350w 17R head moving light(GM-BSW350)

350w head moving light, a state-of-the-art stage lighting solution that combines performance, versatility, and durability. This product is brought to you by Grace Stage Lighting, a company with 14 years of experience in providing high-quality stage lighting solutions.

The 350w head moving light is equipped with a 350W light source that emits a color temperature of 7500K, ensuring bright and vibrant lighting for any stage. It features 14 color plates plus white light, offering a wide range of color options for your lighting needs. The one-way rotating rainbow effect and the ability to switch between full color and half-color modes add to the versatility of this product.


  • The 350w head moving light stands out for its exceptional features. Its stroboscopic function can reach up to 13 times per second, with options for random stroboscopic and pulse stroboscopic effects. This allows for dynamic and exciting lighting effects that can enhance any performance.
  • Another key selling point of the 350w head moving light is its robust construction. The high-temperature resistant plastic shell and high-strength alloy cold-pressed core material ensure durability and longevity. Plus, with a one-year warranty from Grace Stage Lighting, you can be confident in the quality of this product.


  • Light Source: 350W
  • Average Life: 1500 hours
  • Pattern Plate: 1 rotating gobo plate + 1 metal gobo plate
  • Projection Range: X 540 degrees, Y 270 degrees
  • Beam Angle: Parallel beam angle: 0°-2.3°, Magnification angle: 2.5°-42°, Atomizing light angle: 8°
  • Lumen: 20m: 186700Lux, 40m: 48175Lux, 60m: 20855Lux
  • Color Temperature: 7500K
  • Color Plate: 14 colors + white
  • Prism: 16 prism and row mirror surface prism
  • Scanning Speed: X-direction: 3.0 seconds/540 degrees, Y-direction: 2.0 seconds/250 degrees
  • Appearance: High-temperature resistant plastic shell, High-strength alloy cold-pressed core material
  • Net Weight: 50.7 lbs (23 Kg)



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are moving head lights called? Moving head lights are often referred to as intelligent lights or moving lights. They are a type of stage lighting instrument that is capable of moving and creating dynamic, vibrant lighting effects. A popular example is the 350w head moving light.

  2. What is a profile moving head light? A profile moving head light, such as the 350w head moving light, is a versatile lighting instrument that can project a variety of patterns and colors. It typically includes features like a rotating gobo plate and a color plate, allowing for a wide range of visual effects.

  3. What effects do moving head lights have? Moving head lights can create a multitude of effects. The 350w head moving light, for instance, can produce a one-way rotating rainbow effect, full color and half-color mode switching, and stroboscopic effects with a frequency of up to 13 times per second.

  4. What is the difference between spot and beam moving head lights? The main difference lies in the light output. Spot moving head lights, like the 350w head moving light, are designed to project patterns and shapes, while beam moving head lights emit a tight, concentrated beam of light. The 350w head moving light offers a multi-level beam angle change effect, providing the best of both worlds.

  5. What are 4 different types of moving lights? There are several types of moving lights, including moving head lights, scanners, moving mirror lights, and moving yokes. Each type has its unique features and applications. The 350w head moving light is an example of a moving head light.

  6. What are the different types of moving heads? Moving heads come in various types, including spot, wash, beam, and hybrid. The 350w head moving light is a spot moving head light, known for its ability to project patterns and shapes with precision.

For more information about the 350w head moving light or other stage lighting products, feel free to reach out to our professional consultant team at Grace Stage Lighting. We have 14 years of experience in the industry and offer a one-year warranty on our products. We’re here to light up your stage!


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