3500W Dry Ice Fog Machine(GY-D3500)

Igracelite dry ice fog machine creates low cloud effect for weddings, parties and many other festivals, the fog will not rise on the ground until it dissipates into the air, you don't have to worry about the dry ice fog setting off fire or smoke detectors.
Igracelite 3500W Dry Ice Fog Machine (GY-D3500) adjusts the temperature to 75℃ to start heating. It takes about 12 minutes to preheat. We can also add hot water to shorten the heating time. A maximum of 3kg/6.61lb of dry ice can be put in at one time, and the smoke output is 25,000 cubic feet/minute. It can cover 50-100 square meters. It should be noted that the water must be added until it touches the float, otherwise the machine will not work.


  • Powerful Performance: With a staggering 3500W power capacity, this fog machine effortlessly creates thick, billowing fog that covers vast areas, up to 50-100 square meters.
  • Swift Heat Time: Thanks to its efficient design, the 3500W Dry Ice Fog Machine boasts a quick 12-minute heat-up time on AC 110V and 25 minutes on AC 220V. There’s no need to wait afterward, ensuring a seamless performance every time.
  • Customizable Experience: Tailor your fog effects to perfection with the manual control mode, giving you the freedom to adjust the intensity and timing of the fog output as per your creative vision.
  • Supreme Water Consumption: Utilizing only 10 liters of water, this machine allows for an impressive waterline capacity, providing consistent fog production with minimal refills, ensuring uninterrupted performances.
  • Easy-to-Use: Operating the 3500W Dry Ice Fog Machine is a breeze, requiring little setup time and providing reliable, hassle-free performance.
  • Quality and Certification: Built to the highest standards, this fog machine is CE certified, assuring top-notch quality and safety for worry-free use.


  • Voltage: AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
  • Control Modes: Manual
  • Max Output Coverage: 50-100 square feet
  • Water Consumption: 10 liters (up to waterline) - approximately 2.64 gallons
  • Power: 3500W
  • Customized: Yes
  • Heat Time: 12 minutes (110V) / 25 minutes (220V)
  • Supplies: Dry ice (3KG) - approximately 6.61 pounds



Frequently Asked Questions

How many pounds of dry ice do I need for fog?

The amount of dry ice needed for fog depends on the size of the Dry Ice Fog Machine and the desired fog density. As a general guideline, around 3kg/6.61lb of dry ice can produce fog for about 7 to 10 minutes.

What is the best container for dry ice fog?

The best container for dry ice fog is a well-insulated container, such as a Styrofoam cooler or an insulated fog cooler. These containers help to keep the dry ice from sublimating too quickly, allowing for a more extended fog effect. It's vital to ensure the container is securely sealed to prevent fog leakage. Dry ice cannot be stored in the freezer and is risky.

How do you make fog smoke out of dry ice?

Place the dry ice in a container with hot water to make fog smoke out of dry ice. As the hot water interacts with the dry ice, it will create fog smoke that flows out of the container. This effect is commonly used in stage productions, haunted houses, and special events to create an eerie atmosphere. Igracelite 3500W dry ice fog machine can meet all your requirements.

Is dry ice better than a fog machine?

Both dry ice and fog machines have their advantages and are suitable for different purposes. Dry ice is excellent for creating a low-lying, dense fog that stays close to the ground. On the other hand, fog machines can produce fog continuously with varying densities. The smoke from the dry ice machine has no smell, while the smoke from the smoke machine has a slight smell.

Will dry ice fog set off smoke detectors?

Yes, dry ice fog can potentially set off smoke detectors if it directly reaches the sensors. Generally, the installation of fire alarm devices will be relatively high, but dry ice fog will stay in relatively low-lying places continuously, so generally it will not trigger the alarm.

Is it safe to touch dry ice smoke?

It is safe to be exposed to dry ice fog. Igracelite 3000W and 6000W Dry ice fog machines sell about 450 units per year. But it is not safe to touch dry ice directly with bare hands. Dry ice is extremely cold, approximately -109.3°F (-78.5°C), and contact may cause frostbite or burns. Always use insulated gloves or tongs to handle dry ice to avoid injury.

Is a dry ice fog machine safe indoors?

Yes, fog machines are generally safe to use indoors when proper safety precautions are followed. It's essential to use high-quality, non-toxic fog fluid and monitor the fog density to maintain a safe environment. Igracelite 3000w/6000w dry ice fog machine sells 450 units per year, and they are all used indoors.

How long does dry ice last in a dry ice fog machine?

The duration of dry ice in a dry ice fog machine depends on the size and capacity of the machine, as well as the ambient temperature and humidity. Generally, a dry ice fog machine can produce a few to ten minutes of fog with a tank filled with dry ice. Regular replenishment of dry ice will ensure a consistent fog effect throughout the event.


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