Led light moving head

Elevate your Events with leading LED light moving head from Igracelite

With technological advancements making Igracelite LED light moving head units affordable, they have become a staple for enhancing professional moving head light setups at discos, parties, concerts, and large events.

Igracelite led light moving head is your best choice

350W 17R CMY 3in1 Led Moving Head
350W 17R CMY 3in1 LED Moving Head
Laser Strobe LED Beam Moving Head Light 4
Laser strobe LED bar moving head
1840W RGBW 4in1 Powerful Zoom Moving Head Bar Light 3
18X40w LED bar beam moving head
Mini 60w LED Moving Head Light
60w LED moving head light
19x40w dj lights moving head GL-B1940A (3)
19x40W dj lights moving head
19x40w led moving head GL-B1940B (9)
19x40W LED moving head
480W CMY CTO Led Moving Head Light GL-P480 (1)
480W CMY CTO LED Moving Head Light
19x15w led moving head GL-Z19 (3)
19x15w LED moving head
7x40W led Zoom Moving Head Light GM-MZ740_ (7)
7x40W LED Zoom Moving Head Light
18pcsX3W mini led moving head light GL-063_ (4)
18pcs*3W mini led moving head light
Zoom Spot Beam 3in1 250w led moving head GL-Z250W_ (4)
Zoom Spot Beam 3in1 250w LED moving head
led moving head disco light GL-LB518_ (5)
LED moving head disco light
pixel 5x40w movinghead beam GL-B540X _ (1)
Pixel 5x40w movinghead beam
led matrix moving head GL-M25_ (5)
LED matrix moving head
led wash zoom moving head GL-091D (1)
LED wash zoom moving head
7x40W bee eye moving head GL-B740 (3)
7x40W Bee eye moving head
36x10w led wash moving head GL-091B_ (3)
36x18W LED wash moving head
dj lights moving head_ (1)
320W Dj lights moving head
mini 7x40 led moving heads(GL-MZ740 Claypaky)_ (5)
Mini 7x40W led moving heads
mini ledspot moving head light 7pcs 15W_ (5)
Mini ledspot moving head light
100w mini led beam moving head(GL-BS100W) _ (4)
100W mini led beam moving head
100w mini led spot moving head(GL-BE100W)_ (4)
100W mini led spot moving head

Video display of Igracelite LED light moving head

Customized service

grace stage light mold designer

Grace stage lighting responds promptly to customers who propose lighting innovation ideas and provides customers with professional advice, solutions, and integrated services, including design and research.

Consultation——welcome OEM ODM product consultation
Discussion - Discuss specifications and requirements, such as power, color, pattern, function, LED light source, brightness, size, target price, and other special needs.
Drawings and Designs - Preliminary design drawings will be provided after further technical discussions.
3D printing - 3D printer will print satisfactory designs and samples
Assembled and tested - other materials and supporting spare parts will be specially assembled and tested

Here are six features that are commonly found on moving head lights:


DMX control

All led light moving head can be controlled using DMX, a standard protocol for digital communication between lighting fixtures and controllers. This allows you to use a lighting console to program and control the movement and intensity of the moving head.


Pan and tilt

The motorized yoke on moving head lights allow it to move horizontally (pan) and vertically (tilt). This gives you a wide range of movement options and allows you to focus the light on specific areas of the stage.


Color mixing

led light moving head has multiple LED lights of different colors, which can be mixed together to create a wide range of hues and color temperatures. This allows you to create a wide range of lighting effects and moods.



Some LED light moving heads have a zoom function, which allows you to adjust the focus and beam angle of the light. This can be useful for changing the size and intensity of the light beam on the stage.



Some LED light moving heads have a gobo slot, which allows you to project patterns or images onto the stage using gobos (metal or glass disks with patterns or images etched into them). This can add another layer of visual interest to your lighting design.


Multiple heads

Some led light moving head is designed with multiple heads, which allows you to create more complex and dynamic lighting designs. Each head can be independently controlled and can be set to move in different directions and at different speeds.


Let's see what Grace Stage Lighting's clients have to say. 

As a lighting technician based in New York City, I've had the opportunity to work with various moving heads, and this product stands out. The brightness, versatility, and precise movements of this fixture make it a must-have in any professional lighting setup. Its user-friendly interface and reliable performance have significantly enhanced our live productions. I highly recommend Grace stage lighting to fellow lighting professionals looking to elevate their shows.

Jennifer Mitchell

Lighting Technician, New York

Having used the LED Light Moving Head extensively in my role as a lighting director, I can confidently say it's a top-notch fixture. Its exceptional build quality, smooth movements, and rich color palette have impressed me time and time again. The ease of programming and comprehensive control options allow me to create captivating lighting designs with ease. As a lighting professional in Los Angeles, I highly recommend Igracelite led moving head.

David Johnson

Lighting Director, Los Angeles

LED light moving head attract attention and can elevate a light show from boring and basic to compelling. There are a lot of good Igracelite moving head lights on the market. Most of our moving head light sources are good LED chips, such as Osram, Cree, Citizen.

Jack Zhu // Grace Production Manager

Next, please enjoy professional Grace Stage LIGHTING accessories



triple high-precision coating

Power supply


choose a high-quality power supply with PFC

Light source

Light source

choose high-quality light sources: Osram, Philips, Phoenix, Citizen, etc.



frosted shell is used for engineering companies, and glossy shell is used for dealers.



We use three-phase motors, which lengthen the wheelbase and make the rotation faster and more beneficial; when used together with high-quality motherboards, the fine-tuning is more accurate.



Whether it is the development of the main board or customizing the main board program according to the customer's requirements, we can meet the requirements.



All copper, using environmentally friendly primary materials, high-temperature resistance, and better resistance to low temperature than other wire materials.



All alloys are nickel-plated or electroplated.

LOGO sheet

LOGO Sheet

glass logo sheet, and glass color sheet have been coated and cut with high precision more than three times.

We believe only high-quality accessories and Grace's professional ingenuity can make a good IGRACELITE LED LIGHT MOVING HEAD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make moving head LED all white?

yes, sure. Just tell our sales colleagues when placing an order, and they will let the workshop produce according to the requirements. We can also modify the led light moving head program according to the channel you require.

How to delivery of moving head lights?

DHL, UPS, FEDEX, Usually there are DHL, UPS, FEDEX, you can get it about 7-10 days, of course, there are also various methods such as sea transportation, sea-rail transportation, or land transportation, etc. we will choose the most cost-effective transportation for you according to different regions Way. And we can do different combinations prices free shipping to you.

How many days can i get moving head lights?

Source manufacturer,Most of model In stock for fast delivery, after paid, delivery it about 3~4days.

How about the payment of my ordered moving head lights?

Payment by Paypal, Western Union, TT, Credit card, MasterCard payment.100% secure for you.

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