The Five Best Grandma2 Command Wing Manufacturers in the US

The Grandma2 Command Wing is an indispensable tool for anyone in the entertainment industry who needs lighting or stage control. Lighting engineers and designers worldwide have enjoyed its small size and sophisticated features. If you're shopping for a Grandma2 Command Wing, You'll need to purchase an item from a reliable manufacturer. In this guide, we'll look at 5 of the most popular Grandma2 Command Wing manufacturers in the US and highlight their essential characteristics, products, and why they differ from other manufacturers.

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The top five Grandma2 Command Wing manufacturers in the US The top 5 manufacturers in the US - are ACT Lighting, Elation Professional, High-End Systems, MA Lighting, and Obsidian Control Systems. They offer customized solutions for lighting professionals. Elation is a leader in innovation, MA Lighting in advanced control and Obsidian in terms of affordability, driving lighting technology to the next level.

What is Grandma2 Command Wing?

The Grandma2 Command Wing is a robust light control surface for competent entertainment applications. It was developed through MA Lighting and is a small and lightweight expansion to the GrandMA2 lighting console. Its Command Wing Command Wing provides users with an intuitive interface for manipulating the lighting fixture, media servers, LEDs, and other stage or lighting setup components. It has a variety of buttons that can be programmed, faders, and encoders that allow lighting operators and designers to create complex scene lighting, cues, and effects with ease and precision. Grandma2 Command Wing Grandma2 Command Wing is known for its user-friendly workflow, versatile capabilities, and seamless integration with industry-standard lighting protocols. It is ideal for live events, theatrical shows, corporate functions, and more.

How to use

Using the Grandma2 Command Wing is a simple procedure created to provide lighting professionals with simple lighting control for events and stage settings. This is a short instruction on how to utilize it energetically:

  • Setup: Connect the Grandma2 Command Wing with your LEDs, lighting fixtures, and media servers with traditional DMX and network connectivity. Make sure that all devices are turned on and correctly set up.

  • Navigation: Get familiar with the arrangement of the Command Wing, which typically comprises buttons, faders, encoders, and touchscreens. Utilize this touchscreen interface to browse menus, open functions, and change the settings.

  • Programming: Make lighting scenes, cues, and effects by programming them in the memory of the Command Wing. Use the faders for adjusting intensity levels, the buttons to trigger specific actions, and the encoders to change parameters like colour, location, and timing.

  • Playback: When your lighting cues have been programmed, you can activate Control Wing's playback control during live events or performances. Set up buttons or faders for playback for ease of access. Additionally, use the touchscreen to check the playback and cue lists.

  • Customization: You can customize the Command Wing to suit your preference and workflow. You can assign shortcuts, macros, and user profiles to automate repetitive tasks and raise efficiency.

  • Integration: Benefit from its seamless integration to lighting protocols and software. Make it a stand-alone control or link it to an additional GrandMA2 console to increase functionality and greater scalability.

Suppose you follow these steps and play around using the Command Wing's features. In that case, it is possible to harness the full power of the Command Wing to create breathtaking lighting designs that will enhance the ambience of any live event or performance.

Top 5 grandma2 command wing manufacturers in the US

Below are the best five Grandma2 command wing manufacturers from the US:

1.ACT Lighting

ACT Lighting:

ACT Lighting produces and sells top-quality lighting equipment across the US. Innovation and quality are hallmarks of its business. Their selection of superior products caters to experienced lighting specialists' needs. The Grandma2 Command Wing exemplifies their commitment to quality, with solid construction and effortless integration to lighting programs and various customizable features. The Grandma2 Command Wing from ACT Lighting gives you the versatility and features to bring your visions to reality for concert tours and theatre or corporate events productions.

Lightning features

  • Dynamic Movement: ACT Lighting offers automated moving lights that bring a dynamic element to any production. These fixtures can pan, tilt, and zoom, allowing designers to choreograph intricate lighting sequences precisely.

  • Vibrant Colors: Designers can bathe the stage in vibrant hues with LED wash lights. These fixtures offer a wide range of colour options and mesmerizing colour effects.

  • Focused Illumination: Lighting fixtures and spotlights highlight performers and set pieces clearly and intensely. Adjustable beam angles and customizable features give designers precise control over their lighting design.

  • Special Effects: Blinders and strobe lights add excitement and energy to live performances. These fixtures create intense bursts of light and pulsating effects, enhancing the atmosphere and captivating audiences.

  • Event Coverage: Floodlights and cyc lights ensure even coverage across the stage or backdrop. These fixtures deliver consistent and reliable lighting, illuminating a large performance area or creating a seamless background.

2.Elation Professional

Elation Professional:

Elation Professional is a leading manufacturer of lighting products with an emphasis specifically on high-performance and control systems lighting. The company's Grandma2 Command Wing combines reliability with flexibility, adaptability, and a simple-to-use style, making it an ideal option for lighting engineers and designers. Elation Professional's commitment to innovation and technology ensures that its products stay at the forefront of technology with incredible performance and flexibility. Suppose you're planning a party for a performance. In that case, for a concert tour production or corporate event, The Grandma2 Command Wing from Elation Professional lets you design stunning lighting effects effortlessly.

  • LED Lighting Fixtures: Wide range of energy-efficient fixtures for vibrant colours.

  • Moving Head Fixtures: Precise movement and advanced optics for dynamic effects.

  • Video Panels and Screens: High-quality LED panels for stunning visual displays.

  • Control Systems: Sophisticated solutions for programming complex lighting cues.

  • Architectural Lighting: Exterior and interior fixtures for enhancing buildings and landscapes.

  • Creative Lighting Solutions: Innovative products pushing the boundaries of design.

  • Technical Support and Training: Comprehensive assistance to maximize system performance.

3.High-End Systems

High-End Systems:

High-End Systems, a part of ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls), is renowned for its unique lighting systems. Its Grandma2 Command Wing, produced by High-End Systems, reflects the firm's dedication to quality with high-end control capabilities, a sleek design, and effortless integration into lighting platforms. Suppose you're managing conventional lighting fixtures, LEDs, or media servers. In that case, The Grandma2 Command Wing from High-End Systems provides the accuracy and dependability required to run your business.

Important tasks

  • Innovative Lighting Solutions: High-End Systems offers cutting-edge lighting solutions that redefine creativity and versatility.

  • Customizable Features: The fixtures with advanced features like pixel mapping, dynamic effects, and precise control can be tailored to meet specific lighting requirements.

  • Exceptional Performance: Our systems fixtures ensure breathtaking visual experiences, providing unparalleled brightness, colour accuracy, and reliability.

  • Intuitive Control Interfaces: High-End Systems offers intuitive control interfaces and powerful software to simplify complex lighting programming.

  • Industry-Leading Support: Our priority is to support our customers before and after purchase.

4.MA Lighting

MA Lighting:

With a focus on performance, innovation, and dependability, MA Lighting is a global lighting control pioneer. These principles are embodied in the Grandma2 Command Wing, manufactured by MA Lighting, with cutting-edge control capabilities, easy operation, and seamless compatibility. When programming complicated lighting cues or performing live shows with high precision and precision, the Grandma2 Command Wing from MA Lighting allows you to accomplish your visions confidently.


  • Industry Leader: MA Lighting offers innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology in the professional lighting control industry.

  • GrandMA Series: GrandMA lighting consoles are widely used in theatres, concerts, and TV shows. Consoles with this range of features are reliable, flexible, and efficient.

  • Global Reach: MA Lighting serves clients across continents and uses its products in major venues. Among lighting professionals worldwide, they have earned a reputation for quality and support.

  • Continuous Innovation: Lighting control technology is a constant focus for MA Lighting. Our products and features are constantly evolving to meet industry needs.

5.Obsidian Control Systems

Obsidian Control Systems:

Lighting controls are a relatively new market for Obsidian Control Systems. The company has established itself by offering innovative products. Its Grandma2 Command Wing, developed by Obsidian Control Systems, delivers the best combination of affordability, performance, and user-friendliness, which makes it a desirable opportunity for lighting experts at all levels. With its easy-to-use interface, robust features, and durable design, The Grandma2 Command Wing by Obsidian Control Systems is a valuable tool to bring your lighting concepts to life.

Onyx Platform

  • Core Software: Onyx Platform is the foundational software powering Obsidian Control Systems' lighting consoles.

  • User-Friendly Interface: It boasts an intuitive interface, making it easy for operators to program and control lighting cues efficiently.

  • Extensive Programming Capabilities: The Onyx Platform offers advanced features for creating complex lighting designs and effects.

  • Fixture Integration: The advanced platform seamlessly integrates with various fixtures and protocols.

  • Reliable Performance: The Onyx Platform delivers dependable performance, giving users confidence in their lighting effects.

Scalability and Compatibility

  • Scalability: You can expand your lighting system, scaling with your needs.

  • Compatibility: With seamless integration between DMX, Art-Net, and sACN, compatibility is guaranteed.

What are the differences between Grandma Ma2 and Grandma MA3

What are the differences between Grandma Ma2 and Grandma MA3?

There are two models, the GrandMA2 and the GrandMA3, which are both highly regarded lighting control consoles, but they have distinct distinctions:

  • Hardware: GrandMA3 has upgraded hardware with more powerful processors, memory, and improved connectivity options. This makes for a more efficient operation and managing complex, large lighting systems.

  • The User Interface: GrandMA3 unveils an updated interface with the largest touchscreen display and enhanced software to facilitate user-friendly navigation and programming. It also offers a more straightforward workflow than GrandMA2.

  • Software-related: GrandMA3 features new software enhancements and features, including improved visualization, advanced effects generators, and enhanced programming capabilities, enhancing its capabilities and efficiency.

  • Compatibility: Both consoles manage various lighting devices and fixtures. However, compatibility with specific fixtures or protocols may differ in GrandMA2 and GrandMA3, which requires confirmation of the user's setup before attempting to upgrade.

  • The Legacy Support feature: GrandMA2 has a large user base with many tutorials, tools, and support. However, GrandMA3, since it is newer, is yet to establish itself in the market, which could impact access to community resources and information.

In sum, although GrandMA2 is still a reliable option that is widely used, GrandMA3 represents a significant improvement with improved hardware software, software, and improvements to the user interface, which appeals to professionals in lighting who want the latest technological advancements and advanced features.


In conclusion, being a GrandMA2 reseller means contacting manufacturers or distributors authorized by them, fulfilling their requirements, and taking part in the required training. Establishing a good relationship with the manufacturer and distributor is essential to acquire the access they need to offer their product and assistance. Following the proper actions and investing in the required tools, interested resellers can provide GrandMA2 items to customers and aid in developing the lighting industry. Furthermore, linking GrandMA2 and MA3D is a straightforward procedure requiring both devices to be connected to the same network and setting settings accordingly. Following the steps above, you can easily connect GrandMA2 and MA3D to improve their lighting design and programming capabilities.


What is a Grandma2 Command Wing?

A Grandma2 Command Wing is a small, lightweight mobile lighting console for live performances and events. It comes with advanced functions to control lighting fixtures, including adjustable interfaces, numerous libraries of fixtures, and powerful effects engines, which makes it a preferred choice for lighting professionals.

What are the main aspects and features of the Grandma2 command Wing?

The key features of a Grandma2 Command Wing are its small size, the ability to customize the user interface, a vast fixture library, an advanced effects engine, and compatibility with a large selection of lights. It also comes with simple controls, flexible programming options, and dependable performance, making it an ideal tool for lighting professionals.

Why should you choose Elation Professional for Grandma2 Command Wings?

Elation Professional is a leading lighting solutions manufacturer known for its creative designs, dependable performance, and outstanding customer service. The choice of Elation to supply Grandma2 Command Wings ensures access to quality products backed by a reputable brand, making Elation a solid option for competent lighting requirements.

Grand ma2 is superior over Grand ma3?

The MA Lighting GrandMA2 and GrandMA3 contrast are based on specific requirements and preferences. The GrandMA3 has more excellent performance, processing capabilities, a new interface, and an improved workflow compared to the GrandMA2. However, some people may prefer the stability and familiarity of the GrandMA2. The final decision on which of the two depends on the user's requirements and budget.

What can I do to make use of Grandma2 Command Wing to meet my requirements?

If you want to use a Grandma2 Command Wing to meet your requirements, Please familiarize yourself with its capabilities and interface. Create your lighting cues and effects, as well as other options, with the control panel. Make the layout customizable to meet your preferences, and practice operating it to warrant seamless control throughout your production or event.

Can I upgrade my Grandma2 Command Wing to Grandma3? Grandma3?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade from Grandma2 Command Wing to Grandma3. Grandma3. However, upgrading could require purchasing new software and hardware licenses. Speaking with MA Lighting or an authorized dealer is recommended to discuss upgrades and specifications.

How can I get started as a grand ma2 wholesaler?

Becoming a GrandMA2 reseller usually requires contacting the manufacturer or authorized distributors, completing their requirements, and participating in the necessary training. Contact authorized manufacturers or distributors to ask about the reseller programs and the steps needed to be a part of them. Tag Grace Stage Lighting also.

How can I connect grand ma2 and ma 3d?

To connect GrandMA2 with MA3D, ensure both devices are connected to the same network. In GrandMA2, you can enable remote access through network configuration. After that, in MA3D, navigate to Settings > Network, then choose GrandMA2 from the list of devices.


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