stage effect fire machine(GRY-E01)

The GRY-E01 Stage Effect Fire Machine stands out as a spectacular real flame machine. It's not just a fire effect; it's an experience! With its Single Shot Flame FX, this stage effect fire machine brings versatility and awe-inspiring features to any event.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, the GRY-E01 creates authentic flames, making it an ideal choice for theater productions, music festivals, large DJ gigs, sports event game nights, product launches, and any event that desires a touch of the extraordinary.





control mode

DMX 512

spray height


30ftx30ft(2 workers)


product weight


product size


package size


trasportation weight


use places

dj disco nightclub wedding show tv

operation menu :

4 digital display

Discover Everything You Need to Know:

Explore the detailed product description below for insights into all its features. Should you have any further inquiries, don't hesitate to check our FAQ page or contact us directly for assistance.

  • In recent years, renting Flame FX machines has surged in popularity, a trend that's easy to understand.
  • To stand out, events must be inventive and impactful. They need to leave a lasting impression, or risk being forgotten. The answer to adding that unforgettable spark? The GRY-E01 single-shot flame fx!
  • Powerful Performance: The GRY-E01 flame effects machine projects flames up to 2 meters high, creating a heatwave that radiates up to 6 meters. This feature ensures your event will be infused with an extra element of warmth and excitement.
  • Convenient and Efficient: The GRY-E01 utilizes LPG Gas, and its efficient design means gas cylinder replacements are minimized, even during extended events. This hassle-free operation is ideal for longer events.
  • Impressive Flame Output: The machine consistently delivers flames approximately 2 meters in height, adding a dramatic flair to any setting.
  • Stable and Secure: Designed with a four-sided structure, the GRY-E01 offers enhanced stability, ensuring it remains securely upright on stage.
  • Elevate your event with the GRY-E01 flame effects machine – a blend of stability, efficiency, and spectacular visual impact.
  • Portable and User-Friendly: The lightweight design of this flame machine makes it incredibly portable and easy to set up at any location
  • Professional Control: The Stage Flame is DMX compatible, designed for professional use. It can be operated using a basic lighting console, enabling you to program time-coded, stunning flame effects with the GRY-E01 model
  • Effortless Power Control: Its power control mode simplifies operation - just plug it in, and it's ready to create awe-inspiring flames.
  • Optional Wireless Functionality: While we offer the option to add a wireless remote control, we generally advise against it for long-range or obstructed use, as its reliability may vary.
  • Safety First: Always remember that safety is paramount when operating the flame machine.
  • Need Help Deciding?
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Warm Tip:

The fire machine can work with the fire oil.However the fire oil is defined as flammable and explosive item,so we are forbidden to send it, you could get the fire oil in your own country.

This kind of fire machine creates a splendid and beautiful flame; the height of the flame can reach 3 meters(10 feet). The flame is projected as if the explosion of the atomic bomb, which can bring the show to the climax.

Professional Operation: Ensure that only qualified professionals handle and operate the GRY-E01 flame machine for optimal safety and performance.

Positioning: The device must be used in a vertical, upright position only.

Indoor Use Requirements: When using indoors, confirm that the room has a minimum height of 5 meters to safely accommodate the flame effects.

No Smoking Zone: Smoking in the vicinity of the flame machine is strictly prohibited to prevent any hazards.

Child Safety: Keep the flame machine out of reach of children at all times.

Environmental Conditions: Do not expose the machine to rain or high humidity environments to ensure its proper functioning.

Event-Specific Use: The flame projector is exclusively designed for use in events and shows, and should not be used for any other purposes.

All You Need to Know About GRY-E01 By Igracelite

Introduction: The Magic of Events and the Role of Fire Machines

Ever pondered the allure of music festivals or nightclubs? It's the vibrant ambiance and music that draws crowds. As an event organizer, akin to a captain steering a ship, you possess the power to mesmerize attendees with spectacular atmospheres. The key? Implementing the right tools, like Igracelite's GRY-E01 flame effects machines, to transform any event into an unforgettable experience.

Key Features and Benefits of the GRY-E01

Two Alternatives: Gas and Eco-Friendly Options

The GRY-E01, a gas-powered fire machine for stage use, and the eco-friendlier GRY-E01A, running on LPG, offer robust performance in two environmentally conscious variants. Both models, boasting similar features and efficiency, cater to diverse event needs.

Illusions and Effects: The Power of Stage Flame

These stage flame machines can project flames up to 10 ft, creating an electrifying atmosphere ideal for various events. The GRY-E01A, although with a shorter flame reach, matches the performance of its counterpart in effect intensity.

Design and Durability: A Smart and Sturdy Choice

Featuring a unique hexagonal shape for stability and a contemporary look, the flame machines are both aesthetically pleasing and secure. Their strong, heat-resistant build ensures longevity and safety.

Application of the GRY-E01 in Various Events

Enhancing Events with Stage Flame

From theatre productions requiring dramatic effects to the electrifying energy of music festivals, the versatility of these fire machines is boundless. They can also add a spark to product launches and sports events, elevating the excitement and visual appeal.

Safety Considerations for the Igracelite Fire Machines

Ensuring Safety with Smart Design

Safety is paramount with these fire machines. Their unique hexagonal shape and robust build significantly reduce risks, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience at all events.

How to Use the GRY-E01

User-Friendly Controls for Efficient Operation

Operating these stage fire machines is straightforward, thanks to simple DMX-512 and electric controls. This ease of use makes them ideal for event organizers of all experience levels.

Consumables of the GRY-E01

Fuel and Power Efficiency

While the GRY-E01 utilizes gas canisters, the GRY-E01A runs on LPG, with both models boasting impressive efficiency and minimal power consumption.

Conclusion: Why Choose Igracelite's Fire Machines?

Elevating Events with Igracelite's Premier Quality

Igracelite's commitment to quality, affordability, and customer support makes its stage flame machines a top choice for transforming events. Their ability to create mesmerizing atmospheres makes them a must-have for any event organizer.

In summary, the Igracelite GRY-E01 flame effects machines are not just tools; they are gateways to creating unforgettable experiences at various events. From their dual fuel options and impressive flame effects to their safety features and ease of use, these machines are designed to elevate any event's atmosphere. Choose Igracelite for a reliable, efficient, and magical event experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is a Stage Effect Fire Machine?

Answer:A stage effect fire machine, like the Igracelite GRY-E01, is a specialized device used in events and performances to create dramatic flame effects. These machines are designed to safely produce controlled bursts of fire, enhancing the visual impact of stage shows, concerts, festivals, and other events.

2: How Safe are Stage Fire Machines?

Answer:Safety is a top priority for stage fire machines. Models like the Igracelite GRY-E01 are constructed with heat-resistant materials and stable designs, such as a hexagonal shape, to prevent tipping. They are designed to operate under controlled conditions, ensuring a safe environment for both performers and audiences.

3: What Types of Fuel Do Stage Fire Machines Use?

Answer:Stage fire machines typically use fuels like gas canisters or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). The Igracelite GRY-E01, for instance, offers two variants: one using gas canisters and the other, a more eco-friendly option, running on LPG.

Can Stage Fire Machines Be Used Outdoors?

Answer:Yes, stage fire machines like the Igracelite GRY-E01 are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are ideal for adding dramatic flair to outdoor events like music festivals, sports events, and open-air theater productions.

What is the Range of Flame Effects in a Stage Fire Machine?

Answer:The range of flame effects can vary between models. For example, the Igracelite GRY-E01 can project flames up to 10 feet high, while the GRY-E01A has a shorter range but is equally effective, making them suitable for various event scales.

Are Stage Fire Machines Difficult to Operate?

Answer:Modern stage fire machines are designed for ease of use. Models like the Igracelite GRY-E01 feature user-friendly controls, often with standard DMX-512 protocols, making them accessible to event organizers with varying levels of technical expertise.

How Do I Choose Between Different Stage Fire Machine Models?

Answer:Your choice should be based on the specific needs of your event. Consider factors like the size of the venue, indoor vs. outdoor setting, desired flame height, environmental impact, and budget. For instance, the Igracelite GRY-E01 is suitable for larger flames, while the GRY-E01A offers a more eco-friendly option.

How Do Stage Fire Machines Enhance Event Experiences?

Answer:Stage fire machines create dynamic, visually stunning effects that significantly enhance the overall experience of an event. They add excitement and a sense of spectacle, making performances, festivals, and other events more memorable and engaging for audiences.