54*3w led par light(GL-008)

Igracelite par light brings clean, variable color temperature white light in an incomparable level of intensity for its range.2,800K and 7,200K color temperature LED’s can choose, the Igracelite led par can provides a broad spectrum of white light, ranging from soft, amber candlelight and sunset color, through quartz, fluorescent and tungsten color all the way to strong, stark white daylight.A powerful, broad‐spectrum LED fixture, the Igracelite was developed for toning various skin tones on video, and is therefore uniquely ideal for conference and broadcast applications. Additionally, the Igracelite is an excellent white light where varying color is desired. It can also be made into 54PCs three-colors and four-colors led par lights.Everything from weddings, churches, themed environments and galleries benefit from having broadband white light in a single fixture, for varying events as well as time‐of‐day applications.


  • Giving the user the options of 15°, 25°, 40°, and 60° beam spreads.
  • It can be used as a 5-core DMX signal socket or a 3-core signal socket.
  • Can be used as a power interface for powercon.


  • Lamp:54x3W(Red 18 + Green 18 + Blue 18) LEDs
  • Lamp:54x3W (warm white 54pcs)/54x3W (cool white 54pcs)
  • Beam angle:25° ,15 degree or 45 degree optional
  • Power:162W
  • Lamp:54x3W (Red 12 + Green 18 + Blue 18 + White 6) LEDs
  • Packing size:540*540*380mm /1.77*1.77*1.24ft(4pcs/without hanging bracket) optional
  • Application:night club,Wedding,Events,Dj show,Party and so on