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200W Led Profile Spotlight(GL-200S-W)

LED Profile Spotlight is lighting fixtures that use LED technology to cast light in a concentrated beam. Profile spotlight is commonly used in retail and hospitality, rental and staging. Because of its ability to provide directional illumination with a narrow beam angle. LED profile spotlight is usually embedded in ceilings, floors, and their lenses can be adjusted to produce various beam angles and effects. Beam angle: 19/26/36/50 degree optional.

Igracelite LED Profile Spotlight is equipped with powerful and energy-efficient import LED lights that are capable of producing a bright and even illumination that can be used in a wide variety of applications. It is also equipped with adjustable beam angles, zoom and a dimming function that allows you to customize your lighting to fit the environment you are working in.


  • Aluminum alloy shell, fast heat dissipation.
  • Imported lamp beads, long use time.
  • Heat pipe cooling system.
  • Nine-blade ball fan, silent fan.
  • scenes to be used LED Profile Spotlight
    1. Photography shooting: By adjusting the LED Profile Spotlight intensity, angle, color temperature and other parameters of the flash, you can get the best shooting effect and make the photos more exciting.
    2. Performance lighting: You can adjust the parameters of the imaging light to achieve different scene atmospheres and enrich the performance effect.
    3. Indoor lighting: Indoor lighting is an important part of conference hall, studio decoration. By adjusting the parameters of imaging lights, different indoor atmospheres can be realized. high CRI of Igracelite LED Profile Spotlight to realize your ideas.
    4. Projection lighting: Projection lighting of LED Profile Spotlight plays an important role in theaters. By adjusting the parameters of the imaging lamp, the best display effect of the projection screen can be achieved, so that the audience can get the best visual experience.scenes to be use


  • LED:1pcs 200W White Color +Warm white LED each time only light 300watt leds
  • Color:Warm white (3200K)-Cold White (6000K)
  • Strobe:1-25 times/second
  • Illuminance:3800 Lux (4m 19°, 5600k )
  • Focus:manual and pre focus
  • Control mode:DMX-512; Master/slave mode; Demo mode
  • Display of control panel:LCD display or Touch Screen
  • Color:warm white + cold white (2 in 1 600W)
  • Rated voltage:AC100-240V
  • Service life:more than 50000 hours
  • Dimming frequency:500Hz - 25000hz optional
  • Technology:high quality optical system, glass reflector
  • Touch screen:LCD with touch screen
  • Control system:DMX512, self running mode, master-slave mode
  • Working temperature:- 30 ~ 40 ℃
  • Cooling system:Mute fan
  • Net weight:10.5kg/23.15 lb
  • Shell material:Die cast Aluminum
  • Cooling:massive copper tube convertor+high quality mute fan
  • Lifespan:50000h
  • Beam angle:19/26/36/50 degree optional
  • Dimmer:0-100% linear dimmer, 4 fine dim function
  • CRI:Ra≥90
  • Optimal projection distance:4-30 m,best effect at 10-15 meter
  • Light cut:manual, 4 slices
  • DMX channel:2CH
  • Lamp bead power:600W
  • Color temperature:3000-6000k adjustable
  • Total power consumption:300W
  • Dimming curve:4 kinds
  • Focus:manually adjustable
  • Body:Die Cast Aluminum
  • Control protocol:RDM / DMX
  • DMX channel:2CH
  • Waterproof grade:IP20
  • packing:72*33*31.5cm(1in1 box)28.35 *12.99*12.4 in
  • Shell color:white/black
  • Working temperature:-30-40℃
  • Protection rating:IP20


Igracelite 200W LED profile spotlight reference guide downloads



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