480W CMY CTO Led Moving Head Light(GL-L480)

Igracelite 480W CMY CTO Led Moving Head Light is a cutting-edge lighting fixture designed for professional stage performances and events. It combines powerful features and advanced technology to deliver exceptional lighting effects and enhance the overall visual experience.

It is suitable for various celebration scenes, especially large-scale performances, concerts, beer festivals and strawberry festivals.


  • High-Performance Optics: Equipped with a 480W White LED lamp, this moving head light offers a bright and intense light output. The Color Temperature (CT) can be adjusted between 8000K and 6500K, ensuring versatile lighting options for various applications. With a long lifespan of 20,000 hours and a CRI of ≥74, it provides reliable and high-quality lighting.
  • Flexible Color Mixing: The CMY color mixing system allows seamless color transitions and precise control over a wide range of hues. The CTO linear feature enables fine-tuning of color temperature from 2700K to 6500K, providing warm and cool lighting effects.
  • Dynamic Gobos and Effects: The rotating gobo wheel with interchangeable patterns and the static gobo wheel with a variety of designs offer endless creative possibilities. The rotating prism with a 5-facet design adds mesmerizing effects to the light projection. The motorized focus, electronic shutter, and adjustable dimming and frost features further enhance the versatility of the lighting effects.
  • Advanced Motion System: The moving head light features smooth and precise pan and tilt movements. With a pan movement range of 540°/630° (optional) and tilt movement range of 270°, it allows for dynamic and accurate positioning of the light beam. The advanced motion system ensures fast, quiet, and smooth operation.
  • User-Friendly Control and Display: The LCD display with battery operation enables quick and convenient addressing and parameter adjustments. The fixture also includes useful functions like standby auto lock, pan/tilt disengage, and input signal isolation, making it easy to operate and customize.


  • Lamp: 480W White LED
  • Life: 20,000 hours
  • Max Power Consumption: 550W (Power Factor ≥0.98)
  • Pan Movement: 540°/630° (optional) (16-bit resolution)
  • Colors: CMY color mixing, CTO linear,
  • Color Temperature: 2700K~6500K
  • Rotating Gobo Wheel: 7 interchangeable gobos + open
  • Zoom: 4.5°-55° linear zoom
  • Focus: motorized focus
  • Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming
  • Animation Wheel: special dynamic effects (e.g., flame or water)
  • Display: LCD display with battery operation
  • Dimensions: 11.42" x 15.16" x 28.35" (inches)
  • Packing Size: 32.68" x 17.72" x 14.57" (inches)
  • CT: 8000K/6500K
  • CRI: ≥74
  • Power Supply: Electronic auto-ranging (Input voltage range: 100–240V, 50-60Hz)
  • Tilt Movement: 270° (16-bit resolution)
  • Color Wheel: 7 dichroic filters + open
  • Static Gobo Wheel: 8 gobos + open
  • Rotating Prism: 5-facet prism
  • Shutter: electronic, variable from 1-25Hz or random
  • Frost: 0-100% linear adjustment
  • Framing System: full-field travel with rotation of ±45°
  • Control Channel Modes: 34/54 channels
  • Weight: 66.14 lbs (pounds)
  • Net Weight: 66.14 lbs (pounds)


480W CMY CTO Led Moving Head Light(GL-L480) reference guide downloads



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