295W Beam Moving Head Light(GM-B295)

Illuminate your stage with the extraordinary 295W Beam Moving Head Light. This cutting-edge fixture is designed to captivate audiences and take your lighting productions to new heights. With its powerful 295W beam, this moving head light delivers stunning brightness and versatility. Experience precise pan/tilt operation, customizable gobo patterns, a wide range of vibrant colors, dynamic prism effects, smooth dimming capabilities, and an intuitive user interface. The 295W Beam Moving Head Light is the ultimate choice for professionals in the entertainment industry. Elevate your stage lighting game and create unforgettable experiences. Purchase the 295W Beam Moving Head Light today for a remarkable lighting solution.


  • The control signal: DMX512, the international standard.
  • Channel mode: 16CH for seamless channel switching.
  • Motor number: 12 silent motors for smooth operation.
  • LCD Blue screen: Easy-to-operate interface with a beautiful display, supports 180-degree reversal for improved visibility.
  • Pan movement: Impressive 540° range.
  • Tilt movement: Wide 270° range, with automatic calibration and positioning.
  • Adjustable Pan/Tilt operation: High-precision software ensures correct positioning.
  • Mechanical dimming: Range from 0-100% for precise light control.
  • Strobe: Two-chip strobe with adjustable speed (0.5-13 times/sec)
  • Color wheel: 13 colors + open position for sharp beam effects.
  • Gobo wheel: 9 gobos + 4 glass gobos + open position for easy beam pattern changes.
  • Prism: Double prism with options for 8, 8+16+24 (48 honeycomb prism) overlay, adjustable rotating speed.
  • Frost effect: Soft light effect for creating fantastic patterns.
  • Color chip: Six-color chip (expandable to seven colors).
  • Focus: Three sets of optical lens combination for high-definition gobos projection.
  • Parallel beam angle: Adjustable from 0-3.8° for customized beam width.
  • Overheat protection: Ensures safety and prevents damage.
  • Intelligent lamp bulb switch control: Extends the lamp's lifespan.


  • Power voltage: AC110V-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Color temperature: 6700K/4500K/3200K
  • Covering: High-temperature resistant plastics
  • Size: 53.5cm/21.06 inches (length) x 37.5cm/14.76 inches (width) x 40.5cm/15.94 inches (height)
  • Lamp Source: 295W new imported lamp
  • Bulb life: 2000 hours
  • Levels of protection: IP20
  • Weight: 15.3kg/33.73 pounds




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