Battery operated uplighting(GL-SMART6S)

Igracelite GL-smart6s battery operated uplighting is an indoor compact profile battery operated uplighting built with aluminum alloy housing. that is designed for uplighting and stage lighting. The fixture features 6*18W RGBWA/Uv 6-in-1 LEDs(also we can do 4in1 and 5in1),which provides smooth and pure color mixing and integrated with 25° beam angle (45° optional) and it could be placed directly on the floor or inside the truss. 

Igracelite GL-smart6s offers 6 control options including DMX, Wireless, IR remote, stand alone and sound activated, or APP wifi control by phone(Apple system or Android system can be)through WiFi. it has 2 DMX channels modes for a variety of programming options.


  • We provide rain cover for Igracelite GL-smart6s.
  • APP software provides Chinese and English.
  • We can provide invisible anti-theft buckle.
  • Our batteries have Material Safety Data Sheet and safe transportation certificates, and the battery protection board uses Japanese Seiko chips.


  • Light Source:LED, 6x 18W 6in1 RGBWA+UV LED
  • Color:RGBWUV Color Mixing
  • Channel:6/10chs
  • Packing Size:42*42*27cm/1.38*1.38*0.89ft(4pcs in a carton box)
  • Bettry Last Time:All LEDS=4Hours,Auto running mode=10-12Hours,One cloor=20Hours
  • Control mode:wifi app, wirelss dmx ,DMX512, remote control,auto run ,sound
  • Beam angle:Beam angle
  • Weight:N.W:2.7kg(5.95 lb),GW:3.2kg(7.05 lb)
  • Voltage:AC100-250V/50-60HZ

Battery: 8800 mAh lithium battery, imported from Japan with protective chip (Seiko) To anti -overcharging and balance . battery with MSDS safety transportation certificate, sea transportation, air transportation, started production in 2013. Relatively experienced in transportation

Diecasting aluminum: Cast aluminum case, overall smooth, thicker metal at the bottom, adjustable angle

Control mode: wired, wireless, 2.4G wireless, mobile phone, Auto control . universal name: full function

Light source: 3W per chip (sufficient power, Not false mark)

Main board: The wireless board and main board are separated. Advanced program and support for customization

display Screen: The TFT display screen can be set with a screensaver. 2.4G light does not light up

dmx cable: 1. Outer shell primary material 2. Cotton thread (increases toughness) 3. Aluminum foil (prevents and Isolates interference) 4. Copper network cable (isolates and shields signals from the outside and reinforces signals to the inside) 5. Two pure copper wire cores

Power cable: 1. The outer shell primary material. 2. The three all-copper wire cores inside are also primary material. High temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. The products are exported to Russia and have participated in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are battery-operated lights worth it?

Battery-operated lights, like the 6*18W Battery-Powered LED Stage Light discussed in the article, offer a range of benefits that can make them worth the investment. These lights provide flexibility in setup and location, eliminating the need for cumbersome wiring or access to electrical outlets. They are also typically quicker to install and easier to move, making them ideal for various types of events and venues. In summary, if you value versatility and ease of use, battery-operated stage lights could be a worthwhile choice.

What is LED uplight?

LED uplight refers to a lighting technique where lights are placed on the ground and aimed upwards to illuminate a specific area, object, or part of a room. The 6*18W Battery-Powered LED Stage Light, as mentioned in the article, can serve as an uplight to create dramatic effects, highlight architectural features, or set the mood in an event space. LED uplights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and come in various colors, making them a versatile option for many lighting needs.