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Exploring the Benefits of Ellipsoidal LED Lighting
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What Is an Ellipsoidal LED Light and How to Use It?
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Igracelite led ellipsoidal–Illuminate Your Next Event

Led ellipsoidal is the latest in lighting technology. They use specialized optics to project images onto a surface, creating a stunning display that can be used to enhance any event. With their bright, vibrant colors, Led ellipsoidals can be used to create a wide range of pattern effects.

Igracelite led ellipsoidal is designed to offer a wide range of possibilities for lighting design. It is made from a high quality aluminium body, which is designed to provide an incredibly bright effect. The light is designed with a beam angle of 10 degrees to 65degrees, which makes it ideal for creating a wide variety of lighting effects. the light has a built-in RGB color changing feature, which makes it easy to customize the lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. and also has a built-in cool white and warm white, CRI≥95, Perfectly present the original color of the object. Igracelite led ellipsoidal is also designed with a long lifespan, meaning it will provide years of reliable lighting; is an ideal choice for lighting design projects, making it a great choice for any space.

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What Are The Features to Look For in Igracelite Led Ellipsoidal?

Each model of Igracelite led ellipsoidal has unique features that suit different events. When selecting your Igracelite led ellipsoidal, look for these features and create a magical experience.

Light output

Igracelite led ellipsoidal has high brightness and color rendering index characteristics. Up to 95,000 lumens of brightness,At the same distance, the brightness is generally 10% to 20% higher than that of lights with the same power. Igracelite led ellipsoidal CRI≥95. It suits various theaters, conference halls, churches, wedding activities, and other places.

Of course, Grace Stage Lighting also has lower power led ellipsoidal, so they are very suitable for some small conference halls, TV studios, small theaters, and other performances.


Igracelite led ellipsoidal has a strong light output and has a good set of heat dissipation systems: silent fan, copper tube heat sink, and heat sink. But Igracelite led ellipsoidal is a very soft light.

Igracelite led ellipsoidal also has a waterproof version. The led ellipsoidal shell is made of one-piece cast aluminum, and the LCD panel has no NOISE.


The power of Igracelite led ellipsoidal ranges from 100w to 600w. Various power and appearance, Igracelite led ellipsoidal must be very suitable for you.


Igracelite led ellipsoidal is controlled by DMX. Of course, you can also choose to add wireless control and RDM functions. The most important thing is that Igracelite led ellipsoidal can change the motherboard program and other accessories according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What kind of lamp beads does Igraceliteled ellipsoidal use?

Our led ellipsoidal uses imported Citizen COB lamp beads, big brands, long life, and high brightness.

2.What fan does Igraceliteled ellipsoidal use?

I use a nine-page double-ball silent fan with low noise, prevents noise when starting in cold weather, is quiet, and also longer lifetime for the fan and light.

3.Why should i buy Igracelite led ellipsoidal?

CRI is higher, the heat pipe cooling system is used, mute fan, good price and service.

4.What material is used for the Igracelite led ellipsoidal casing?

Our shell is made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight, easy to carry, and fast in heat dissipation.

5.How about cutting light function and wash effect of Igracelite led ellipsoidals ?

Cutting light and color mixing evenly.

6.How about the Igracelite beam angle of the led ellipsoidal?

Igracelite led ellipsoidal has fixed focus, manual focus, and electronic focus.

7.What is the brightest led ellipsoidal?

The brightest LED ellipsoidal currently on the market is the Robe Robin Pointe, which offers up to 95,000 lumens of brightness.