3 Heads DMX512 Spray Fire Flame Machine(GY-E06)

The Igracelite GY-E06 flamethrower is a high-performing, 200W device designed for creating dramatic fire effects at outdoor events. With a durable stainless steel nozzle, it offers a reliable and safe operation thanks to its pulse ignition system. The unit is equipped with a heat dissipation system to extend its lifespan. It's versatile, suitable for music festivals, performances, parties, and concerts, and can reach fireball heights of 2-3 meters and fire pillar heights of up to 3-4 meters. The flamethrower is controlled via a DMX console with 5 channels, allowing for precise control over the left, middle, and right nozzles, as well as operation modes. Safety is paramount, with guidelines for use, including maintaining a 5-meter safety distance and ensuring proper ventilation for indoor applications.


  • High-Temperature Durability: The Igracelite GY-E06 features a heat-resistant stainless steel nozzle that can withstand the rigors of high-temperature operation without clogging or deforming.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Equipped with a pulse ignition system, the flamethrower ensures a safe and reliable ignition process,,significantly reducing safety risks during events.
  • Enhanced Heat Dissipation: The chassis is designed with multiple heat dissipation holes, preventing overheating and ensuring the longevity of the equipment even during extended use.
  • Versatile Outdoor Applications: Ideal for creating a spectacular atmosphere at a variety of outdoor events, including music festivals, performances, parties, and concerts.
  • Precision DMX Control: With 5 DMX channels, the flamethrower offers precise control over the left, middle, and right nozzles, as well as operation modes, allowing for customized fire effects to match the mood of any event.


  • Brand Name :Igracelite
  • Warranty :1 year
  • Voltage Specification :AC 110V-220V, 50-60Hz
  • Packaging Size :36cm x 30cm x 39cm(14.17inx 11.81inx 15.35in)
  • Fireball Height :2-3 meters((6.56-9.84 feet))
  • Gross Weight :9kg((19.84 pounds))
  • Model Number :GY-E06
  • Power :200W
  • Color :Black
  • DMX Channels :5 channels
  • Fire Pillar Height :3-4 meters((9.84-13.12 feet))

Special Attention:

1. Heat Emission: The product operates at high temperatures, which is normal. Avoid direct contact with the machine during use.

2. Flammable and Explosive Materials: Keep the product away from flammable and explosive materials while in use.

3. Operational Safety: Do not touch the nozzle or the base of the machine directly while it is in operation to prevent burns.

4. Post-Use Handling: Allow the machine to cool before packing and storing.

5. Unattended Operation: Ensure the machine is turned off when unattended.

6. Outdoor Use Preference: It is recommended to use the flamethrower outdoors whenever possible.

7. Professional Supervision: Ensure control is disconnected or switched off when the operator leaves the area.

8. Proper Placement: Use the flamethrower in a vertical and stable position on the ground, avoiding wall mounting or upside-down

9. Safety Distance: Maintain a clear radius of 5 meters around the flamethrower, free of people and combustible materials.

10. Indoor Requirements: For indoor use, ensure a minimum vertical clearance of 8 meters.

11. Environment Consideration: It is preferable to operate in a windless environment. If used in windy conditions, control the
safe distance accordingly.

12. Fuel and Gas Tank Management: Use the sparking oil and gas tank for a single session and remove it post-use to prevent
leakage, splashing, and deflagration. Avoid using half-full tanks to minimize the risk of accidents.

13. Power and Fire Safety: Ensure the machine is powered off and there is no open flame nearby when removing the flame-jet oil and
gas tank.

DMX Console Usage:

1. Control Requirements: A DMX console is necessary for operation. The console controls a total of 5 channels.

2. Channel Assignment:
- Channel 1: Controls the left nozzle.
- Channels 2 and 3: Control the middle nozzle.
- Channel 4: Controls the right nozzle.
- Channel 5: Manages the operation mode (default is point spray, with a continuous spray option available for up to 5 seconds by
pushing the button).

3. DMX Address Setting: The address can be adjusted using the plus and minus buttons located at the bottom of the display screen.


3 Heads DMX512 Spray Fire Flame Machine(GY-E06) reference guide downloads


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the power requirement for the flamethrower?

A: The flamethrower operates at 200W, making it suitable for various power supply options.

Q: What voltage range does the flamethrower support?

A: It supports a wide voltage range of AC 110V to 240V, which is ideal for different countries and regions.

Q: Can the flamethrower be used for both indoor and outdoor events?

A: Yes, it is designed for outdoor use but can be adapted for indoor events with proper safety measures and a minimum vertical clearance of 8 meters.

Q: How many DMX channels does the flamethrower have, and what do they control?

A: The flamethrower has 5 DMX channels. Channel 1 controls the left nozzle, Channels 2 and 3 control the middle nozzle, Channel 4 controls the right nozzle, and Channel 5 manages the operation mode.

Q: What safety measures should be taken when using the flamethrower?

A: Several safety measures should be observed, including maintaining a 5-meter safety distance around the flamethrower, avoiding direct contact with the machine during operation, ensuring proper ventilation, and following guidelines for fuel and gas tank management.