mini 230w beam moving head light with halo ring(GM-MN230W)

In the dynamic world of stage lighting, Grace Stage Lighting stands out with its innovative and high-performance 230W Beam Moving Head Light. Designed to deliver exceptional lighting effects, this product is a culmination of 14 years of expertise in the industry. Let's delve into what makes this lighting system a game-changer for stage performances.

With these standout features, the Grace Stage Lighting 230W Beam Moving Head Light offers unparalleled performance. Our team of professional engineers ensures each unit is meticulously crafted and tested, guaranteeing optimal functionality.


  • Versatile Power Input: With a 100-240V, 50/60Hz power input, this light is adaptable to various power supplies, making it ideal for international use.
  • Advanced Lighting Effects: Featuring a rotation eight-prism effect, frost, and a powerful MSD 230w lamp, it creates stunning visual effects that captivate audiences.
  • Enhanced Control: Users have the flexibility to switch bulb control or opt for manual settings, catering to both preset and customizable lighting designs.
  • Precision Dimming: Its independent dimming channel offers 0-100 linear precise dimming, allowing for subtle transitions and dramatic effects.
  • Robust Design: IP20 rating ensures it's protected against solid objects, enhancing its durability for long-term use in various environments.


  • Power Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • IP Level: IP20
  • Lamp: MSD 230w
  • Control: Control switch bulb or manual
  • Strobe: Independent strobe channel, 1-10 times/second, built-in macro function
  • Atomization: Independent linear atomization
  • X/Y Axis Movement: X axis 540°, Y axis 280°
  • Control and Programming: 18 standard DMX512 channels
  • Power Dissipation: 350W
  • Effect Wheel: Rotation eight prism, effect move, frost
  • Lens Peripheral Fill Light: 27 0.5W RGB three-in-one LEDs
  • Ballast: Electronic ballast (380V input)
  • Dimming: Independent dimming channel, 0-100 linear precise dimming
  • Special Effects: 8+16+24 prism effect, magnification effect
  • X/Y Axis Resolution: 8/16 bit



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between spot and beam moving head lights?Answer: Spot and beam moving head lights serve different purposes. Spot lights offer a wider range of features like gobo wheels for pattern projection and are more versatile in beam shaping. Beam lights, like the 230W Beam Moving Head Light, provide intense and focused beams, ideal for high-impact visual effects. They are best for creating sharp, concentrated light columns.

2. What is the purpose of moving head lights?Answer: Moving head lights are designed to add dynamism and versatility to lighting designs. They can move in multiple directions, offering a range of effects from spot to wash lighting. The 230W Beam Moving Head Light, for instance, is perfect for creating vivid, directional beams and intricate lighting patterns, enhancing the overall visual experience of any event.

3. What is 7R light?Answer: 7R light refers to a high-intensity discharge lamp, commonly used in stage lighting, known for its sharp beam quality. It is a term often used to describe beam moving head lights, like the 230W Beam Moving Head Light, known for their bright, concentrated beams and long throw distances.

4. What are 4 different types of moving lights?Answer: The four primary types of moving lights are Beam, Spot, Wash, and Hybrid. Beam lights like the 230W Beam Moving Head Light are known for their intense and focused beams. Spot lights offer pattern and shape projections. Wash lights provide soft-edged, broad lighting. Hybrid lights combine features of beam, spot, and wash lights.

5. What are the three types of beam of light?Answer: The three types of light beams are spot, wash, and beam. Spot beams are focused with a defined edge, wash beams offer diffused lighting, and beam lights, like the 230W Beam Moving Head Light, create intense, narrow beams of light for dramatic effects.

6. What are the different types of moving lights?Answer: The main types of moving lights are Beam, Spot, Wash, and Hybrid. Each serves a unique purpose in lighting design. For instance, the 230W Beam Moving Head Light falls under the Beam category, offering high-intensity, focused light ideal for concerts and stage shows.

7. What is spot beam vs combo beam?Answer: Spot beams provide a concentrated, narrow light ideal for distance, whereas combo beams combine the qualities of spot and flood beams, offering both range and area coverage. The 230W Beam Moving Head Light, for example, is more akin to a spot beam, focusing intensely on a specific area.

8. What is the difference between moving head and moving wash?Answer: The key difference lies in their lighting effect. Moving head lights, like the 230W Beam Moving Head Light, offer focused, intense beams and are capable of projecting patterns. Moving wash lights provide softer, diffused lighting, ideal for covering a wide area with even light.


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