battery led tube light

Battery led tube light(GL-T360-1.2M)

Bring ambience to any space with the Igracelite Battery LED Tube Light - your go-to mood lighting solution! Say goodbye to complicated wiring - this wireless, battery-powered marvel emits stunning 360° light!

Illuminate your surroundings with the Battery LED Tube Light, an exceptionally versatile LED mood light offering various features. This battery-powered, wireless-controllable, IP65-rated LED tube light radiates 360° of soft and even lighting. Comprising 96 RGB 3-in-1 LEDs split into 32 pixels, this Battery LED Tube Light delivers flawless color mixing and captivating visual effects.


  • Extended Battery Life for Uninterrupted Illumination:
    Outfitted with a substantial 10,000 MAH lithium battery, the Battery LED Tube Light operates for 10 hours in single-color mode and 4 hours in full-color spectrum mode on a single full charge. A complete charge is attainable in just 7 hours, ensuring your Battery LED Tube Light is always ready to dazzle.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface with Multiple Control Options:
    Navigating the Battery LED Tube Light is a breeze, courtesy of its OLED display and four touch buttons. A range of operating modes—including wireless DMX, auto, manual, IR remote control, WiFi, and Master-Slave settings—add to its ease of use. For those unfamiliar with DMX, the IR remote provides a simple way to manage your Battery LED Tube Light's functions.
  • Effortless Control via WiFi and Smartphone
    Unique to the Battery LED Tube Light is its WiFi functionality, allowing you to control lighting settings using your smartphone or tablet. Simplify your life by controlling this powerful LED tube light right from your mobile device.
  • Advanced DMX Control for Professional Lighting Scenarios
    For those in professional lighting settings such as stages, clubs, live events, or production settings, the Battery LED Tube Light's DMX control capabilities are invaluable. This feature allows for intricate visual effects through pixel mapping. To leverage DMX functionalities, you'll need a DMX console and a wireless DMX transmitter.
  • Multiple Installation Options for Ultimate Versatility
    Coming standard with a floor-standing tripod, the Battery LED Tube Light offers additional installation options like truss mounting with a clamp or aerial hanging using eye bolts, providing you with ultimate flexibility.
  • Durability for Indoor and Outdoor Use with IP65 Rating
    With an IP65 rating, this Battery LED Tube Light is equally effective for both indoor and outdoor usage. The absence of power cables, wireless control, and freestanding features ensure you can set up an awe-inspiring light show wherever your creativity leads you.
battery led tube light(GL-T360-1.2M)

Conclusion: Why Wait?

Experience the Battery LED Tube Light Today
Looking for a lighting solution that offers longevity, convenience, and versatility? The Battery LED Tube Light is your answer. Elevate your lighting game today and explore limitless possibilities with this unparalleled LED mood light. Don't hesitate; transform your lighting experience now with the Battery LED Tube Light.


  • LED:96PCS 5050 RGB 3in 1 LED
  • input voltage:24V
  • stroboflash:0 ~ 30Hz
  • Maximum working:10 Hours
  • battery capacity:10000mah
  • channel:7CH /36CH /48CH
  • work environment:-10° ~ 45°
  • weight:Net weight: 1.6 KG
  • levels of protection:IP65
  • hull:Aluminum alloy, matte black sand
  • Packing measurement:1195 * 600 * 255MM
  • power:28W
  • Light source life:20,000 hours
  • effect:Built-in 30 dynamic effects
  • charging interval:5 Hours
  • video display:OLED
  • Signal connection:2 .4G Wireless connection, Mobile Phone APP, Wireless DMX,Artnet.Remote control
  • product size:1130(length)*50mm(diameter)
  • Radiation system:natural heat dissipation
  • way to install:Flat ground, vertical hanging, side hanging
  • pack:Aluminum alloy aviation box
battery led tube light(GL-T360-1.2M)1



Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Battery LED Tube Light last on a full charge?

The Battery LED Tube Light is integrated with a 10,000 MAH lithium battery, allowing for an impressive battery life. On a full charge, the light can operate for up to 10 hours when used in single-color mode. If you're utilizing all the available colors, the battery life is approximately 4 hours. Charging the battery to full capacity takes around 7 hours.

What control options are available for the Battery LED Tube Light?

The Battery LED Tube Light offers a user-friendly interface featuring an OLED display and four touch buttons. It supports a variety of operating modes, including wireless DMX, auto, manual, IR remote control, WiFi, and Master-Slave. If you're not familiar with DMX, the IR remote control provides a simple yet effective way to control the light's settings. Additionally, you can control the light via your smartphone or tablet through a WiFi connection.

Can the Battery LED Tube Light be used outdoors?

Yes, the Battery LED Tube Light comes with an IP65 rating, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This rating ensures the light is dust-tight and can withstand water jets from any direction, allowing you to set up a captivating light show wherever you please. Its wireless control and absence of power cables add to its versatility, enabling you to freely place the light in any setting.