Top 5 Stage Lighting Brands Pennsylvania

Stage lighting is very important to make a function memorable. This lighting is used in every function, like marriage, birthday parties, and annual corporate ceremonies.  In the market, there are many stage lighting brands available. Most people worry about selecting a lighting brand. This article shares with you detailed information regarding stage lighting. 

In this blog, you learn about stage lighting. Its type, list of the top 5 stage lighting brand brands,  importance of lighting, summary of lighting, and related FAQs. 

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Historical Background of Stage lighting

Stage lighting dates back to ancient Greece. At that time, theatres used clay lanterns for stage lighting. Stage lighting technology is improving with the advancement of science and technology. Electric lights were invented in the 19th century and made stage lighting more bright and flexible. The 20th century saw the introduction of LED lights. It brought about new innovations in stage lighting.

Stage lighting is both an art and a technology. To create great stage lighting effects, stage lighting engineers must master theory and techniques.

What Does a Stage Lighting Actually Mean?

Stage lighting is an integral part of events. These lights are essential as they can be used to light up performers, sets, and props or even the main stage. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. From traditional incandescent lights to LED lighting that emits different colours to intensify patterns and light effects, you can find them all.

Stage lights are also mounted on special rigging systems like lighting trusses. You can adjust and position the lights using a beam. Lighting designers and party planners can use this flexibility to control the intensity, the direction, and the location of the light.

Main Aim of Stage Lighting

Stage lighting’s primary purpose is to illuminate the stage. Do you think it goes beyond just that? Stage lights are considered to be a powerful tool that can enhance a production’s aesthetics and storytelling. The product can also be used as concert lighting. Because it creates the mood for a scene. If the concert is meant to be calming, the theme could be dark and mysterious, like an alleyway. If the show is going to be rocking or crazy, then a bright, joyful lighting theme will work best.

Other Aims

Stage lights can also be used for:

  • Make sure that the man of the hour is visible to your audience.
  • Ideal for establishing time in a play.
  • Attract the audience’s focus.
  • Be sure to let the audience fully understand the area.
  • Create the mood or atmosphere you prefer.

You’re done! Stage lights are not just for illumination, but to capture the hearts of your guests and leave them in awe. It transforms the stage into a fantastical world.

List of Top 5 Stage Lighting Brands

We’ve compiled a list to help you. It includes the top five stage lighting manufacturers from Pennsylvania. Let’s read it.

1: Stage Lighting Brand: Elation

Necessary Information About Company Introduction to Choose This Manufacturer


Elation Lighting Inc. is a leading brand of stage lighting, known for its innovative technology, high-quality products and excellent customer service. It offers a wide selection of stage lighting effects, including moving heads, spot lights, LEDs, and wash lights.

Essential Reasons to Work with Elation

  • Elation lighting products are designed to deliver reliable performance and powerful features.
  • They focus on creating quality products with superior performance, reliable durability, and affordability.
  • Elation Lighting offers innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology, and a dedicated customer service team to help customers create unforgettable experiences. 
  • Elation Stage Lighting offers comprehensive solutions to fit every budget and situation. From stadiums and large outdoor concerts to clubs and small corporate events.

Products offered by Elation:

  • Automated Lights
  • Static Lights
  • Control Solutions
  • Accessories

2: Stage Lighting Brand: ADJ Lighting

Necessary Information About Company Introduction to Choose This Manufacturer

ADJ Light is a leading stage lighting manufacturer in the world. It has a large range of products that are suitable for all kinds of applications including theatre lighting, club lighting and event lighting. The products of this company are known for high quality and innovative design.

ADJ Lighting

Essential Reasons to Work with ADJ Lighting

  • ADJ Lighting is a family-owned company that has been developing innovative lighting products since 1985. 
  • The company is family-owned and committed to customer service and quality. Some of the biggest names from the entertainment industry use its products, including Cirque du Soleil.
  • ADJ Lighting always strives to be at the forefront of lighting technology and is continually innovating ways to improve its products. 
  • The goal of the company is to offer its customers the best lighting solutions, whether they are for a small stadium or a big club.

Products offered by ADJ Lighting:

  • Automated Movers
  • Lighting Packages
  • Battery Powered
  • Atmospheric
  • LED Effects
  • Pixel Controlled

3: Stage Lighting Brand: Clay Paky

Necessary Information About Company Introduction to Choose This Manufacturer

Clay Paky has become one of the most popular brands in stage lighting. It is known for its innovative products and high-quality performance.

Clay Paky

Essential Reasons to Work with Clay Paky

  • Clay Paky is a company that has been around since 1976. Since then, it has grown to be a leader within the professional lighting sector. 
  • Clay Paky’s products can be used for a variety of applications from TV and film to theatre and live performances. 
  • Clay Paky’s most cherished product is sharp moving-head lights.

Products offered by Clay Paky

  • Moving heads
  • Effect lights
  • Static lights
  • Digital

4: Stage Lighting Brand: Robe Lighting

Necessary Information About Company Introduction to Choose This Manufacturer

Robe Lighting has been a leader in the production of professional lighting products for many years. Its products have a reputation for quality, reliability and innovation.

Robe Lighting

Essential Reasons to Work with Robe Lighting

  • Robe Lighting has been in business since 1993. 
  • Robe Lighting’s moving lights have been copied and referred to in the stage lighting industry for years.

Products offered by Robe Lighting

  • Moving lights

5: Stage Lighting Brand: Igracelite(Grace Stage Lighting)

Necessary Information About Company Introduction to Choose This Manufacturer

Since its debut in 2009, grace stage lighting is a brand that has become trusted in the entertainment industry. Their professional-grade lighting products are designed to deliver reliable and efficient performances for live productions or events of any scale.

Igracelite(Grace Stage Lighting)

Essential Reasons to Work with Grace Stage Light

Its modern lighting technology, innovative designs and a wide range of products help it create the perfect ambience for any performance or event. The products reflect the highest quality standards while providing reliable and efficient performance.

Grace Stage Lighting offers both quality and affordability, which is why many professionals rely on them to meet their stage lighting requirements! Grace Stage Lighting’s products are suitable for all scales of production, from a home theatre to a large event.

Products offered by Grace Stage Light

  • Cold Sparkler Machine
  • Led Dance Floor
  • Moving Head Light
  • LED Par Light

Different types of stage lighting

Each brand has its own stage lighting. There are many different types of stage lights. We will discuss the most important type of stage lighting.

1: Automated Lighting

Automated lighting is a flexible, economical and convenient alternative to stationary lighting. This is perfect for events at a church, theatre, nightclub or concert hall.

2: Light Fixtures and Spotlights

Lighting fixtures that are conventional have only one purpose, which is illumination. Conventional lighting is recommended for large events, such as conferences or company functions, where only one speaker will be speaking.

3: LED Lighting

LED lighting is the most efficient way to light an event. LEDs are comfortable for performers on stage, since they produce very little heat. They also rarely need to be replaced.

How to get the best of stage lighting?

Stage lighting is essential to bringing your performance to life. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your stage lights.

1: Safety first

When hanging lighting fixtures, safety should always be a priority. Always make sure that you use the correct equipment and that professionals are handling the installation. Attach all fixtures using the manufacturer’s specifications and a steel pipe. The worst thing that can happen to your performance is if a cable or fixture falls on performers.

Pro-Suggestion: Grace Stage Lighting ensures the safety of the stage. 

2: Coordination

The lighting designer must work closely with the stage director to ensure a smooth production, even after the set-up. The audience should not notice the smooth transition between one type of lighting and another as the scene changes. The operator of the light should be able to move seamlessly from dark scenes into bright scenes. Good coordination will bring the play to life without struggle.

Pro-Suggestion: Grace Stage Lighting ensures good coordination between customers. 

3: Budget

When budgeting for a show, stage lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought. The budget must be adequate to make sure that the lighting is spectacular.

Pro-Suggestion: Grace Stage Lighting charges a reasonable budget.

4: Keep it Real

Stage lighting is not something you should spend all your resources on just because you can. Keep it real and realistic to avoid losing your audience. The purpose of stage lighting is to enhance the performance, not to become the focus of the audience. The lighting should be efficient and effective.

Pro-Suggestion: Grace Stage Lighting provides efficient and effective light

Final Thoughts

Lighting is an important part of any successful production. Lighting can make or ruin a performance. It’s crucial to select the right stage lighting brand for your requirements. We have tested and reviewed the top 5 brands of stage lighting on the market to help you select the right option for your needs.

Contact us at Grace Stage Lighting if you want help choosing the right brand for your production. We are happy to assist!

FAQ About Stage Lighting Brands

This section covers the most frequently asked questions about stage lighting brands. I compiled this list after getting so many inquiries from customers. 

Q1: How much does stage lighting cost?

Answer: Costs will vary depending on factors like fixture type, quantity and design complexity. They also depend on the equipment’s condition (new or used). Costs are also affected by production requirements. The use of LED lighting has made it more affordable and energy efficient. Stage lighting brand costs are determined by the project’s budget and needs. On average, stage lighting costs between 50-2000 dollars. 

Q2: How can I control the stage lighting using a computer system?

Answer: You will need lighting control software, and a USB-to-DMX converter to control stage lighting using a computer. Then, you can connect DMX cables directly to the lights that you want to control. Grace Stage Lighting also manufactures DMX converters.

Q3: What are the lighting rules for a stage or performance?

Answer: Ensure the visibility of performers by ensuring proper lighting levels and fixture placement.

  • Use colours, angles, and intensities to support mood.
  • Focus the audience using techniques such as spotlights or backlighting.
  • Keep lighting cues consistent across all performances.
  • Install, secure, and maintain equipment to ensure safety.

Stage lighting brand can be made visually engaging, safe, and engaging with these simple techniques.


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