Stage Lighting can be customized according to customer requirements: appearance, internal structure, motherboard program, etc.

igracelite moving head light Your trusted Igracelite moving head light

Since its establishment in 2009, Grace Stage Lighting has been dedicated to enhancing the performance of DJs, sports competitions, theme parks, outdoor lighting, nightclubs, weddings, churches, and other event venues. Our product objective is to utilize the most appropriate raw materials to extend product lifespan, enhance customer experience, and minimize customer costs. 

Grace Stage Lighting likes to prove it with numbers

  • Foreign trade started since its establishment in 2009
  • Served 30,000+ export customers
  • The praise rate of the e-commerce platform is the first
  • E-commerce platform is the top three

Customized service

grace stage light mold designer_1

Grace stage lighting responds promptly to customers who propose lighting innovation ideas and provides customers with professional advice, solutions, and integrated services, including design and research.

Consultation——welcome OEM ODM product consultation
Discussion - Discuss specifications and requirements, such as power, color, pattern, function, LED light source, brightness, size, target price, and other special needs.
Drawings and Designs - Preliminary design drawings will be provided after further technical discussions.
3D printing - 3D printer will print satisfactory designs and samples
Assembled and tested - other materials and supporting spare parts will be specially assembled and tested
Production and Shipping - If the printed sample is satisfactory, an actual example will be produced and shipped