9*18w wireless flat par battery(GL-6BF9)

Grace Stage Lighting has developed the ultimate boxshaped LED par fixture that's loaded with 9x 18w RGBAW+UV 6-in-1 LEDs, a built-in WiFi wireless DMX receiver, and an internal Lithium-Ion battery system, all while maintaining the same features that made the original Igracelite wireless battery par light series fixtures so popular. 

The Igracelite GL-6BF9 wireless falt par battery 6/11channels control modes which means it works great with any type of controller, including master/slave, auto mode, fade, strobe settings, manual color adjustment, sound active mode, wireless settings, IR remote control mode, and power output mode settings.


  • 9*18w RGBWAUv or 12*18w RGBWAUv 6in1 both available.
  • Led dispaly, lithium battery, has Material Safety Data Sheet and safe transportation.
  • More than 10 years of experience in manufacturing battery led par lights.
  • Igracelite battery protection board, and the chip of the battery protection board is an imported Japanese Seiko chip.


  • Product name:9*18W 6in1 RGBWAUV led battery par with remote contorl
  • Usage:indoor use
  • Feature:Long Life
  • Warranty(Year):1-Year



Frequently Asked Questions

How does the capacity of a par battery influence its performance and longevity?
The capacity of a par battery affects its performance and longevity by determining the amount of energy it can store and provide. A higher capacity battery can deliver more power and support longer usage times, while also typically offering a greater number of charge and discharge cycles before experiencing significant degradation.

What are the key factors to consider when selecting a par battery for a specific application?
Key factors to consider when selecting a par battery for a specific application include capacity, voltage, discharge rate, energy density, operating temperature range, and compatibility with the intended device or system. These factors ensure optimal performance, safety, and lifespan of the battery in its intended application.

How do charging and discharging cycles impact the overall efficiency of a par battery?
Charging and discharging cycles impact the overall efficiency of a par battery by contributing to its gradual degradation over time. As the number of cycles increases, the battery's ability to hold a charge and deliver consistent power may decrease. Proper charging practices and usage can help maintain efficiency and prolong battery life.