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Grand MA2 (G-MA) 

Grand MA2 is a lighting control system produced by GrandMA lighting company in the United States. It is a multi-functional lighting control system that can control different types of lights, such as LED par lights, moving head lights, etc. It can also handle all stage lights with the DMX512 protocol.

The Igracelite Grand MA2 is the perfect tool to control all stage lights. It supplies an intuitive and fast control of all connected fixtures and channels. The grandMA2 on pc lighting controller dmx can handle infinite presets, cues, pages, sequences, and effects. It is ideally suited as a standalone console or as a backup device for the Grand ma2 full-size. The Grand ma2 is one of the best dmx controllers. No hesitation in contacting us or clicking the pink button grandma2 for sale best price.


  • 1. Igracelite grand MA2 has a good price and great quality.              
  • 2. Taiwan Meanwell power supply, AC90-250V,50-60Hz, built-in UPS uninterruptible power supply, power 450W.    
  • 3. Intel Core I7 CPU, grand MA2 8GB RAM, 128G solid state drive.  
  • 4. Can run MA3D software and Wysiwyg3D software advanced rendering smoothly.     
  • 5.  6 DMX-512 output interfaces, 1 DMX-512 input interface (composite type).  
  • 6. 1 LTC time code input interface, 1 MIDI time code input interface. 
  • 7. 1 main control dimming wheel, 4 attribute table wheels, 1 main control putter,  2 AB putters.       
  • 8. 21 program playback faders, 42 program storage function keys. 
  • 9. 4 USB ports, 1 audio port, 1 network port, 2 work light ports.       
  • 10.can install the latest software 3.9 version, most time we install 3.6 version software.        
  • 11. can install win 7/10 system, please tell us what system you love to use, we will install them for you.                                    
  • 12. please don’t install the software by yourself or update the software by yourself, we worry about some missing operations that make the controller not work smoothly for you.     


  • UPS: Built In UPS Uninterruptible
  • Output Socket: 6 DMX-512 Output Interfaces
  • Touch Screen: Two 19-Inch Widescreen Touch Screens
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 CPU.8GBRAM.128G Solid State Drive
  • Support Software: Can Run MA3D Software And Wysiwyg 3D Software
  • ScreenAdjustable: Electric Lifting Screen,Press M+And M-Adjust Position


Igracelite DMX grand ma2 controller reference guide downloads


Grand MA2 (G-MA) internal diagram

brand introduction

MA Lighting Technology

MA Lighting Technology

MA Lighting International

MA Lighting International

Founded in 1983, MA Lighting has become an excellent brand in the industry for lighting consoles, network components, and digital dimming systems. Such success is based on solid reasons: the strength of commitment and innovation, MA provides new requirements for the ever-changing lighting control field and always develops products with an eye to the future. After continuously integrating the grandMA1 and grandMA2 series products, its international standard status has grown set up. Those award-winning products meet the high level of demands set by customers all over the world with their superior quality.

After MA combines video, LED, digital lighting and related media display with stage art design, the development of entertainment technology has entered a new field. The core of this system is the grandMA2 system, which has a large degree of scalability and extensibility, giving MA The VPU video server bridges lighting design, video design, and programmers between lighting and video. MA onPC Command Wing and MA onPC fader wing are the hardware extension interfaces of grandMA onPC software. They integrate MA onPC software to a large extent. Go to the direction of the light console to restore. And dot2 provides advanced functions and outstanding ease-of-use features for small and medium-sized performances. Intuitive operation constitutes the core concept of the dot2 series.

MA Lighting, which is an international leader, consists of two departments:
One is MA Lighting Technology located in Waldbuettelbrunn, which is the production and research institute. The other is MA Lighting International in Paderborn, a hub for marketing, distribution and technical support. MA firmly believes that "the strength of integration is far greater than the integration of divisions". Each of MA's products has powerful functions and competitiveness, and when they form a system, their capabilities are unparalleled!

Frequently Asked Questions

What differences between the grand ma2 and the grand ma3?

The Grand MA2 is a professional lighting console designed for control of large-scale lighting rigs and effects, while the GrandMA3 is a larger and more powerful console with a greater level of control and customization. The GrandMA3 has an improved graphical user interface and a more powerful processor, allowing for faster programming and a greater number of simultaneous lighting effects. It also has several additional features, including four DMX universes, improved multi-touch functionality, and a USB connection for remote programming and control. The GrandMA3 also has a web-based remote control platform, allowing users to control and program their lighting systems from any web-enabled device.

Can i get the grand ma2 software on a mac?

No, grand ma 2 software is only available for windows and linux operating systems.

Can you do pixel mapping with grand ma2?

Yes, it is possible to do pixel mapping with grand ma2. Grand ma2 offers a powerful pixel mapping feature that allows you to map an image onto any number of fixtures. You can use the pixel mapping feature to create stunning visuals and effects. Some pixel lights have not dmx512, you need just connect/welding with dmx512. 

How are shows written on a grand ma2?

Grand ma2 does not have any built-in tools for writing or editing shows. However, it does have a powerful set of tools for controlling lighting, video, and other elements of a show. The best way to write a show on grand ma 2 is to use a third-party software such as grand ma2 onpc or grandma3d. These software packages are designed to allow users to create and edit shows from a computer, and then send the show to the grand ma2 console for playback.

How much does a grand ma2 rent for?

The cost of renting a grand ma2 lighting console will vary depending on the company you rent from and the exact model, but typically you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $500 per day.

How to become a grand ma2 reseller?

In order to become a grand ma2 reseller, you will need to contact the manufacturer of your chosen grand ma2 product and inquire about their reseller program. Depending on the company, you may need to meet certain criteria related to your business and its size. Additionally, you may need to provide financial information and sign a contract with the company in order to become an official reseller. Once you have been approved, you will be able to purchase grand ma2 products at a discounted rate. Grace stage lighting is a professional manufacturer of china grand ma2.

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How to connect grand ma2 to ma3d?

1. Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements for the ma3d software.
2. Connect your grand ma2 console to your computer using the appropriate usb cable.
3. Install the grand ma2-ma3d driver software on your computer, if necessary.
4. Launch the ma3d software on your computer and click on “connect” From the main menu.
5. Select the “grand ma2” Option from the list of available consoles and click “connect”.
6. Enter the correct ip address for your grand ma2 console into the “ip address” Field and click “ok”.
7. You should now be connected to your grand ma2 console and ready to begin programming with ma3d.

How to set up artnet on grand ma2?

1. Connect the art-net node to your grand ma2 console using a network cable.
2. Open the grand ma2 console and go to setup -> network.
3. Select the art-net option and set the ip address of the art-net node.
4. Select the art-net universe that you want to use for this connection.
5. Save the settings and close the network setup window.
6. Go to patch -> art-net and select the art-net universe you just configured.
7. Select the channels that you want to patch to the art-net node.
8. Save the patch and close the art-net patch window.
9. Finally, go to setup -> dmx input and select the art-net input option.
10. Select the art-net universe that you just configured and save the settings.
You should now be able to control the grand ma 2 console with an art-net node.

How to build effects grand ma2?

1. Begin by setting up the grand ma2 console and connecting it to the computer.
2. Load the effects template into the console. 
3. Create the desired effects, such as strobe, fog, haze, or color changing.  
4. Configure the parameters for each effect, such as duration, speed, and intensity. 
5. Record the effects into the cue list. 
6. Preview and adjust the effects as needed. 
7. Save the effects and cue list for future use. 
8. Connect the lighting fixtures to the console and assign them to the effects. 
9. Playback the effects, and adjust the intensity and speed as needed. 
10. Save the effects and cue list to the console.

How to use grand ma2 on pc?

1. Download and install the grand ma2 software on your computer. You can download it from the official website of grand ma 2. Connect the grand ma2 hardware to your computer. Depending on the type of hardware you are using, you may need to connect usb cables or use a network connection.
3. Once you have the hardware connected, launch the grand ma2 software on your computer.
4. If you have any existing shows saved in the grand ma2 software, you can open them up and start programming your show.
5. If you are starting from scratch, you can create a new show. This will allow you to create new scenes, cues, and effects.
6. Once you have programmed your show, you can save it and then start running it. You can also take advantage of the grandma2’s built-in playback and automation features.
If you use igracelite grand ma2, the grand ma2 software can be used. Only the linux version can't. Command wing, fader wing, ma-s1 are all available.



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