6000w dry ice fog machine(GY-D6000)

Igracelite dry ice fog machine creates low-lying cloud effects for weddings, parties, and many other festivals, which can always bring unexpected results. 

Igracelite Dry Ice Fog Machine is a professional fog machine that produces a dense white mist that clings to the floor, stays dissipated, and does not rise. We also have a 3500W dry ice fog machine(Coverage: 50-100 m2).

With Igracelite dry ice fog machine, you no longer have to worry about the stage becoming foggy and hard to see. The fog does not rise on the ground until it dissipates into the air, and you don't have to worry about fire or smoke detectors being triggered by dry ice fog.


Igracelite professional dry ice fog machine creates thick, low-lying clouds that hug the floor.

Quickly heats water to its optimal operating temperature using simple, plug-n-play operation.

Heat the water in a fraction of the time by utilizing the second heating element.

Manipulate the output and flow with the adjustable, multi-level control handle.

Increase safety with low-water and temperature sensors that automatically shut off heaters.


  • Raise the dry ice basket to the highest level, and the water level needs to be higher than the basket for the machine to work properly, water heat up time about 15~18 minutes after power on. If the water level can not be higher than the basket, the temperature sensor will turn off the heater, so it will not work.
  • This powerful smoke machine of Igracelite accepts up to 12KG(26 pounds) dry ice and 19L(5 gallons) hot water to provide 6 minutes of run time. When the water temperature reaches 85°C, the temperature sensor of the dry ice fog machine will automatically turn off the heater, and the indicator light on the machine shell will change from red to green, and then pour the dry ice pellets into the water at 85°C.
  • Our heaters and sinks are all stainless steel to ensure a longer lifespan of the machine. the dry ice pellets are immersed in hot water, heated to turn into carbon dioxide gas, and then a white mist is sprayed from the output port of the Dry Ice Fog Machine to shake the ground.
  • The handle lever adjusts the size of the smoke, which is more convenient to operate, smok output for lasting about 5min.
  • In order to use the dry ice fog machine more conveniently, you can buy a movable cart from us and put the machine on it, can easily move the dry ice fog machine without burden.
  • Igracelite dry ice fog machine will not wet the floor, and people can dance in the clouds without worrying about the danger of slipping.


  • Input Voltage: 110 /220 V
  • Power: 6000W
  • Carton packaging size: 22.83 inches x 18.90 inches x 21.26 inches/(58cm*48cm*54cm)
  • weight is with carton package: 37.04 pounds/(16.8kg)
  • Product name: Dry ice machine 6000W Dry Ice Fog Machine
  • Electronic temperature control: 70℃~80℃
  • Warranty: 1year
  • Material use: Water + Dry Ice
  • Water Consumption: 18L (up to waterline)
  • Flight case size: 21.65 inches x 21.26 inches x 24.41 inches (with wheels)/(55cm*54cm*62cm)
  • weight is with flight case: 64.59 pounds/(29.3kg)
  • Low fog: Dry ice machine nozzle diameter is 100mm/0.33ft
  • Max Continuous Output: 6~8min
  • Max Output Coverage: 150~200㎡
  • Control mode: manual




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