Disco co2 jet gun fog machine(GY-C05)

Introducing the "CO2 Jet Gun Fog Machine" - an incredible addition to your stage lighting arsenal! With its impressive power of 20W, this fog machine is guaranteed to make a statement at any event. The manual control allows for easy operation, giving you full command over the spectacular spray distance of 6-7 meters.


  • Need CO2: The machine requires CO2 for operation.
  • Portable and Easy Carry: The machine is designed to be portable and easy to carry.
  • 7 Colors Tube: The machine features a tube with 7 different colors.
  • Colorful LED Effects: LEDs are used to create beautiful and colorful effects.
  • Please note that the machine requires CO2 for operation, so ensure you have a suitable supply for uninterrupted performances. Get ready to elevate your events with the CO2 Jet Gun Fog Machine, and be prepared to leave a lasting impression!


  • Power: 20W
  • Spray Distance: 6-7 meters
  • Color: 7 Colors
  • Control: Manual
  • roduct Weight: 9 kg/19.85fb
  • Size: 76cmx31cm.5x41cm/2.5ft*1.1ft*1.35ft



Frequently Asked Questions

Does a fog machine produce CO2?

No, traditional fog machines do not produce CO2. They work by heating a special fog fluid, which creates a mist or fog that is water-based and safe to use.

What kind of smoke gun is used in clubs?

Clubs often use CO2 jet guns or fog machines to create stunning visual effects. These smoke guns emit bursts of white fog or CO2, adding excitement and ambiance to the dance floor.

Is gun smoke toxic?

The smoke emitted from CO2 jet guns used in clubs is generally safe when used responsibly and in well-ventilated areas. However, prolonged exposure to high concentrations of CO2 may cause health issues, so it's essential to follow safety guidelines.

What is the white smoke at clubs?

The white smoke seen at clubs is usually a mixture of water vapor and fog fluid, created using fog machines or CO2 jet guns. It enhances lighting effects and adds drama to the club's atmosphere.

Why do clubs use smoke machines?

Clubs use smoke machines to enhance their light shows and create an immersive atmosphere. The fog or smoke produced enhances the visibility of laser lights and other lighting effects, making the club experience more exciting for patrons.

How long do you use a smoke gun?

The usage time of a smoke gun depends on factors such as the size of the CO2 tank or fog fluid reservoir and the frequency of usage. CO2 jet guns typically have short bursts of fog, while fog machines can provide continuous fog for varying durations.

Why do hazers use CO2?

Hazers use CO2 as a propellant to disperse haze particles evenly in the air. The CO2 helps distribute the haze and creates a more consistent atmospheric effect throughout the venue.

How do you make fog with CO2?

CO2 is used in conjunction with a fog machine or haze machine. The CO2 is released into the fog chamber, where it interacts with heated fog fluid, creating a thick fog effect that enhances lighting displays.

Is fog machine OK to breathe?

In general, the fog produced by fog machines is safe to breathe when used correctly and in well-ventilated areas. However, prolonged exposure to the fog may cause respiratory discomfort for some individuals, so it's advisable to exercise caution and use fog machines responsibly.

What is the CO2 fog effect?

The CO2 fog effect is a visually stunning burst of white fog created by releasing pressurized CO2 into the air. This effect is commonly seen in clubs, concerts, and special events, adding an exciting and dynamic element to the performance.


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