Outdoor led zoom par light(GL-ZP740)

 the Outdoor LED Zoom Par Light, a top-notch lighting solution designed for versatility and robust performance. Crafted for professional outdoor lighting applications, it offers a host of features that cater to all of your creative needs.


  • Versatility in Beam Angle: With electronic focusing ranging from 5° to 60°, this light provides unparalleled flexibility in shaping your visual spectacle.
  • Efficient Power Consumption: Utilizing 7x40 watts RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs, this device delivers stunning visual effects without draining energy.
  • Extended Lifespan: With an average life of 50,000 hours, you can trust this light to deliver consistent performance over time.
  • Robust Control Options: Control the system through DMX512, master-slave, sound activated or auto operation modes for precise management of your lighting effects.
  • Color Mastery: Uniform RGBW color mixing and rainbow effects allow infinite motion and infinite color changes, offering you a broad spectrum of creative possibilities.
  • Professional Strobe Effects: Achieve captivating strobe effects at 1-20 fps, with Flicker-free operation, LED Rainbow effect, and Macro effects.
  • Ease of Operation: A user-friendly 4-button LCD control panel ensures easy navigation and control over the device.


  • Input Voltage: AC 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • LED Type: Single 40W 4-in-1 RGBW LED
  • Average Life: 50,000 Hours
  • LED Source: 7x40 watts RGBW 4-in-1 LED, Low power consumption
  • Channels: 5/9 channels, 3 modes optional
  • Control Mode: DMX512, master-slave, sound activated or auto operation
  • Controls: 4-button LCD control panel menu
  • Rated Power: 300 W
  • Beam Angle: 5° to 60° electronic focusing
  • Color System: Uniform RGBW color mixing with rainbow effect
  • Protocol: USITT DMX-512
  • Strobe Effects: 1-20 fps strobe effects, Flicker-free operation, LED Rainbow effect, Macro effects
  • Dimming: 0-100% linear dimmer



Frequently Asked Questions

Is PAR the same as lumens?

No, PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) and lumens are not the same

PAR refers to the range of light wavelengths that plants can utilize in the photosynthesis process, typically falling within the 400-700 nm spectrum. It is the measure of intensity and quality of the light required by plants for growth.

Lumens, on the other hand, measure the total amount of visible light emitted by a source. It is a unit of measurement that gauges the brightness perceived by the human eye. While lumens encompass the entire range of visible light, PAR focuses specifically on the wavelengths used by plants.

In summary, PAR is focused on the specific spectrum of light that aids in plant growth, whereas lumens measure the overall brightness of a light source as perceived by humans.

What PAR is considered high light?

PAR, or Photosynthetically Active Radiation, is categorized into different levels based on its intensity. High light is typically considered to be a PAR value above 200 µmol/m²/s.

In the context of plant growth, high PAR levels provide more energy to the plants, often resulting in increased growth, better fruiting, and flowering. These higher levels of PAR are suitable for plants that require intense sunlight, such as certain vegetables, flowering plants, and many tropical species.

However, high PAR levels may not be suitable for all plants, as it could lead to stress or damage in some species. Careful consideration of the specific plants' needs and proper monitoring of PAR levels are essential for achieving optimal growth and health.

These high PAR values are usually found in specialized horticultural lighting systems that can be adjusted according to the plants' requirements.