Tiger Touch 2 DMX Controller

Tiger touch 2 DMX controller

Titan 11.0 version 11.1 operating system. i5 (i7) CPU processor, 64GB solid-state drive, 4GB memory; Support Chinese menu display, built-in multi-language; built-in UPS power failure protection; Built-in 15.6-inch high-resolution widescreen touch screen; 10 macro function buttons, allowing you to operate the console faster; 20 playback faders, support more than 1000 program playback; Powerful property control window, CMY\RGB color picker system; The console itself has 12 ports, 6144 channels of output, Support graffiti screen identification function; A fast and easy-to-use graph generator, and the categorized built-in graphs are easier to use; Support CIPT protocol, you can directly see the image thumbnails of the media clips in the media server on the console; Support Wi-Fi access, wireless control lights, mobile devices (iPhone, iPad Touch) remote control lights; Thousands of built-in light libraries and built-in light library editing software, you can edit light libraries on the console at any time; Built-in Visualiser line lighting visualization software.

 Want to pre-program? No problem!


  • Support MIDI time code sound and light synchronization function, you can also play music in the console to send time code to control the playback of lighting programs.
  • AC90-270 power input interface, with power switch. 
  • MIDI input and output interface; One 25-pin serial port, which can be connected to a printer, etc. .
  • One reset button; 1 each for audio input, output and microphone interface; 1 FireWire interface; 1 optical fiber interface; One spare USB port.
  • 1 Ethernet network interface; 1 gooseneck light interface; One PS2 keyboard and one mouse interface; One standard color VGA interface.


  • lighthouse files over a hundred built-in graphics removable expansion memory stick :3000
  • built-in lighthouse improvedlighting selection and configuration methods :3000
  • DMX512 channels: 4096 CHs
  • built-in graphics: 120
  • Input voltage:AC 90~240V,50-60Hz
  • performances or scenes.Configured: 300
  • computer lights different address code :120
  • sets of conventional lamps with different address code.Core Duo processor:120
  • solid state hard drive:60GB
  • memory:4GB


Igracelite tiger touch 2 DMX stage light controller reference guide downloads


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the Tiger Touch 2?

Tiger Touch 2 is packed in a flight case, the size is 9.45in*28.7in*19.29in.
See picture below

Tiger Touch 2 dimensions


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