3W led pinspot light(GL-PS1)

Igracelite LED pinspot light  you need them, why, because if you are gonna have centerpieces, which are flower. you need to make sure you highlight them. if your centerpiece or flowers is the start of your table, you got to have pin spots.

The pinspot lights are the spotlight of your centerpiece. Anytime you see a gorgeous picture of a centerpiece or some flowers, you got to remember there is probably a spotlight that is lighting it up and not a big spotlight. 

Led pinspot light, what is wash lighting, there are wide different varieties. you can have a dance floor wash, a cake wash, or a stage wash.

The main importance of the wash is to highlight that certain area for a stage wash. what are you going to do to have a white light, that enhances the colors and the beauty of all the decor that is on the stage, along with the couple themselves?


  • A remote control battery pinspot light is exactly what I said.
  • LED pinspot light washes the main area with soft light.
  • Save for one of the events. you are having a carnival theme with led pinspot light.
  • Well, then led pinspot light would take the dance floor wash and highlight the dance floor area.


  • LED: Single 3W Single Cool White Cree LED.
  • Output Intensity: 3200+ Lux at 6.5 feet.
  • Unit Power: 5V DC Rechargeable Battery @ 2200mAh.
  • Input Power: 100-240V, 50-60HZ AC.
  • Charging System: 5V charger
  • Battery Charge Time: 4.5 Hours (With Power Switch Off).
  • Single package size: 22X15X10 cm/0.72 ft*0.49 ft*0.33 ft
  • Battery Life: 6 to 8 Hours depending on mode/brightness.
  • Power Consumption: 3 W Operational - 15W (Battery Charging).
  • Rated Current: 55 W @ 110VAC – Fuse T5A
  • Beam Angle: 5 Degrees - 15 Degrees (With Frost Lens).



Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Igracelite led pinspot light single color? What does it change color through?

Yes, this style led pinspot is single color, but we have color chips. You can change the color by color chip. we also have 4in1.

Do led pinspot light has magnet?

Yes, is a strong magnet.

Do you have other styles of led pinspot light?

Yes, Igracelite led pinspot light has RGBW four-in-one, cold white and warm white two-in-one.

How can we control the LED pinspot light?

You can control it by remote control, and ours is radio frequency remote control.