Top 5 Led Par Light Manufacturers in USA

LED PAR Light manufacturers are increasing day-by-day. In the world, Par light is mainly used in events. LED par lights are staged lighting devices that employ light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as their source of illumination. They serve as an alternative to high-intensity discharge or halogen lamps. So, they are used in conventional stage lighting equipment. Stage lighting not only illuminates the show but also makes it come alive. It also supports the theme through its colorful meanings. It is not only a way to light up the stage but also a way to create an impact and enhance the mood of the audience. To achieve these goals, one must select the best lights for stage performances. LED PAR lights are the perfect solution for stage lighting. So, they help with every kind of functions like weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and theatre etc. Igracelite is the ideal and best manufacturer in the world of LED PAR lights. Due to its high-quality products, it is famous all over the globe. Stage lighting is a form of art. It is a good thing for your wedding.

In the world, there are many manufacturers of LED PAR lights. It is very difficult to choose the right manufacturers. You will gain complete knowledge about Par Light. In short, you will learn about the top 5 LED PAR light manufacturers in the USA.

Led Par Light Manufacturers in USA

Historical Background of Led Par Light Manufacturers

LED Par Light has remained a mainstay in the industry since 1968. The LED Par light can be used for studio and stage lighting. LED can lights have been introduced since 2005. These LED lights are now the preferred choice for most par lights, both in the home and the workplace.

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What are LED Par Lights?

Stage Par lights are also called Par cans and Par reflectors. They provide a focused beam of light. The fixtures are made up of a lamp with a reflector and lenses. They produce powerful and focused beams. The Par lights are unique in that they offer a variety of colours and effects. They are a great choice for stage lighting, architectural lighting, and concerts.

List of Top 5 LED Par light manufacturers in the USA

Many PAR light manufacturers are available around the world. You can rely only on the most reliable suppliers for your supply chain. The top 5 manufacturers of PAR lights that meet the quality and durability standards are listed below.

ADJ Lighting

1: ADJ Lighting

  • Website Link:

  • Company Address: ADJ Products, LLC 6122 S. Eastern Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90040

Company Introduction

ADJ Lighting was built in 1985. It is located in USA. The main aim is to focus on quality, research, and development of the product. 

Key Products

  • Led Par

  • Moving Head

  • Led Wall Washer

  • Hot Selling

  • Accessories

Why did you select this LED Par Light Manufacturers?

  • ADJ Stage Lighting has more than 50 years of experience. 

  • They also offer 2 years of warrenty. 

  • Whether you need the lights for your project event, stage performance, theatre, or for sale and rental business. 

  • We would offer the appropriate solutions for your needs.

How to Contact ADJ Stage Lighting?

ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls)

2: ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls)

Company Introduction

ETC Stage Lighting is a professional manufacturer of stage lighting in USA. The company has a complete range of products in stage lighting and is the manufacturer with the most moving head series products.

Key Products

  • High Recommend Lights

  • Wash Mini LED Moving Head

  • Moving Head Bar

  • Waterproof Lights

  • LED Strobe Lights

  • Moving Head Wash

  • Bee Eye Moving Head

  • LED Follow Spot Lights

  • LED Par Lights

Why did you select this LED Par Light Manufacturers?

  • Has more than 50 years of stage lighting manufacturer experience with independent R&D. 

  • We provide 2 years of warranty on our products. 

  • The products are used in TV shows, concerts, churches, theatres, music festivals, clubs, etc.

How to Contact ETC Stage Lighting?

  • Telephone Number: +16088314116


3: Chauvet

Company Introduction

Chauvet has a focus on customer satisfaction and innovation. Their LED par lighting delivers exceptional performance with features like flicker-free operation and smooth dimming. 

Key Products

  • Moving Head Wash
  • Bee Eye Moving Head
  • LED Follow Spot Lights
  • LED Par Lights
  • Led Wall Washer
  • Hot Selling
  • Accessories

Why did you select this LED Par Light Manufacturers?

  • Chauvet products are used in a variety of industries including the entertainment, architectural and commercial sectors.
Blizzard Lighting Company

4: Blizzard Lighting Company

Company Introduction

Blizzard Lighting is elevating the lighting experience. Blizzard Lighting customers can think differently about how they use the light. 

Key Products

  • LED Moving Head

  • LED PAR Light

  • LED BAR Light

  • Moving Head Beam

  • Hybrid Moving Head

  • Other Led Stage Lights

Why did you select this LED Par Light Manufacturers?

  • Blizzard Lighting empowers its customers with lighting solutions that integrate seamlessly into their environments, reduce energy consumption, improve light quality, and provide a return on the investment.

How to Contact Blizzard Lighting?


5: Igracelite

Company Introduction

Grace Stage Lighting is a professional stage lighting manufacturer in Foshan (China).

It covers a variety of events, including weddings, DJs and concerts, nightclubs as well as landscape lighting, stage designs, etc.

Key Products

  • Cold-spark machines

  • Led dance floor

  • Battery-led stage light

  • Moving head light

  • LED moving head

  • LED par light

  • DMX controllers

  • Led ellipsoidal

  • Stage effects

  • Laser lighting

  • Retro led light

Why did you select this LED Par Light Manufacturers?

  • 15 years of experience in stage lighting export

  • Professional after-sales team

  • Product warranty for one year

  • Lifetime after-sales service

How to Contact Igracelite?

Different Types of Stage Par Lights

1: Traditional Par Cans: It has been in use for decades. They are usually made up of a metal casing, an incandescent bulb, and a simple reflective surface. The traditional Par cans may be durable and economical. But they lack the more advanced features of newer models.

2: LED PAR Lights: Technology has revolutionised lighting, and par lights are no different. LED Par lights have many advantages over conventional ones. These include a longer lifespan, greater energy efficiency and more colour options. The compact size and lower heat generation make them perfect for stage and portable applications.

3: Moving Head Par Lights: As their name implies, these lights are equipped with a rotating head which allows them to create a variety of lighting effects. Moving head Par Lights are very popular for live performances and entertainment venues. They offer more control and creativity when it comes to lighting design.

Key Advantages of LED PAR light

  • Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency is one of the main advantages of LED PAR lighting. LED lights are significantly more energy efficient than incandescent and halogen lighting. Moreover, they produce less heat. They are safer and cost-effective over time.

  • Lifespan Cycle: LED PAR lights have a longer lifespan than conventional lights. This means that they need less maintenance over time. Therefore, they are a great choice for event and stage lighting where they may be used for a long time and frequently.

  • Wide range of colours and effects: Some LED PAR lights have built-in colour changing capabilities, which allows them to produce an array of colours and effects. They are ideal for event and stage lighting where they can be used to create different lighting effects.

Step-by-Step Guide Before Choosing LED Par lights

LED par light is the best option for your event. Here are some important factors to take into consideration:

1: Lumens

Lumens are more important to shopping than anything else. Because they determine how much light will be produced. More lumens will make your light brighter.

2: Wattage

Wattage is a measure of energy consumption, but does not always reflect the amount light produced. Buy energy-efficient bulbs that use fewer watts per lumen. It’s not only eco-friendly. But you can save some money on energy.

3: Colour Temperature

Consider the colour of the light coming from the source. Before buying Led par light, you need to consider the temperature.So, it can create the right mood and influence the audience.

4: Dimmable

A Par light with dimming systems will give you greater control. The technological advances in the industry make it possible to find energy-efficient dimming par lights. These lights are ideal for track lighting, where ambient light and dimming is required.

5: Beam Spread

Most advanced LED par lights have engineered surfaces which make it possible to adjust the beam’s angle to specific angles. There are four different beam angles: a 15-degree spread for an intense focused beam in a small area, 16-to-30 degrees for a beam that is less focused, 31-to-60 degrees for medium beams and a narrow flood from 61-90 degrees. Select the right beam spread to suit your needs.

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Main Applications of LED Par Light

PAR lights are the most common type of lighting used on stages and theatres. A reflector concentrates the light in a simple, closed-off cylindrical tub. The reflector and cylinder give the light its oval shape. LED bulbs are most commonly used because they are cheaper and provide better light.

See the most common LED par light applications.

  • LED stage lighting

  • LED theatre lighting

  • LED disco or DJ Lighting

  • LED Party Lighting

  • LED wedding lighting

  • LED Event Lighting

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! At this time, you have a good understanding of the fascinating world of PAR light. LED PAR lighting fixtures offer outstanding performance at a reasonable price. They are an essential tool for stage lighting because of their exceptional light control, unmatched versatility and eco-friendly features. The PAR light will be the star of any performance, whether it is a pulsating show, a moving play or a cinematic masterpiece. LED PAR lighting fixtures provide a superior light output than their older counterparts with lamped cans. They also have a more efficient LED engine that produces the light. They are not only more efficient at creating light but they can also produce both colour and white with the same fixture. This allows you to use one fixture to create colour in one scene, while another fixture produces white in another.

This comprehensive guide is intended to be informative and insightful. Grace Lighting’s expert team is available to answer any questions you may have or help you choose the best PAR setup for your event. Let PAR lights bring your stage to life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What do I need to control LED PAR lights?

Answer: You will need a DMX controller to control LED PAR lights. This controller allows you to control the functions of the lights such as colour, brightness and special effects. Check the compatibility of the lights with the controller.

Q2: How do I make LED PAR lights?

Answer: To make an LED par light, you need to assemble LED bulbs in a parabolic housing, wire them for power, control and heat dissipation, and ensure proper heat distribution. Electrical knowledge is required, as are the appropriate components.

Q3: How do you position LED PAR lights for the stage?

Answer: The LED PAR lights should be positioned on the stage according to the desired lighting effect. You can use them as a backlight, a sidelight or a front light. Angles can be adjusted to emphasize performers or set items, while avoiding direct glare on the audience.


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