How about Igracelite led light dance floor

The LED light dance floor is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced at an event. With its rich colors and patterns, you’ll quickly see why it’s at the heart of our technological revolution. We are confident that the Igracelite LED light dance floor will complement customers with more refined avant-garde and modern tastes.

Those looking for a more traditional and elegant event may worry. The floor is a very delicate part that stays off at night when the focal point of your activity should be directed elsewhere. Since your guests are drawn to the floor as the night progresses, the illuminated LED light dance floor creates the perfect party atmosphere that your guests won’t want to leave the dance floor! So once the dancing begins, the floor opens; this preserves the elegance of your well-planned event.

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Available in many different patterns and colors, the LED light dance floor will bring your party to life and create a night you won’t forget. Available in various sizes to suit your party size. Single or double LED light dance floor tiles can also be used as illuminated podiums:
Each LED light dance floor of Igracelite has its characteristics: magnetic wireless, remote control, induction, frosted, glossy, waterproof, and so on. For Size: 50*50cm,60*60cm,60*120cm, and 100*100cm. For Effect: we have a mirror dance floor, rainbow dance floor, starlit dance floor, Digital dance floor, video dance floor, and Liquid dance floor. For Exterior: We have a wireless dance floor, cable dance floor, and magnet dance floor from the connection. We have a wireless, infinity led light dance floor from control types.

Make your event stand out with an LED illuminated dance floor! Hire a lighted dance floor to make guests who are initially not interested in dancing irresistible. Since the dance floor is easy to carry, it can transform any event space and enchant your guests with a modern dance club feel. When guests feel like they’re attending the most famous nightclub around, they can’t help but dance, even if that club happened to be a hotel ballroom, school gym, VFW hall, or church basement just a few hours ago. Lighted dance floors are an instant attraction for anyone of any age!

LED dance floor creates an atmosphere in concerts, nightclubs, bars, and other places:
Color: LED dance floor lights can emit light in various colors and be matched according to different occasions and themes. For example, at a concert, you can use bright colors to create a warm atmosphere; in a nightclub, you can use dark colors to create a mysterious atmosphere; in a bar, you can use pastel colors to create a comfortable atmosphere.
Dynamic effects: LED dance floor lights can achieve various emotional effects, such as flashing, color changing, flowing, etc. These dynamic effects can make dance floor lights more vivid and attract the audience's attention.
In concerts: LED dance floor lights can be used with stage lighting to create a more stunning visual effect. For example, at a rock concert, you can use solid colors and dynamic effects to enhance the exciting atmosphere of the music; at a pop concert, you can use soft colors and emotional impact to create a romantic atmosphere.
In nightclubs: LED dance floor lights are an essential element of nightclubs. It can create a mysterious and warm atmosphere, allowing people to enjoy the nightlife.
In bars: LED dance floor lights can create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere where people can enjoy drinks and music.

Let us briefly introduce several LED light dance floor.

Igracelite LED Light Dance Floor Features:

Of course, the first thing we need to introduce is Igracelite 3D Magnet LED light dancing floor, which is easy to use and wireless splicing; it can greatly reduce labor costs, and is the first choice for LED light dancing floor rental.

The following list is the timetable we calculated. You can clearly see how much time is saved.


Magnet connection

Wired connection

Save Time

16ftX16ft(2 workers)


1 houres


20ftX20ft(2 workers)


2 houres


24ftX24ft(2 workers)




30ftx30ft(2 workers)




Next is the rainbow led light dance floor, the star led light dance floor, and finally, the Frosted and Infinity led light dance floor.

Igracelite LED light dance floors feature the highest quality finishes, sparkling LED lights, and stunning shiny surfaces to complement any room. The lights inside the LED dance floor can change color from crisp, cool, and modern pure white to disco with alternating colors and patterns. We can install and tear down dance floors within our regular setup and tear-down timeframe (most of the time), so don’t worry about extending your lease for one of the most remarkable effects!

Igracelite 3D Magnet infinity LED light dancing floor and Magnetic frost LED light dance floor will be simpler and more convenient for us to use. Usually, the wired LED light dance floor takes about 6 minutes to install and use, but the wireless magnetic LED light dance floor tiles only take 30 seconds. It can significantly save labor costs and provide you with better value.

They each have their characteristics and are rich in usage scenarios. It is very suitable for weddings, night bars, and various parties, and of course, it is also ideal for LED light dance floor rental.

Igracelite LED light dance floors

Are you throwing a themed party in Las Vegas?

How does an LED light dance floor highlight the dancer's movements in dance performances?
Use chiaroscuro: LED light dance floors can create a contrast between light and dark by controlling the brightness of the light to highlight the dancer's movements. For example, you can light up the dancer's body and darken the background to make the dancer's movements stand out more.
Use color: LED light dance floors can highlight the dancer's movements by controlling the color of the light. For example, you can light up a dancer's clothing or props and darken the background to make the dancer's movements stand out more.
Use dynamic effects: LED light dance floors can highlight dancers' movements by controlling the emotional effects of light. For example, you can make the dance more vivid by having the light move with the dancer's movements.

Igracelite LED light dance floors are perfect for any party event. Each 4’x4′ flodancer's movements or panel can be designed in any color (including white). The system can be controlled in various ways to create millions of colors. Make fun special effects and even respond to sounds! Each floor panel is four by 4 feet (121.92 cm x 121.92 cm), allowing you to set up any size or shape system. Set up square floors, rectangles, or runways. With optional adapters, the system can be T-shaped or L-shaped.

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Igracelite led light dance floor controled by DMX512, sound+408controller, PAD, Rmote control or Customized.

Each panel  of Igracelite LED dance floor can be assembled in just two minutes. Each panel weighs 63 pounds. And made with a 100% acrylic finish. Low power consumption, no heat. Igracelite LED dance floor is super safe, with beveled edges to prevent tripping on the floor. (Unlike other floors that are 7″-12″ off the ground!)

Igracelite LED light dance floor enhances any venue for a wedding, party, or corporate event. The twinkling lights truly bring the dance floor to life! Available for hire across Scotland, these fantastic LED light dance floor will help your event stand out. Our new floors add sparkle to your wedding, party, or any event. With just a touch of the remote, the floor can be set to static (permanent LED lighting) or flash mode with various speeds. The appearance of a white star led dance floor can be altered by casting colored lights onto its surface. This provides great flexibility for changing the mood of a room or marquee. The edges of the dance floor are finished with aluminum trim to prevent any trips or falls.

They are versatile, with the option to keep the starlights still, or they can blink and blink at the touch of a button. You can even slow down the lights or speed them up to the beat of the music. A great touch we found when recruiting for weddings is that the speed of the lights can match the speed of your first dance, which creates a beautiful effect and a very romantic atmosphere.

Most importantly for us, for every event, we provide a star or star dance floor to ensure it is in pristine condition and you are completely satisfied. If you want a perfect dance area, you can’t miss the stunning white starlight dance floor.

Igracelite unique digital LED light dance floor This stunning product offers a dazzling display of color uses advanced technology to showcase over 80 individual patterns and offers custom text and images. With over 3,000 high-tech light bulbs installed on each dance floor, experience an explosion of color beneath your feet as you dance through the night. Quick and easy security programming by Elite Sound has over 80 functions to combine text and images. Installed with advanced floor technology, this unique dance floor will be an incredible focal point for any event, mesmerizing your guests. Our dance floor outfits can be done in under an hour. The tempered glass top is completely waterproof, giving everyone peace of mind.

Igracelite LED light dance floor can be used in indoor and outdoor environments such as halls, exhibition halls, stages, parties, etc., with a load-bearing capacity of 1.5 tons, equivalent to a car. Good waterproof performance, high image fidelity, high brightness, and large viewing angle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do LED light dance floors work?

The led light dance floor is divided into two types: wired and wireless. Let’s talk about wired first: this kind of led light dance floor is energized through the power line link, and the signal line is used to transmit the signal. We can control it through DMX512, voice control and 408controller , PAD and remote control. Igracelite wireless led light dance floor, mainly magnetic led light dance floor. Both power and signal are delivered through Grace Stage Lighting's special magnets. As for the remote control: that is controlled via the control box. Igracelite led light dance floor supports customer customization.

What is the price of LED light dance floor

Before we talk about the price of led light dance floor, we have to talk about the production experience and quality: Grace stage lighting has been producing led light dance floor since 2013, through so many years of working with all suppliers, we We chose the most cost-effective and the best service, the purpose is to bring the best experience to all our customers. The price of Igracelite led light dance floor is from 35 dollars to 70 dollars, and the wireless led light dance floor will be slightly more expensive. But I fully believe our prices are very competitive in the market. To choose Grace Stage Lighting is to choose professionalism and high quality.

How much does the LED light dance floor weight?

The led light dance floor is different from the traditional dance floor. The current led light dance floor uses 8mm tempered glass and ABS chassis shell, so the weight is very suitable for one person to move or install. The general weight is: 15KG (33Ib) . Coupled with the characteristics of magnetic attraction, igracelite led light dance floor can greatly reduce labor costs, saving you valuable installation time and costs.

What is the size of LED light dance floor?

The size of the popular led light dance floor is generally: 50CM*50CM (1.64ft * 1.64ft) or 60CM*60CM (1.97ft*1.97ft).

Are LED light dance floors slippery?

Of course, it won't slip, and the Igracelite led light dance floor has a matte version.


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