360 PhotoBooth

360 PhotoBooth is the perfect combination of traditional photo booth and the new 360 degree technology. It's the perfect way to capture your special day and share it with your friends. The 360 PhotoBooth can take 360 degree photos and videos to capture your event from every angle. Our booth is easy to use and provides an interactive and fun experience for your guests. You can share your photos and videos through social media, email, and text message. We also provide custom branding options to make it unique to your event.

The Igracelite 360 PhotoBooth is this innovative way to capture and share immersive 360° photos. It's an interactive experience that allows users to snap 360° photos of themselves and their friends in an instant. We can share these photos on social media. And we can use 360 PhotoBooth to create fun and unique memories that are sure to last a lifetime.


  • Immersive 360° Photos: 360 PhotoBooth provides users with an immersive 360° photo experience. It captures photos from all angles, and can be used to capture group shots or single person portraits.
  • Easy to Use: 360 PhotoBooth is incredibly easy to use. It requires no setup, and can be used with just a few clicks.
  • Customizable: With 360 PhotoBooth, users can customize their photos with text, stickers, and other visual elements.
  • Social Media Integration: Photos captured with 360 PhotoBooth can be easily shared on social media.
  • Print Options: 360 PhotoBooth also offers a variety of print options, including custom sizes and shapes.
  • Great For: Weddings, Corporate events, Birthdays, Galas, Charitable events, School Dances, Private events.

Igracelite 360 photobooth Standard parts list


  • Certification:CE/FCC/ROHS/ISO
  • Size:80/100/115 cm
  • Control methods: Remote control, Emergency control, Remote control, emergency control
  • After-sales service provided: Online support
  • Input Vol: AC100~240V 50 /60 HZ
  • Model No:basicⅠ/basicⅡ/glass style
  • Shooting Tools: Support Smartphones,iPad, GoPro,DSLR cameras, Support smartphones, iPad, GoPro, DSLR camera



Igracelite 360 PhotoBooth suits weddings, private parties, corporate events, and promotions. Xcite Photo Booths can provide high-quality photo and video messages. Our PhotoBooth is compact and easy to use. Every PhotoBooth is equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can instantly share your pictures on social media sites, and each event will have its online photo album. Igracelite 360 PhotoBooth has a wide variety of props for every occasion.


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