14R 295W moving heads light(GM-295W)

The 14R 295W Moving Heads Light offers unparalleled brightness and clarity with its high luminous flux of 7950lm and a striking color temperature of up to 8500K. Whether you're setting the stage for a concert or creating an ambient atmosphere for a corporate event, this moving heads light delivers exceptional performance.

Equipped with a comprehensive range of controls, including DMX512, WMDMX, and self-propelled modes, the 14R 295W Moving Heads Light offers unmatched adaptability. Its 16-channel configuration, combined with four light touch switches and a 180° reversible display, ensures precise control over your lighting effects.A color plate with 14 color chips plus white, adjustable rotation speed, bidirectional flowing water, and rainbow effects allow for creative expression.


  • the advanced prism technology, boasting a 48 honeycomb prism and an 8 prism. These prisms can be stacked and rotated independently in both directions, offering unique lighting effects that are sure to captivate any audience.
  • With linear focusing, atomization function, and adjustable atomization speed, the 14R 295W Moving Heads Light can create an array of atmospheric effects, from a sharp beam to a soft wash.
  • The durability and safety of this moving heads light are also noteworthy. With an IP20 protection level and overheat protection, it's built to last and operate safely in various environments.


  • Power Supply: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Bulb Model: Original Philips/Osram/Phoenix Foam
  • Channel: 16 Channels, Four Light Touch Switches, 180° Reversible Display
  • Pattern Disc: Fixed Pattern Disc, 17 Pattern Effects + White
  • Focusing: Linear Focusing, Atomization Function, Adjustable Speed
  • Luminous Flux: 7950lm
  • Color Temperature: Up to 8500K
  • Ballast: Electronic Inductance Ballas
  • Strobe Macro Function: 1 to 12 F.P.S.
  • Reset System: Photoelectric, Pan540°, Tilt270°
  • Total Power: 450W
  • Control Mode: DMX512/WMDMX/Self-Propelled
  • Color Plate: 14 Color Chips + White, Adjustable Rotation Speed, Bidirectional Flowing Water, Rainbow Effect
  • Prism: 48 Honeycomb Prism, 8 Prism, Independent Rotation
  • IP Protection Level: IP20
  • Size: 21x23x51cm (8.26×9.05×20.07in)
  • Net Weight: 14KG (30.86lb)
  • Dimming: 0-100% Mechanical Dimming, Adjustable Strobe Effects
  • Lens Group: Optical System, Electric Focusing, Beam Angle 0-4°
  • Additional Features: Horizontal and Vertical Fine Automatic Error Correction, Overheat Protection, LCD Display Screen.



Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Channels Does a Moving Light Use?

When it comes to the versatility and control of moving heads lights, one of the key aspects to consider is the number of channels they use. The number of channels in a moving head light like the 14R 295W Moving Heads Light plays a pivotal role in determining its functionality and the complexity of the effects it can produce.

Specifically, the 14R 295W model boasts an impressive 16-channel configuration. This extensive channel range offers granular control over various functions of the light, allowing for intricate and dynamic lighting designs. Each channel controls a different aspect of the light's performance – from basic functions like dimming and color change to more advanced features such as gobo patterns, prism effects, and movement speeds.

The ability to manipulate these channels individually provides lighting designers with the creative flexibility to craft complex lighting scenes and sequences. This is particularly advantageous in professional settings like concerts, theater productions, and corporate events, where lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and directing audience attention.

In summary, the number of channels in a moving heads light like the 14R 295W is fundamental to its capability. With 16 channels, this model stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking comprehensive control over their lighting environment, making it a popular choice among lighting professionals.

What are the Features of Moving Lights?

Moving heads lights, particularly the 14R 295W Moving Heads Light, are renowned for their rich array of features that cater to diverse lighting needs. The features of these lights make them an indispensable tool in various settings, from stage performances to architectural lighting.

Key features of the 14R 295W model include:

  1. High Luminous Flux and Color Temperature: With a luminous flux of 7950lm and a color temperature reaching up to 8500K, it provides bright and vivid lighting, essential for professional environments.

  2. Versatile Control Options: The light supports DMX512, WMDMX, and self-propelled control modes, along with a 16-channel configuration. This ensures precise and flexible control over lighting effects.

  3. Advanced Color and Pattern Capabilities: It boasts a color plate with 14 color chips plus white, alongside a pattern disc with 17 effects. These features allow for a wide range of visual effects, from subtle mood lighting to dramatic visual displays.

  4. Innovative Prism Technology: The inclusion of a 48 honeycomb prism and an 8 prism, both independently rotatable, provides unique and captivating lighting effects.

  5. Focusing and Atomization Functions: Its linear focusing and atomization features enable users to adjust the beam quality, from sharp focused light to a softer wash effect.

  6. Robust Build and Safety Features: With an IP20 protection level and overheat protection, the light is designed for durability and safety in various environments.


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