320w Beam Spot Wash 3in1 dj lights moving head(GL-L320)

Stage lighting has evolved over the years, turning simple stages into masterpieces of light and shadow. For DJs and stage lighting buyers in the United States, the hunt for the perfect lighting solution has always been a top priority. Enter the GL-L320 by Igracelite, a product of Grace stage lighting. It's not just any lighting; it's the future of dj lights moving head technology.

Why GL-L320 is the Go-To DJ Lights Moving Head

When you're investing in stage lighting, especially dj lights moving head, you're looking for versatility, durability, and performance. The Igracelite GL-L320 offers:


  • Vivid Colors: With a dynamic color wheel featuring 8 unique colors plus white, the dj lights moving head can create mesmerizing visual effects, from a serene glow to a pulsating rainbow.
  • Gobo Diversity: DJs can switch up the vibe with 7 interchangeable gobos, ensuring every performance feels fresh and exciting.
  • Advanced Features: With options ranging from a 5-facet prism to motorized focus, this dj lights moving head ensures every show is memorable.
  • Intuitive User Experience: The 2.8-inch LCD display, equipped with an English menu tailored for our U.S. audience, ensures easy navigation and adjustments on-the-go.

Grace stage lighting, under its brand Igracelite, has always been a front-runner in providing state-of-the-art lighting solutions. We understand the unique requirements of DJs in the United States. Our dj lights moving head is not just a product; it's a commitment to enhancing your stage performances.


  • Colors:
    • Color Wheel: One color wheel with 8 distinct colors and white.
    • Special Effects: Interchangeable, indexable, bidirectional rainbow effect.
  • Gobos:
    • Rotating Gobo Wheel:

      • 7 interchangeable gobos + open slot.
      • Features include being indexable and having a gobo shaking effect.
  • User-friendly Upgrades: Enhanced for quick and convenient use, remote DMX address resetting, fixture reset, and sound control by DMX.
  • 9 fixed gobos + open slot.
  • Comes with a gobo shaking effect.
  • DMX Channels: Available in 19/25CH.
  • Prism: 5 facet prism with positioning capability.
  • Focus: Motorized focus for sharp projections.
  • Strobe Options: Multiple strobe variations for dynamic light shows.
  • Screen: 2.8-inch LCD display.
  • Languages: English and Chinese menu options.
  • Enhancements: Features like auto lock, display flip, and Pan/Tilt reverse.
  • ArtNET Control: Available as an option with an additional charge.
  • Compatibility: RDM compatible for advanced lighting control.
  • Cooling System: Adaptive fan speed system that self-adjusts based on temperature.
  • Packing Dimensions: 15.74x11.02x25.19 inches.
  • Product Size: 9.44x7.08x22.83 inches.
  • Weight: 41.88lb.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Igracelite GL-L320 have a gobo shaking effect?

Yes, both the rotating and fixed gobo wheels on the GL-L320 come equipped with a gobo shaking effect.

What DMX channels does the GL-L320 support?

The Igracelite GL-L320 supports 19/25CH DMX channels.

What are the dimensions and weight of the GL-L320 DJ lights moving head?

The packing dimensions are 15.74x11.02x25.19 inches, with a product size of 9.44x7.08x22.83 inches. It weighs approximately 41.88lb.


For stage lighting buyers and DJs in the United States, the GL-L320 by Igracelite stands out as a reliable, top-performing, and user-friendly dj lights moving head solution. Trust in the quality and innovation that Grace stage lighting brings to the table. Illuminate your performances like never before!


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