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Hello, everyone; I am Jack Zhu, the production director of Grace Stage Lighting. Since 2016, our company has embarked on developing and manufacturing the Cold spark machine. Through the years, we've collaborated with various suppliers, addressing challenges and relentlessly seeking the finest materials. Our team at Grace Stage Lighting puts in a lot of effort to produce the perfect cold spark powder.

The Heart of Cold Spark Powder: Titanium Powder

Titanium powder stands as the primary ingredient in our cold spark fireworks machine. Unlike many other providers, our powder does not contain zirconium tetrachloride (ZrCl4) or other combustion accelerants. As a result, it won’t burn your hands and avoids dropping dangerous fireballs. Our commitment to this quality ensures that the sparks are bright and white-hot, yet harmless upon contact - it won’t even ignite paper!

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Initially, we weren't aware of the challenges. When we purchased titanium powder, some batches contained varying amounts of the combustion accelerant, ZrCl4. While this made the flames seem fuller and brighter, it also resulted in a stinging sensation when touched due to the ZrCl4. Larger granules could even scorch carpets, causing unwanted damages.

Often, to solve a small problem, we work and study until 1 AM to get better cold spark powder.

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Packaging & Quality Assurance

Our current packaging solution involves vacuum-sealed aluminum foil bags, ensuring a longer shelf life. These bags can be customized with your logo upon request. The Igracelite cold spark machine premium metal granules are tailor-made for sparkular series machines, generating the iconic spark effect. Our meticulous quality control process evaluates each batch for moisture, spark density, shaft wear rate, burn rate, and other critical parameters to guarantee a superior product.

The Igracelite 200g Cold Spark Powder (G-Titanium Power) pack is slightly over 200g, providing 12 to 15 minutes of stunning spark effects. We currently produce over 20,000 packs monthly, and each batch comes with various certifications, including MSDS.

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The Growing Popularity of Igracelite Cold Spark Powder

For more information on our Cold Spark Powder, please visit the Grace Stage Lighting website: Grace Stage Lighting's Cold Spark Powder 200g.

Why choose Igracelite Cold Spark Powder?
1: We must purchase pickaxe ingots at least 3 tons per time, which is also a threshold for ordinary small businesses.
2: What are the advantages of using consumables produced by Titanium Powder+Pickaxe Ingot?
2.1: The sparks are sprayed out evenly
2.2: No need to add combustion accelerant (pickaxe tetrachloride).
2.3: Each batch of goods can be guaranteed to be the same; it is highly stable and does not contain unnecessary impurities.
2.4: It won’t be hot to the touch and won’t drop fireballs.
2.5: For export customers, our company has a dedicated freight forwarding company to cooperate to ensure average exports.

If customers purchase some substandard consumables, the general equipment will experience jams, crashes, sometimes inability to spray, short equipment life, falling fireballs, burning carpets, streaming flowers, hands can not touch, hot hands, etc. Hidden danger.


Grace Stage Lighting's journey with Cold Spark Powder has been a testament to commitment and innovation. We delved deep, ensuring our titanium-based powder delivers bright sparks safely. Through trials and feedback, we've refined our product and packaging, meeting the needs of event planners and performers. As we move forward, our goal remains clear: to redefine stage pyrotechnics, prioritizing both dazzle and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does one pack of Igracelite 200g Cold Spark Powder last?

Approximately 12 to 15 minutes.

Is it safe to touch the sparks?

Yes, our unique formulation ensures the sparks are safe to touch and won't even ignite paper.

Can the packaging be customized?

Yes, we offer customizable packaging with your logo upon request.


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