18*12W 6in1 LED par zoom(GL-Z18)

Igracelite GL-Z18 6in1 led par zoom provides quiet and smooth motorized zoom range from 10°-50°, we have 18*10W 4-in-1 LEDs, 18*15W 5-in-1 LEDs and 18*18W 6-in-1 LEDs. It’s with very high light output, pure color mixing and even light coverage. The linear electronic dimming combines with a flicker free control system specially for TV production and film. The unit comes with dual rigging brackets/floor stand. in recent years, this led par zoom is a popular style of church stage lighting.


  • Low noise efficient 12025 fan cooling system, integrated with aluminum.
  • 10°to 50° motorized linear zoom, high efficiency optic system, high output.
  • 2014/35/EU - Safety of electrical, equipment supplied at low voltage (LVD),  2014/30/EU -Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).


  • Lamp source:18*12w RGBWAUV 6in1 leds / RGBW 4in1
  • Zoom angle:10°-50°
  • Long-life LEDs:50.000 hours expected life time
  • color:RGBWAUV ,16.7 million kinds of color change
  • Product Name:18X12w RGBAWUV-in-1 led par light.
  • Chip Type:18x 6IN1 RGBWA-in-1 LED multichip
  • Cloor:5-color LED technology
  • Voltage:AC110-250V/50-60HZ
  • DMX channels:6/10chs
  • 4 operational modes:Sound Active, Macro, Auto, & DMX
  • Weight:3.2KG(7ib)
  • Product Features:Extremely bright 10°- 50°beam with no multicolor shadows is provided by new 6-color LED technology,Die-cast aluminium casting with dual suspension brackets for installation in any position, with LED setting and control display and universal internal power supply,companion to any lighting designer.