Pixel LED Dance Floor(GL-MP6460)

The Igracelite Pixel LED Dance Floor is designed specifically for clubs, parties, DJs, and events. It can create many stunning effects, making it an excellent partner for event designers.
The pixel LED dance floor creates colorful patterned images, displays text, and shows low-resolution Flash videos.
Designed like a monitor, the images, color designs, and videos come from a control box or computer using RJ45 technology, making it user-friendly.


  • Patterns or videos can be designed by the user, providing a broad creative space. Whether displaying text, images, or videos, users can become the designers of their events or weddings.
  • The pixel LED dance floor uses magnetic connections (with wired connections as an option), significantly reducing installation time by over 70%. However, remember that the LED dance floor cannot be submerged in water as it is not completely waterproof.
  • The LED dance floor comes in two sizes: 19.7 inches * 19.7 inches or 23.6 inches * 23.6 inches, and they can be connected together to form beautiful shapes.
  • The Igracelite Pixel LED Dance Floor comes with all accessories, power supply, controller, flight case, and beveled edges.


  • Voltage: 90-240VAC, 50/60 hz
  • Light source:64pcs 5050 SMD 3in1 leds
  • Life: ≥100000 hours
  • Protection level: IP20
  • Power: 20w
  • Color:RGB tricolor full color
  • Material: ABS+Tempered glass
  • Control mode: SD controller (with DMX, voice control,
    sound control, remote control), PC controller, MADRIX.


Pixel LED Dance Floor(GL-MP6460) reference guide downloads


Frequently Asked Questions

How do LED dance floors work?

LED dance floors use reflective designs on the interior sides and bottom, while the top features a diffusing layer for even light distribution. They are made with high-strength tempered glass and a durable ABS plastic steel base. Controlled by a computer or a controller, LED dance floors can display various patterns and flashes.

What are the dimensions of an LED dance floor?

The standard sizes of Igracelite LED dance floors are 19.7 inches or 23.6 inches, with custom sizing available upon request.

How much is an LED dance floor?

The price of an LED dance floor ranges between $48 to $125.

What is the difference between uplights and dance floor lights?

Uplights are used to enhance the ambiance of a room, placed on the ground to shine light upwards. They create a wash of color and are often used for mood lighting. Dance floor lights are designed to energize a dance floor with dynamic effects like moving beams, strobes, and patterns, often synchronized with music.