Wireless Control Cold Sparklers Machine Charging Base(SP-BP002)

The Igracelite cold sparkler fountain machine portable pack, also known as the battery pack for cold spark machine or cold sparkler machine battery pack, is a battery dock designed for the 650w and 750w sparkular. It allows the sparkular units to run on battery power for up to 100 minutes. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor events, weddings, mobile displays, or any location where running direct power cables may not be possible. The cold sparkler machine battery pack removes the need for mains power and achieves true wireless usage. It is suitable for both 110V and 220V voltage.


  • Best choice for outdoor events, weddings, mobile displays.
  • Service time: heating standby 2h, heating and spray about 100min. charging time: 4-5h.
  • MSDS certificate for lithium battery. we can care about the shipping.
  • Removable power supply for Igracelite sparkular(cold spark machine).
  • A cold sparkler machine battery pack is an essential component for any cold sparkler machine. It provides the power needed to create the stunning visual effects that these machines are known for. Without a reliable battery pack, the machine would not be able to function properly.
  • The battery pack is typically rechargeable and can provide hours of continuous use. It is important to choose a high-quality battery pack that is compatible with your specific cold sparkler machine model. This will ensure that the machine operates at its best and produces the desired effects.
  • In addition to providing power, the battery pack also plays a role in the safety of the cold sparkler machine. A well-designed battery pack will have built-in safety features to prevent overheating and other potential hazards. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using and charging the battery pack to ensure safe operation.
  • Overall, a cold sparkler machine battery pack is an essential component that plays a crucial role in the operation and safety of the machine. By choosing a high-quality battery pack and following proper usage guidelines, you can enjoy stunning visual effects from your cold sparkler machine for years to come.


  • Capacity:24V15AH (Li-ion)
  • Max. output:900W
  • Service time:Heating standby 2h.  heating and spray about 100minutes
  • Charging time:4-5h
  • Interface:AC power Out/In, UPS output outlet
  • Housing material:Aluminum
  • N.W:5.7kg/12.57lb
  • Dimension:270*270*136mm/0.89*0.89*0.45ft
  • Warranty(year): 1



Frequently Asked Questions

Will using this spark machine create a fire hazard or trigger smoke alarms?

Our spark machine is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage and is equipped with built-in safety features. When placed at an adequate distance from flammable materials and people, it does not pose a fire risk or activate smoke detectors. Additionally, if the machine tilts over 45 degrees, it automatically ceases operation as an extra safety precaution.

Is security clearance required to operate your spark machine or floral sprayers?

From our experience with clientele in various countries, including Europe and America, there is typically no security clearance needed to use our spark machine or floral sprayers. However, it is advisable to check your local regulations for any specific requirements.

What warranty comes with your machine?

We offer a one-year warranty on our Battery-Powered Cold Sparkler Machine, providing added assurance for your investment.