7R Beam 230 Moving Head(GM-016B)

The Igracelite Beam 230 Moving Head is a bright and versatile moving head light designed for mobile DJs, clubs, and live stages. This fixture features a 230W LED light source and has a color temperature of 5500K. It has a zoom range of 8-60 degrees and a beam angle of 4-50 degrees. The Beam 230 also has electronic strobe and dimming functions, as well as 16-bit dimming control. This light is equipped with built-in macros, color wheel, and a Gobo wheel with 7 gobos plus open. It also has a sound active mode and is controllable via DMX (3, 7, 12, or 17 channels). The pan and tilt movement is fast and precise, and the light is easy to use and setup.


  • Light source: Made in China. Customers can customize,such as: 230W Philips Platinum Lamp.
  • Power supply: full power 400W power supply
  • NO MOQ about beam 230 moving head.
  • Production time: 3~8 days.

DMX chart



  • Power: AC110-230 v, 50-60 hz
  • Electronic focus: 50000 lux@ 20 meters
  • Horizontal: 540 ° (16 bit precision scan)
  • Color plate: 14 colors + white (can create a sharp air beam effect)
  • Stroboscopic: double-chip stroboscopic (0.5-9 times/sec), complete linear dimming and variable stroboscopic speed.
  • Optics: Three slices of lenticular lens group, zoom 0 ° to 3.9 °
  • Channel modes: 16 CH
  • Vertical scanning: 280 ° (16 bit precision scan)
  • Prism plate:8+16+24 prism
  • Linear dimming:0-100% linear adjustment
  • Electronic rectifier optional:make the product weight is lighter, more brightness and light bulbs More stable, more environmental protection.




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