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Grace Stage Lighting is a manufacturer of stage lighting equipment since 2009;
Including moving head lights, LED dance floors, LED par lights, cold spark machines, DMX controllers etc.

Professional Reviews from Our Clients

Good build quality, professional, and well-packaged for Express shipping. Excellent products, my merchandise arrived in the estimated time and in excellent condition, without a doubt I will come back to buy more.

John Leslie

DJ/United States

Purchased the cold spark machines from Jessica in Grace. she is a very nice & friendly person. l will always recommend to purchase from Foshan Grace lighting and please speak to Jessica she will readily assist you.

Ashley Somiah


The product arrive in time , working very good now ... hope there is no problem in the future with crash program or Something else...VERY GOOD PRODUCT FOR NOW,LIKE THE ORIGINAL

Radu Maxim Bobanga

project manager/Romania

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Why Is Grace Stage Lighting a Suitable Supplier For You?

Factory Strength

Grace Stage Lighting adopts the F2C business model, which can guarantee delivery to customers at the lowest cost and the best quality. We provide phone calls, emails, and videos to help customers install.

Quality Assurance

With 10+ years of raw material purchasing and quality inspection, products have a complete SOP from the procurement of accessories to testing and packaging.

Global Cooperation

We have 15 years of stage lighting export experience, have exported to 90+ countries, and cooperated with 20000+ projects.

Excellent Teamwork

We have an excellent sales team, 24 hours on call to provide customers with a full range of one-stop services. We also have a team of experienced engineers with more than ten years of experience in international guidance and installation.


Since its establishment in 2009, Grace Stage Lighting has been mainly engaged in international trade. It can complete 50+ church projects, 100+ outdoor lighting projects, 300+ wedding projects, and 5000+ events every year and chat with more than 50+ DJs or event planners daily.

OEM/ODM/OBM orders

We have 3+ professional stage lighting full-time product designers and more than 10+ product development cooperative companies. Since 2014, we have had OEM/ODM/OBM experience; more than 80% of the cooperation orders are mainly from North America.


The most important one in Grace Stage Lighting company's corporate culture is the customer first, to provide customers with quality service and shopping experience. Customers in different industries can make money every year.

One Stop Solution

Grace Stage Lighting treats each customer in a professional and efficient manner, with professional design, strict production, and excellent after-sales service.

What can we do for you?


Your wedding is up to you.

Make your wedding day exactly as you've always imagined it with Grace Stage Lighting. Since 2020, Igracelite Stage Lights has been a part of over 300 wedding projects annually, brightening ceremonies across various countries with our wedding stage lights. Whether it's a lavish celebration or a DIY wedding, Igracelite's professional stage lights can transform any venue into a magical setting.


It's your night, your site.

Unleash your happiest self under the mesmerizing glow of nightclub stage lights. Grace's expert stage lighting team is ready to collaborate with you to craft an unforgettable night scene that dazzles all who attend. Specifically, our Igracelite LED dance floors are gaining significant popularity among nightclub lighting and event planners, guaranteeing that every evening is an exceptional one.


This is a solemn place.

Since 2017, Igracelite has been a top choice among engineering companies for church stage lights. Churches and their congregations are embracing advanced lighting technologies to elevate their stage performances and atmosphere. This state-of-the-art lighting not only enhances the visual appeal of church activities but also helps in attracting more attendees, boosting engagement in church events.

Stage theater

The earliest stage lighting appeared in the theater.

Stage theater has been a cornerstone of human culture for more than 2,500 years, supported by a dedicated team of professionals including set designers, lighting designers, costume designers, sound designers, stage managers, production managers, and technical directors. LED moving head lights and LED ellipsoidals are favored choices for enhancing performances. For 15 years, Grace Stage Lighting has been a trusted partner for theater stage lights, serving the needs of stage light designers worldwide.


A concert is a live music performance in front of  audience.

Concerts are a powerful expression of youthful energy, where every song tells a story and each note captures an emotion, creating lasting memories for the audience. Grace Stage Lighting has long prioritized concert projects, where our laser lights dance across faces, sparking fleeting smiles, and spotlights envelop performers in an ethereal glow. We pride ourselves on producing professional stage lights that meet the diverse needs of concert stage lighting design.

Event Party

Party is an essential part of entertainment in our daily life.

Since 2009, Grace Stage Lighting has been illuminating party events around the globe, ensuring every show sparkles with the glamour it deserves. We specialize in professional event stage lights, catering to a wide range of gatherings including birthday parties, night parties, and family celebrations. Every day, we communicate with over 50 DJs and party planners to deliver top-notch lighting experiences that elevate any event.

Do you have some questions about Grace Stage Lighting?

How do I pay for purchased stage lights?

Payment by Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, TT, Credit card, or MasterCard payment. 100% secure for you.

Where can I place an order for stage lights?

Please send an Email to me: at [email protected] or place an order on our website:

Where’s Grace Stage Lighting location?

We are in Foshan,  Guangdong, China

Can you design our logo on Igracelite stage lights?

Yes, we can free design your logo on all equipment.

How long will receive my purchased Stage lights?

Source manufacturer, Most of the models are In stock for fast delivery; after paid, delivery is about 3~7 days.

How long is the warranty for Igracelite stage lights?

All Igracelite Stage Lighting has a one-year free warranty for free.

How can I buy a bulk stage lights?

After receive your 30% deposit, we will take 3-8 days to handle it. Then, after completing and sending you the video and pictures, pay the balance and ship you. receiving

How can be Grace Stage Lighting's Distributor?

No hesitate to contact us:
Whatsapp/wechat: 0086-13710086169
Email: [email protected]

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