Zoom Spot Beam 3in1 250w led moving head(GL-Z250)

Igracelite zoom Spot Beam 3in1 250W LED Moving Head is a professional lighting fixture that offers exceptional versatility and performance. Its wide range of color and gobo options, flexible zoom angle, and advanced cooling system provide lighting designers and performers with the tools to create stunning visual effects. The professional control capabilities, including DMX-512 compatibility and LCD display, ensure precise control and easy operation. Additionally, the enhanced features such as frost function, motorized focus, dimmer, and adjustable strobe speed add further creative possibilities. Overall, the Zoom Spot Beam 3in1 is a reliable and powerful lighting solution that enables the creation of captivating and immersive lighting experiences in various performance settings.


  • Vibrant Color Effects: The color wheel offers a wide range of options, including 7 colors plus white, allowing you to achieve stunning color combinations. Fine-tuning capabilities enable precise color adjustments, while the variable direction and speed of rotation add dynamic movement to your lighting effects.

  • Dynamic Gobo Effects: Explore creative possibilities with the rotation gobo wheel featuring 7 gobos plus white. Additionally, the fixed gobo wheel offers 8 gobos plus white, allowing you to project captivating patterns and textures onto any surface.
  • Versatile Control Options: The Zoom Spot Beam supports DMX-512 protocol, offering 16/18 channels for seamless integration into any lighting setup. Take full control of the fixture's parameters, including color, gobo selection, zoom, focus, dimming, and strobe effects.
  • Adjustable Zoom Angle: With a zoom angle ranging from 5.5 to 60 degrees, the fixture allows you to adjust the beam width according to your specific lighting requirements. Achieve precise spotlights or wide washes of light with ease.
  • Efficient Cooling System: The Zoom Spot Beam features a temperature protection function that activates the fans when the internal temperature reaches 40° Celsius. This ensures optimal performance and longevity of the fixture. Additionally, an efficient low-noise fan cooling system helps maintain a comfortable operating temperature.


  • Color Wheel: 7 colors + white, fine-tuning, variable direction and speed rotation
  • Fixed Gobo Wheel: 8 gobos + white
  • Zoom Angle: 5.5-60 degrees
  • Efficient Cooling: Low-noise fan cooling system
  • Display: LCD display
  • Focus: Variable motorized focus
  • Strobe: 1-25Hz/s
  • Net Weight: 36.4 lbs
  • Rotation Gobo Wheel: 7 gobos + white
  • DMX Channels: DMX-512, 16/18 CH
  • Temperature Protection: Fans activate at 40° Celsius, brightness reduces by half at 70° Celsius
  • Zoom: Linear zoom
  • Frost: Frost function
  • Dimmer: Variable electronic dimmer (0-100%)
  • Product Size: 12.6" x 11" x 23.6" (inches)


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