led dance floor

Let Igracelite LED Dance Floor decorate your event and party

Grace Stage Lighting manufactures LED dance floors in China. Our innovative technology lets you transform any venue with brilliant LED visuals. The colorful color transformation surprised the audience, and performers, installers, and rental companies were surprised by the simple mechanics of its design: Igracelite LED dance floors are quick and easy to install, disassemble, and transport. Connect power, signal, and floor tiles through a robust magnetic interlocking sequence. No cables! Igracelite LED dance floors can save a lot of labor and money for everyone. Event planners love them!

LED Dance Floor programming

We will help you calculate the number of LED dance floors required for the venue and give you design drawings.

Choosing Igracelite LED dance floor can make all your activities wonderful

Each Igracelite LED dance floor has its characteristics: magnetic wireless, remote control, induction, frosted, glossy, waterproof, etc. For Size: 50*50cm(19.69*19.69 in),60*60cm(23.62*23.62 in),60*120cm(23.62*47.24 in), and 100*100cm(39.37*39.37 in). For Effect: we have a mirror dance floor, rainbow dance floor, starlit dance floor, Digital dance floor, video dance floor, and Liquid dance floor. For Exterior: We have a wireless LED dance floor, cable LED dance floor, and magnet LED dance floor from the connection. 

Colorful rainbow LED dance floor
3D magnet infinity LED dancing floor
3D Led dancing floor(GL-3D-F01B)
3D Led dancing floor
Magnetic frost LED dance floor
Star dance floor
360 PhotoBooth
Frosted and infinity dance floor(GL-MD01) (4)
Frosted rainbow led dance floor
Game led dance floor(GL-FG03) (2)
Game led dance floor
LED Backdrop Lights
LED Backdrop Lights
Pixel LED Dance Floor_ (2)
Pixel LED Dance Floor

Please provide the following information so that I can begin to quote you:

1. What is the area that needs to be covered?

2. Which port do you ship to?
3. Indoor use or outdoor use?
4. When will it be used? Should it be packed in a carton or flight case?
5. The size of our hot sale is 1.97x1.97ft(60x60cm) and 1.64x1.64ft(50x50cm). Please provide the length and width of the place where you put the products.

What do Grace Stage Lighting’s customers say?

Allison James

Denver, Colorado/Event Organizer

"The quality of the products is outstanding, and the staff is both professional and approachable. They always prioritize customer needs, making them the go-to company in this industry. If you're looking for a recommendation, this company is top-notch."

Carlos Martinez

Phoenix, Arizona/Stage Manager

"Recently, we ordered 100 units to set up a 5x5m section, and the installation process was seamless. With just three people, we completed the setup in about an hour. The overall effect is mesmerizing. A standout feature is the flightcase; its quality is impeccable. It's already catching the eyes of our clients, and I'm genuinely impressed."

Rebecca Wilson

Brooklyn, New York/Dance Studio Owner

"I opted for the stage floor tile lights for my dance studio, and the feedback has been overwhelming. My students are ecstatic about the added flair these lights bring to their performances, accentuating their moves. Moreover, their durability stands out, especially in a space like ours where they undergo frequent use."

customer reviews and feedback about Igracelite LED dance floor

How to control Igracelite led dance floor

DMX Signal: use dmx512 controller

Sound+408controller: Igracelite LED dance floor can control by sound and 408controller

PAD: use the PAD to control the led dance floor intuitively

Remote control: simple and convenient

Customized: customized your needs

How do you install, splice and use Igracelite led dance floor?

Watch the video to more about Igracelite led dance floor

Cases of Igracelite led dance floor

Luxury Auto Lounge, Toronto

Step into an exclusive world of opulence at our Toronto car club. Witness the enchantment of dance floor lights, blending automotive elegance with captivating ambiance.

Elegant Wedding Event, LA

Elevate your wedding to new heights with elegant dance floor lights in Los Angeles. Immerse in a captivating lighting experience that adds glamour to your celebration.

Dazzling Party Venue, Miami

Ignite the night with dance floor lights at our dazzling Miami venue. Experience a pulsating atmosphere and vibrant lights that will elevate your party to new heights.

Dynamic Game Zone, LA.

Step into a dynamic game arena with mesmerizing dance floor lights in Los Angeles. Let the lights enhance your gaming prowess and create an electrifying atmosphere.

If you're planning a special event or party, Igracelite LED dance floor can add a unique and exciting touch to your decor. With so many different designs and styles, you're sure to find the perfect LED dance floor to match your theme and create a memorable experience for your guests.

We are sure our Igracelite LED Dance Floor will make your wedding, birthday, or celebration unique and unforgettable! Your venue, the hall, and all your arrangements will complement all arrangements' beauty. It will look glamorous.

Of course, we most often met customers asking questions:

1. If guests wear skirts on the floor tiles, will they reflect light when standing on them?
Won't. Because there are some light string embellishments in the middle of this one, it won't be like
It shines through like a mirror. It won't be noticeable standing on top of floor tiles.

2. What is the load-bearing capacity of the floor tiles?
One piece can bear 500 kg.

Are you looking for the ultimate dance party experience?

Look no further than the Igracelite LED dance floor! This cutting-edge technology provides the thinnest and most advanced lighted floor, perfect for creating an unforgettable atmosphere for your next event. Get ready to dance the night away on this state-of-the-art dance floor!

The versatility of Igracelite LED Dance Floor technology allows it to be used as an exciting backdrop or added element to any event. Whether it’s a private party, corporate event, or full production, the LED Dance Floor can provide the perfect finishing touch!

Or maybe you are also looking to add some extra pizzazz to your next event? Consider renting an LED dance floor?! With over 16 million colors to choose from, this cutting-edge technology is perfect for high-end corporate events and weddings. The stunning visual display will blow your guests away, and the memories will last a lifetime.

How many LED dance floors are suitable for a party of many guests? The following table details the number of LED dance floors required for dance floor size for 100 guests and dance floor size for 150 guests, and so on.

1.1,  For 50cm*50cm led dance floor:

Foot size

Metric Size

Quantity needed

Guests quantity




35-42 guests




60-70 guests




95-110 guests




130-160 guests




165-190 guests




220-250 guests




260-300 guests

1.2,  For 60CM*60CM led dance floor:

Foot size

Metric Size

Quantity needed

Guests quantity




35-45 guests




42-55 guests




95-110 guests




130-160 guests




170-180 guests




220-250 guests




260-280 guests

2. How many dance floors do I need if I choose an LED dance floor for ten guests for a 50*50Cm or 60*60cm dance floor?
We suggest that you choose 36 pcs led dance floors.

3. For the LED dance floor, we have a magnet whose size is 60*60cm; why choose a magnet dance floor?
Of course, save 70% of working time; see how much time the wired connection dance floor and magnet connection dance floor take as Follows:


Magnet connection

Wired connection

Save Time

16ftX16ft(2 workers)


1 houres


20ftX20ft(2 workers)


2 houres


24ftX24ft(2 workers)




30ftx30ft(2 workers)




How much do you want to know about the international logistics of LED dance floor? let us tell you:

 How many Igracelite LED dance floor 1 container can hold? (for 50cm*50cm as an example)

How many dance floor 1 container can hold

20GP if hold 8in1 flightcase dance floor about 528pcs

Carton packing
If you pack in a carton, you need to add a pallet, and the pallet cannot be stacked. If you pack a pallet, it is about 8USD, and a 20GP should be around 85-95USD.

50cm*50cm*7cm led dance floor package is 56cm*56cm*22cm/1.84ft*1.84ft*0.73.

23kgs/50.7lb each package, 2 in 1 package.

60cm*60cm*7cm led dance floor package is 65cm*65cm*25cm/2.13ft*2.13ft*0.82ft   26kgs/57.4lb each package ,2 in1 1 package.

How many dance floor 1 container can hold_1


What sets a starlit dance floor apart from a traditional dance floor?

A starlit dance floor stands out with its twinkling LED lights, resembling a starry night sky. It creates a magical and romantic ambiance, transforming any venue into a captivating space that adds a touch of elegance to any event.

How do colorful dance floors enhance the energy and vibrancy of a party?

Colorful dance floors, adorned with vibrant LED lights, infuse a party with energy and excitement. The dynamic lights sync with the music, pulsating and changing colors, creating a visually stunning spectacle that encourages guests to hit the dance floor and have a blast.

What role do LED lights play in creating an unforgettable dance floor experience?

LED lights are the lifeblood of a captivating dance floor. They offer a wide range of colors, effects, and patterns that can be synchronized to the beat of the music, elevating the atmosphere and immersing dancers in a visually mesmerizing journey.

What makes an infinity dance floor unique and visually striking?

An infinity dance floor is a cutting-edge creation that uses reflective surfaces and clever lighting to give the illusion of an infinite expanse. The LED lights at the edges produce a stunning visual effect, making the dance floor appear as if it extends endlessly, leaving guests in awe.

How do Gobo lights enhance the ambiance of a wedding dance floor?

Gobo lights add a personal touch to a wedding dance floor. By projecting customized patterns, monograms, or the couple's names onto the floor, gobo lights create a romantic and intimate atmosphere, turning the dance floor into a canvas of love and celebration.