Wireless LED flat par light(GL-6BF12)

The Wireless LED Flat Par Light is a versatile lighting fixture designed for stage performances, events, and venues that require vibrant and dynamic lighting effects. With its advanced features and high-quality LED light source, this par light offers exceptional color mixing capabilities and a wide range of control options to enhance your lighting setup.


  • Superior Color Mixing: The Wireless LED Flat Par Light features a 6in1 RGBAWUV LED light source, which combines red, green, blue, amber, white, and ultraviolet colors. This allows for precise color mixing and the creation of stunning lighting effects.
  • Multiple Control Options: This par light supports various control modes, including DMX512, master/slave, auto, sound control, WIFI, and remote control. Whether you prefer manual control or automated lighting sequences, this fixture offers flexibility to suit your preferences.
  • User-Friendly Display: Equipped with an LED display, the Wireless LED Flat Par Light provides a clear and intuitive interface for easy setup and operation. Adjusting settings and selecting different modes is effortless, even for users with limited technical expertise.


  • LED Light Source: 6in1 RGBAWUV LED
  • Color: RGBWAUV
  • Lamp Luminous Efficiency: 90 lm/w
  • Channel: 6/10CH
  • Net Weight: 5.40 lbs (2.45 kg)
  • Display: LED
  • Control: DMX512, Master/Slave, Auto, Sound Control, WIFI, Remote Control
  • Net Size: 10.43" x 4.33" x 9.06" (26.5cm x 11cm x 23cm)



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: how many hours can autorun last

A: it can last about 10 hours for autorun

Q: How far for IR remote control

A: about 10meters

Q: How far for wireless control

A: about 150 meters

Q: How far for wifi control distance

A: about 25meters

Q: May I have a Recharging case

A: yes, we have a recharging case for the lights. Can you choose 6in1,8in1,10in1case

Q: what is the charging time

A: About 4 hours and 20 minutes

Q: when full charge, how many hours can it last

A: it can last about 4hours when all leds full colors on